How to Install Google Play Store on Fire Stick

In order to side-load the Google Play Store app onto your unrooted Fire TV, follow the steps described in this easy step-by-step install guide.

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It comes as no surprise that Amazon’s Fire Stick and Fire TV are a cord cutters’ best options for online content and streaming on the market today. The Fire Stick is a powerful piece of hardware that runs on an OS based off of the Android OS. This means you can stream Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and even side-load many Android apps to the device too.

Before Installing Play Store on Your Fire TV / Stick

One of the most popular apps, almost a default factory app on most phones running Android today is the Google Play app. It is good news to know that you can install the Google Play app on your Fire Stick as well. The best method to do this without needing to root your Fire TV will be explained in the following steps but before that, make sure to keep these important notes in mind before we get to installing the Goole Play App:

  • To maintain anonymity whilst installation and side-loading of the app, it is recommended that you use a VPN (we always recommend IPVanish as its one of the only VPN apps that has a native integration with the Firestick – We’ve arranged an EXCLUSIVE deal with IPVanish to give our readers 57% discount. Just follow this link). If you don’t know the benefits of using a VPN while streaming check out this article.
  • The apps you may be trying to download via Google Play may be available as individual APK files that you can side-load without any hassle.
  • The Google Play App is not optimized for the Fire TV so when the app auto-updates there are probabilities of it ceasing to work or misbehaving.

Steps to Install Google Play on Fire TV / Stick

In order to side-load the Google Play Store app onto your unrooted Fire TV, follow these steps:

  1. System settings require changing so go to Settings.
  2. Select ‘Developer Options’.
  3. Enable ‘Apps from Unknown Sources’ and ‘ADB Debugging’.
  4. Head on over to the Amazon App Store and download ‘File Explorer’ or a file manager of your choice.
  5. Here’s the tricky part. In order to set up the Google Play Store app, you need to download a set of APK files first.
  6. Open up File Explorer and enter each of the links below and download them one by one:
  7. Once you have downloaded the apks from the links above, you will have the Google Play Store app up and running!


It is important to download those additional apps in order to let your Play store App connect to Google Play Services and link their services to your Google account in order to properly log you into Google Play.

Now that you have installed Google Play Store, you can now browse and download your favorite apps right from there and link them to your Google account as well!

  1. Gavin says

    This no longer works for os

  2. davidryan says

    VPN not just for anonymity purpose but some time you have errors while downloading apps due to blocked content. So for this issue I use Ivacy VPN

    1. bestdroidplayer says

      Thanks for your comment. Yes a VPN has many purposes, we definitely should use it as much as we can.

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