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Welcome to the Android TV Box FORUM

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  • Keymaster

    Welcome to this forum and community of Android TV Boxes lovers.

    I hope this community helps each other solving problems, sharing experiences, recommending add-ons and creating a friendly place.

    Together we can share experiences and have the best streaming experience!

    Hope you guys enjoy!!

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    thank you

  • #538

    Is there any input connections on the bbox

  • #601

    I try to watch a video and it give a mssg. this file is no longer available Would yo like to remove it from the library

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    Hello. Desperately trying to find someone who can asisst, wondering why I can’t stream certain films on Exodus it states ‘no stream available’ in particular Jason Bourne film! Not sure if I need to add certain add ons? Not clued up with the android box as only got it couple days ago – any advice would be greatfull appreciated! 🙂 Thanks

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    Cant figure out how to watch live TV! We are newborn to Android box it has a lot of apps already installed and hooked through ether net someone please tell me what to do

    • Keymaster

      Welcome Christie.
      The addons: filmon and Uk Turk TV – are quite good to watch tv channels. If you are trying to watch a channels from another country you may need a VPN to mask your IP to another country (I personally recommend IPVanish.

  • #831

    Having bought a Tonbux I went through the installation process. I got as far as getting connected to my wifi – which worked – and then everything froze. I switched off and started again but cannot get beyond the initial TONBUX page. Can you advise?

  • #843

    Have installed my droid box, worked fine. But now I can’t get any channels! Tried factory reset. …but got nothing! Hello help!

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    I am now looking at the Droid Smart HYPER STREAM 2GB Ram 16GB but not sure if this is what I am really looking for so need some help please.
    As I am new to this technology I wanted an easy box to go into my second bedroom that does not have any satellite connection or aerial facilities.
    Do these loaded boxes come with an easy ‘plug and play’ connection?
    Do they have to be connected to your router or will they work wirelessly?
    Can you just watch live TV (especially sports) without having to download additional programs like Phoenix?
    Thank you

    • Keymaster

      You just need a good wireless signal to use your box, nothing else.
      If the box comes fully loaded, you just need to open kodi and you will find loads of add-ons ready to use under video addons. But yes, you need to use add-ons to watch anything. The add-ons that I recommend for sports are: SportsDevil, and Phoenix.

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    My father has an android/Kodi TV box. I hooked it up via ethernet. Android box displays that I’m hooked up to ethernet but get message of “unable to connect to URL” when I click on any program? I brought the box to my house and hooked it up to Wi Fi and it worked fine. Why doesn’t it work with the ethernet? Thanks.

    • Keymaster

      Hi. You may need to go to settings and change from wifi to ethernet.

  • #1143

    HI, I have just bought an android tv box from china, it is an m9 plus, everything works except I cannot use the web browser, it is saying that the box is connected, but it will not connect to a browser also the time and date are out of sink.
    Please help me

  • #1272

    Hi guys,need help with a mxqpro box, its got Openelec on it but nuffin else,no android boot up,or operating system,can someone please tell me how to put android back on ,or what build will work thanks Ray

  • #1332

    ive just been given a mxq box ive connected everything up and all im getting on screen is MBOX and the light on front of box is flashing red and blue can you please help me ive tried reset but that does nothing

  • #1344

    Hi Mike only thing i can think of is , make sure you are using the right power lead,had a friend same problem was using a cheap power lead

  • #1353

    Hi. I’m 78 years old and I’ve been talked into buying a Bqeel K12 tv box. Really struggling at the moment. Will I be able to watch Sky Atlantic etc? I’ve also got the Amazon Fire Stick, will I be able to watch the Amazon programmes (The Grand Tour etc) without going through the Fire Stick, I’ve got Amazon Prime. I know I’ve got Kodi installed. Any help would be appreciated.

  • #1894

    I hooked up my MXQ pro, am going through exodus and cannot get movies to play. I connected to WIFI. It brings up a list of choices and I click on any and it says working but never starts movie and goes back to selection. I do have Broadband internet, could that be the problem? Help, frustrated.

  • #1939

    Hi I’ve just got a “emish” android box of a friend the problem is its locked, he said it was ringing so he unplugged the box to stop it . I’ve tried to turn it on and only the red light is on the front and nothing else. Is the box secured locked. Any advice would be grateful. ..

  • #2003

    I am not clear on how to close a movie or tv Show if it is finished or I don’t wish to continue watching. I don’t wast to have a bunch running in the background. I am sure there is a simple answer but I am new to this device. Can anyone help.

  • #2004

    Cant figure out how to watch live TV! please tell me what to do. This site helps me lot,

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    I have used an OTT TV Box for about a year and it has suddenly quit working on my tv. It works on my friends tv. My hdmi cable is good and I just bought a new Samsung TV. The power supply is good and the remote is good, but nothing comes up on the screen. Is it possible that my cable provider did something to block my unit?

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    To me personally, I have used Amazon Stick for years. It is good in term of price and performance. I found it in website, that review its spec.

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