How to Install Joker Kodi Builds: Huge selection of Lightweight builds

Joker Builds is not a build, but a library containing many worthy builds that stand out by being simple and lightweight yet effective, and here’s the install guide on Kodi

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In this guide, we’ll see how to install Joker Kodi builds. These builds are available for Kodi 18 Leia and can be installed on Firestick and all other devices that run Kodi.

Joker Kodi builds are a group of builds provided by the Joker Wizard. These builds are usually lightweight to support all Kodi devices, especially those that are not powerful enough or do not have much space available.

Once you install the Joker Wizard, you are able to select from 10+ Kodi builds. In order to be lightweight, these builds mostly focus on simplicity. They, however, provide lots of content which includes Sports, Live TV, Movies, TV Shows, Kids content, Documentaries, and so much more.

Caution: Stream Safely!

When it comes to streaming using Kodi, all users need to exercise a bit of caution. This is because Kodi has been known as a platform for copyright infringement due to the availability of third-party Kodi addons and builds. Governments, content owners, and copyright agencies have in recent years stepped up their monitoring efforts in a bid to combat the vice.

Remember that viewing copyrighted content illegally is a criminal offence, and you can easily face charges or receive a DMCA notice for copyright infringement. For this reason, it’s super important to protect yourself using a Good VPN like CyberGhost.

VPNs help you achieve the desired level of protection by encrypting your activities and changing your IP address. The former makes your activities senseless to your ISP, while the latter gives you a new online identity.

However, all VPNs are not created the same, and they offer different levels of privacy and security, as well as speed.

The VPN we recommend

For streaming on Kodi, we strongly recommend CyberGhost. For many years, the VPN has proven to offer solid privacy and security, and it features some of the best speeds in the market. This is important as it ensures that you can stream on Kodi without buffering. For new subscriptions, CyberGhost offers a trial period during which subscribers are entitled to a 100% money-back guarantee!

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How to Install Joker Builds on Kodi

After getting yourself a VPN, you can now go ahead and install Joker Kodi Build. Since its source is not official, we’ll first need to enable installation from “unknown sources.”

Here’s the procedure for doing so:

Enabling unknown sources

  1. While at the Homepage, open Settings by clicking the button
  2. On the system page, select System settings
  3. Hover over Addons and enable Unknown SourcesEnable unknown source before install joker kodi builds

Kodi can now install builds and third-party addons.
To install Joker build, we’ll now need to install its host repository, Joker Repository.

Adding the Joker Repo Source

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  1. Firstly turn a Good VPN like CyberGhost On, to avoid your ISP to block the repository
  2. Go back to the Kodi home screen, and click the Settings button
  3. Select File Manager, and then double-click Add-Source
  4. Type in the URL: into the window that opens. It will automatically insert “fracturedrepo” on the textbox below. Click OKAdd file source to download fratured repo to install joker kodi builds

Installing Joker Wizard Host Repository

  1. At the Kodi home screen click Add-ons from the left-hand-side menu
  2. Open package installer by clicking the open box icon at the top of the menu bar
  3. Select Install from Zip File
  4. Select the repo you just added above. It should be displayed as “fracturedrepo” or whatever name you have it”.Select the given source name fraturedrepo to install the repository
  5. Click on (x stands for the version number.)Select the zip file to install the fratured repository containing joker kodi builds
  6. You will receive a notification when the repo installs successfullyWait for the Fracture Repo successful install message

Installing the Joker Wizard

  1. While at the same screen, click Install from the repository
  2. Select Fracture Repo
  3. Choose Program Add-ons and open Joker WizardSelect Joker Wizard that will guide you on the joker kodi builds install
  4. You’ll get an Install option. Hit it.Hit the Install button to proceed with the Joker Wizard install containing the joker kodi builds
  5. Wait till you get a notification that the Joker Build Wizard Add-on has been installedWait for the Joker Wizard successful install message before proceed with the joker kodi builds install
  6. After installation, you’ll see a couple of popups. For the one below, click Dismiss
  7. On the next one, select the settings that you’d like to keep and click “Continue.” You can leave the settings as they are.
  8. When at the screen below, just click your back button to go back to the home screen.
  9. From there, you will be able to see the Joker Wizard under program addons. It can also be accessed via home screen > Addons > Program Addons.

Install Joker Builds on Kodi

  1. After opening the Joker Wizards, select Builds on the window that opens.Hit Builds to access the joker kodi builds to install
  2. Now, select the Joker Build that you like. All the guides provide a preview of the interface once you select them. For this guide, we’ll use the Inoculus Build.Choose one of the desired joker builds to install on Kodi
  3. Now, you need to decide whether to do a fresh install or just install the build and salvage some of your data (not all). We recommend that you do a fresh install. This is the only way you can get your build you to function optimally.
  4. On the pop-up, click Yes to confirm your intent and to allow the Wizard to reset your Kodi.
  5. If you opted for a fresh install, the wizard will first clean your files and then start downloading the build.
  6. It will then install and ask you to force close Kodi. Click OK for the wizard to do that.

After that, it’s time to launch your VPN to avoid getting in trouble for copyright infringement. The VPN will also help you bypass any geographical restrictions that you’ll encounter on Kodi, as well as avoid ISP throttling which affects streaming speeds.

If you already have a reliable VPN, use it. If not:

  1. You can take advantage of our offer and create an CyberGhost account at a 79% discount
  2. From there, download and install the VPN app for your device
  3. Sign and connect to a server near you for the best performance
  4. You are now good to go!

Launch Kodi and enjoy the new look and content provided by your new build!After install enjoy the installed build using joker builds on Kodi watching moviesAfter install enjoy the installed build using joker builds on Kodi watching TV Shows

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Wrap up

Now you have installed Joker Kodi Builds, it’s time to explore the many builds available. Don’t worry about the free space you have or the performance of your streaming device; you’ll discover their lightness and simplicity.

However, before start exploring the builds potentialities, turn a Good VPN like CyberGhost, On, to stay away from legal and restriction issues.

We hope you’ve liked this How to install Joker Kodi Builds guide. If so, please share it with all your friends, rate it and let us your experience in the comments section below.

Have nice streams!

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