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Sunvell T95Z PLUS – Inverted Colors

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    I was given a Sunvell T95Z PLUS.

    It seems like a great Android TV Box, but unfortunately every 5 minutes or so I get inverted colors on the screen.
    I am using a Phillips TV from 2010 and I recall reading that the HDMI is older than that of the Sunvell device. It seems like this is what is making the strange colors but I have no idea how to fix it nor have I seen any solution online.

    Can anyone let me know if there’s any type of fix for this issue?


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    Hi. Same problem here with a Philips 9664, from 2009. Every time it happens I put the box to sleep and turn on again, and it’s Back to normal. Are you using the hdmi cable that came along with the box?
    Sorry for any bad english (I’m portuguese);)

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      Same problem, Philips TV from 2010 8000 series and original cable, will try to change the cable.
      Instead of shutting down the box try to switch on the tv, yesterday was watching netflix and pressing home and switching sources is enough, that way I don’t interrupt the movie.

      Regards. (Also from Portugal)

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    Yesterday was watching a movie and atempted several times to correct this problem, tryed changing resolution and refresh rate, disabling the hdmi sound but seems that only when I switched color scheme to RGB 10bit it solved the problem.

    My TV is actually a 42pfl7404h/12 (confused with the one at my parents)
    Our TVs have CEC so it should be active and resolution in my case is 1080p 60Hz so I switched back to it, was at Philips site and they speak only of RGB colors and none of the others, 14bit actually.

    Try it guys if you didn’t yet 😉 let us all know.


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