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Kodi problems streaming live sports

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    I have an MXQ android box and would love to stream sports but when I try the picture breaks up frequently and is unwatchable, especially in HD.
    I am getting around 25mbs, is this enough?
    Would a newer more powerful box be the answer?

  • Keymaster

    Do you have the same problem watching HD movies?

    Its normal that live streams breaks a little bit because you’re loading a live stream. A faster internet connection and a better box can help, but if you dont have problems streaming HD movies you should get any better with live streams. What you can do is search for other streams with less lags. I recommend sportsdevil, phoenix and UK Turk Playlist.

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      We are not getting any films or sport error no stream available?

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    I have the XBMCMART fully loaded kodi box and high speed internet through time warner. When I try to view sports on espn, sports south etc., I get “not available – try again later. Also, when I try to watch new releases ie. The Accountant…I get, this movie requires authorization, go to the following website to pair. It displays a website but I don’t know what I’m suppose to do.

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    I just loaded kodi 17 and when i try to add pro sports or sports devil it says file updated it doesn’t say enabled, and I get nothing can someone help

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