How to Install Apocalypse 720 Kodi Addon: Movies and TV Shows in HD

With technological developments, video quality has increased exponentially and the same should be expected of streaming applications. Apocalypse 720, is an excellent Addon to exclusively watch Movies and TV Series in HD quality, which comes in this trend, and which you will want to install on your Kodi.

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The world of Kodi addons is very competitive. More and more addon creators are looking for new niches and ways to stand out among their competitors. Today we present an addon that decided to invest not in a specific type of content, but in quality. After all, in recent times the quality and bandwidth of our domestic connections have increased a lot. Therefore, it is good to know that an addon offers us only content with guaranteed high quality.

The name of this addon is Apocalypse 720, and if you want to know everything about it, follow us in this article!

About the Apocalypse 720 Kodi Addon

Apocalypse 720 is an addon to install on Kodi whose differential is to present only content in 720p, as the number says in its name. But don’t think that this addon is limited to only free online movies; it offers a wide range of HD content. When installing the Apocalypse 720 add-on, you will have access to the following categories, by now:

  • New Releases
  • Action
  • Adventure
  • Animation
  • Classics
  • Comedy
  • DC
  • Disney
  • Drama
  • Horror
  • Marvel
  • Romance
  • SCI-FI
  • Sports
  • Thrillers
  • War
  • 24/7 TV Shows and Movies
That’s right, you will find only HD streams within all these categories. It’s an impressive amount of content, without having to wonder if the quality will be good or if it will be a transmission so bad that it will just frustrate you. With the Apocalypse 720, quality is guaranteed.

Unfortunately, Apocalypse 720 does not have integration with Real-Debrid and Trakt because it does not have a configuration option. This is an addon with constant updates, so it is possible that these options will be available soon. Even so, the Apocalypse 720 remains a very solid and valid addon in itself, especially since it already has high-quality transmissions, natively.

If you are interested in Apocalypse 720, stay with us as we will teach you step by step how to install it on Kodi!

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How to install Apocalypse 720 Addon on your Kodi

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Installing the Apocalypse 720 Addon is fairly simple requiring only the normal steps you follow when installing any other addon on Kodi.

The first required action is to allow Kodi to access sources outside the system. You only need to this once. So, if you have never done this before on your Kodi, do it now, by following these steps:

Enabling unknown sources

  1. First, click the gear button in the upper left corner to open Settings.
  2. Then head System Settings Click System to access the System definitions on Kodi
  3. Finally, open the Add-ons tab and turn on the Unknown Sources optionAllow Kodi access to unknown sources

Installing the Nole Dynasty Repo

The Apocalypse 720 Addon is part of the Nole Dynasty repository; so you’ll have to install this repository on Kodi by following the steps detailed below to access this repository:

  1. Firstly, turn on a Good VPN likeCyberGhost before performing these steps, to prevent your internet operator from blocking the access to the repository
  2. Then, on the home screen and click the cog button to go to the System tab. Then head File Manager
  3. Now double click on Add Source optionAdd an external source to Kodi
  4. A box will open. Click on <None> and enter exactly this URL: http://repo.noledynasty.xyzEnter the url source for Nole Dynasty Repo on Kodi
  5. Give a name to identify the new repository (ex: NoleDynasty) and click OKEnter a name to the Nole Dynasty Repo source on Kodi
  6. Then go back to the Kodi home screen and choose Add-ons, from the left menu. Then, click the button Add-on browser
  7. Then choose the option Install from zip fileSelect install from a zip file on Kodi
  8. Now select the NoleDynasty source name (or whatever you chose) you have entered when adding the source nameSelect the name you gave to NoleDynasty source on Kodi
  9. Select the .zip file with the latest version from the repository. As of the date of publication of this article, the file was Newer versions tend to have higher numbers in their versionsSelect the most recent NoleDynasty repository zip file on Kodi
  10. Wait for successful repository install confirmation. After that, you can use the Nole Dynasty repository to install Apocalypse 720 on your KodiWait for the NoleDynasty repository install to pop-up on Kodi

Install Apocalypse 720 Addon on Kodi

  1. Without returning select, this time, the Install from repository option
  2. Now select the Nole Dynasty repositoryOn Kodi select the NoleDynasty repository
  3. Next, select the Video Add-ons option
  4. Now, from the list, click on Apocalypse AddonClick on Apocalypse 720 addon from the list of video addons from the NoleDynasty repository on Kodi
  5. Allow the addon to install the necessary dependencies for its operation, simply clicking OK buttonAccept the required dependencies install for Apocalypse operation on Kodi
  6. Wait for the confirmation that Apocalypse 720 has been successfully installed on your KodiWait for the Apocalypse 720 addon successful install message to pop-up on Kodi
  7. Now go back to Kodi home screen. Recursively select Add-ons > Video Add-ons > Apocalypse 720 to run the addon. When opened, it will ask you to enter a PIN code. Click OK; this will open a window where you’ll need to enter the Pin code, latterWhen opening the Apocalypse Kodi Addon will ask you to enter a pin
  8. To receive this number, you need to use the browser and access the PIN generator website at Once there find and click the “Generate a Pin Code” buttonHit generate a pin code button to get a Pin Code
  9. Now, scroll, find and copy the generated code.
  10. Return to Kodi, enter the required Pin code on the opened window and click OK.
  11. Soon a  message will appear indicating that you have successfully completed the steps aboveAfter entered the Pin code, Apocalypse Kodi addon will pop-up the welcome message on Kodi
  12. Finally, just close this box or press the back button on your remote control to enjoy everything the Apocalypse 720 Addon has to offer on Kodi.

Wrap up

Apocalypse 720 comes in the wake of addons that seek to fill specific niches within the Kodi community. Honestly, an addon specializing in free online HD movies, TV shows and Series is a very welcome addition. Despite not having integration with Real-Debrid, in a way the addon ends up guaranteeing quality transmissions nonetheless.

Some users may find this addition of the PIN-code strange to use the addon. However, in a way it is an understandable measure to prevent abuse; you get free online HD series and movie streams and payment is just a few seconds of your time. The good things in life – including stable servers and fast connections – tend to come at a price, and just a few clicks seem like a fair price.

Don’t forget to always protect yourself with a Good VPN like CyberGhost to ensure your online fun without worries!

We hope that this article on how to install the Apocalypse 720 Addon and that you will enjoy all the HD content on your Kodi.
See you later!

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