Install APKPure: A Great App Store with apps not available on Play Store

For several reasons, many excellent apps do not pass through the Google Play filter. Fortunately, there are other alternatives to Play Store and that’s the case of the APKPure, a great App Store to install on your device, where you’ll surely find the apps you are looking for.

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Google offers a lot of apps that you can easily install from the Play Store app, which is usually pre-installed on almost all Android devices. However, the tech giant imposes a lot of restrictions on developers – from the size of the app to copyright issues – which leads to the exclusion of hundreds of apps. This has led to the emergence of very many Play Store alternatives, and APKPure App Store is currently leading the race.

APKPure is a popular app repository, and they have recently released an Android app that works more like Play Store. The Android store contains almost all apps that can be found on Play Store and others that are not available. It has become a heaven for Android users since you can download all sorts of APKs and XAPKs as you don’t have to worry about geo-restrictions any more. APKPure apps are safe for use, and they have to pass a signature verification check before they are listed in the store.

The APKPure Android App (Features)

Apart from its huge repository of apps, one of the biggest strengths of the APK Pure App Store is its compatibility with the Google Play Store. The app can update apps that have been installed from Play Store and vice versa. To let it update apps automatically, remember to enable “auto-install.” You can also do this from Settings under Accessibility.APKPure is an excellent app store to Download and Install on your Android device

Apart from Store and App Management, APKPure also gives the latest news about popular apps, and there’s also a community where you can interact with developers and other users.

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How to Install APKPure App Store on Android

How to Install APKPure on Smartphone

It’s super easy to install the app on a smartphone.

  1. First, make sure that you’ve enabled “Installation from other sources” on your device. The option is available under Settings > Security
  2. Then, all you need to do is head to On the homepage, you will get a download button. This will take you to the download page, and you can click the download optionDownload and install APKPure on your Smartphone
  3. Finally, hit “Install“, and the store will be able under your apps

How to Install APKPure on Firestick & Android TV Box

You can also install APKPure on Firestick and Android TV box through sideloading. However, the app is not yet optimized for Android TV OS, which is used on both of these devices. This means that you’ll most likely have trouble navigating through the app. To combat this, you’ll need to use Mouse Toggle on Firestick and an external mouse on an Android box. Nevertheless, you can go ahead and install the app.

How to Install APKPure App Store on Firestick

To get started, you need to enable the installation of “apps from unknown sources.

Here’s how to do that:

Allowing Apps from Unknown Sources

  1. While at the device Home screen, go to “Settings” then select “My Fire TV/ Device.
  2. Select “Developer options.
  3. Turn on “Apps from Unknown Sources” as well as “ADB debugging.”

After that, you can go ahead and download the app.

The best app for downloading the apk file is Downloader, which is readily available on the store. If you already have it, you can skip to the next section.

If you haven’t installed it yet:

Installing Downloader app

  1. On the main menu, go to the search option and type “Downloader.”
  2. Downloader should be the first suggestion. Select it
  3. Now click Get to install the app on your Firestick

After the installation is complete, open the Downloader app.

Install APKPure app

Now, you need to download the apk file in order to install APKPure.

  1. Firstly, in the URL field of the downloader, enter the URL:
  2. APKPure installation file will now download
  3. After the download is complete, click “Installafter download hit install to proceed with APKPure
  4. When the install completes, click “DoneAfter the APKPure install procedure is finished hit Done
  5. You will then be asked if you want to delete the apk. Select “Delete” to save some space. When asked to confirm, select “Delete” once more

APKPure should have been added to your app list.

How to Install APKPure App Store on Android TV Box

To install APKPure on your Android TV box, you need to follow the same steps as Android smartphones. This is because File Explorer doesn’t have the browser capability that is needed to download APKPure from the official site.

For this task, you need to use the Google Chrome Browser. You can get it from the Play Store. From there, navigate to and install the app. You can then install any app you need from there.

If you haven’t installed CyberGhost yet, here’s how you can easily install the VPN:

  1. Click here to create an account at a 79% discount.
  2. On the Firestick search box, type IPVanish. For Android Box, search on Play Store
  3. The app will appear as the first suggestion. Click on it
  4. You will be given the “Get” Hit it
  5. CyberGhost will now start downloading
  6. Launch it and sign in with your credentials.

After that, you can connect to a server and enjoy your apps safely and without limitations!

Wrap up

APKPure App Store is one of the best alternatives for Google Play Store. You can use it to install geo-restricted games and other apps that haven’t been published on Play Store. You will also be able to manage and update your installed apps within the app store.

However, remember to hide your real identity from the app developers, ISP, government and other third-parties through the use of a Good VPN like CyberGhost.

Enjoy your apps!

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