How to Jailbreak Amazon Fire Stick

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The Amazon Fire Stick is a pretty amazing piece of kit. You can use it to stream and play all sorts of content through a host of different apps and add-ons. Amazon Prime Video is natively supported (of course and for obvious reasons) which is great if you have a Prime Account and adding Netflix, Hulu, and even YouTube is a simple matter using the built-in search feature.

So why Jailbreak the Fire Stick?

I know what you’re thinking if the Fire Stick is so great, why do you need to jailbreak it … and what does jailbreaking even mean? Don’t worry, it will all make sense in a minute!

Jailbreaking is simply the term used when you do not use the “official app store” when you install applications or add-ons onto a device. It is sometimes referred to as side-loading or unlocking but we’ll call it jailbreaking in this article.

Now the reason that you might want to jailbreak your Fire Stick is really simple – there are apps that give you even more than the “official” apps and they are free to use! Two of the most popular are Kodi and Terrarium.

Ensure that you are Protected First

Before you go too much further though, one thing you need to do is ensure that you have a VPN in place. VPNs protect you from scrutiny and also give you access to more channels and information and if you are planning on installing either Kodi or Terrarium, you definitely want to ensure that what you are streaming is private.

VPN servers are located all over the world and premium VPN services provide a significant amount of protection and anonymity but they also let you bypass geoblocking which is what different TV networks impose based on your country of connectivity. This is why you cannot access US Netflix if you live outside of the US for example. Fortunately, if your VPN service has a server in the US, then your country of origin is masked and it looks like you are accessing the service from the US!

We always recommend IPVanish to all of our readers as it’s a great tool and installs straight from the search button on the Fire Stick. We’ve actually negotiated an exclusive deal with IPVanish to give our readers a 57% discount! You can read our complete guide on installing a VPN on Fire Stick for more information as well as installation instructions if you have an older model Fire Stick.

What do these apps give you?

We’ve covered the installation of Kodi and Terrarium in great depth in previous posts, so I’ll let you read them directly if you need that information.

What does need stating though is that the installation of these apps completely opens up the world to you. To discuss Terrarium first – it is a comprehensive library of pretty much any television show or movie you can imagine. It has all of them listed by genre and group, and you can even search for specific titles that you might be interested in. Once you’ve found a show you like, simply click on its title and you’re off to the races! I cover Terrarium in a lot more detail here.

Kodi though is the big brother of streaming. Its open source structure lets you install a multitude of different add-ons giving it a huge number of possibilities in terms of the shows and channels available. Kodi is simply the platform and there are add-ons that are customized for sports and sporting events, others that are better for movies, and yet others that are excellent for live television. Kodi is an all-rounder and offers a host of options to anyone interested in streaming media!

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