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Tv box not responding.

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    I been using the tv box for a few months but just stopped working. The TV screen is blue and is not showing the apps or anything from the tv box even tho it is on as I can see the blue light from the tv box.


  • Keymaster

    That’s not normal, did you try with another HDMI cable and in another TV? If is not the HDMI cable or the TV HDMI port, you should contact the vendor and use the warranty to fix it or replace it.

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    First of all; let me know which TV box you are using and having problem with that.

    There are various brands like Xiomi, M8S, HD Subs, etc.

    Each has their own set up & installation process.

    So, first tell me the brand and model name; I will give you the best suggestion for it.

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