Easy Steps to Install Locutus Kodi Addon in 2020 (Real-Debrid Users Only)

The Locutus is an all-in-one easy to use Kodi addon to watch Movies, Tv Series, Sports and more, great for fans of entertainment that works exceptionally well, and here’s the Guide on how to install it.

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Locutus is yet another amazing Kodi addon that is famous for streaming online media content like movies, TV shows, TV series, sports and more. If you are a user of Firestick, Android TV Box, FireTV or any device that runs Kodi, you can go through the simple steps we have mentioned below and easily install Locutus addon on your Kodi application. Keep reading to find out how to install Locutus Kodi Addon (Real-Debrid Only).

What is the Locutus Addon?

For any fans of Star Trek, Locutus is a name you’ll well recognize as it is Picard’s name when he gets assimilated by the Borg.

Locutus, like many other addons out there, is a Kodi addon that allows its users to access a variety of media content online for streaming and entertainment. The addon is popular for scraping media content like movies, TV shows, videos, sports and so much more, off the internet and bringing it all to one place to give you easy access. Furthermore, one really good thing about the addon is that it works with Real Debrid and uses torrent links to bring all the content to you.

We know no one likes slow streaming links. Therefore many people install Locutus Kodi addon to fulfil their entertainment needs because it offers fast and high-quality streaming. Also, the add-on offers a user-friendly interface with a simple layout to make sure its users have no trouble navigating through it.

What’s Good about Locutus Kodi Addon

  • The Diamond repository used to download the addon is very reliable.
  • Locutus Kodi addon delivers a variety of online media content, like movies, TV shows, Sports, and so much more.
  • The picture quality and speed of streaming are really good.
  • Easy and simple user interface with easily accessible features
  • Account integration for Real-Debrid

What We Don’t Like about Locutus Kodi Addon

Even though there are so many advantages of the addon, there are also some drawbacks of the Locutus Kodi Addon:

  • The streaming links on the addon are sourced through torrents so you have to be a little careful while using it.
  • As it is a third party addon, you need to protect yourself from any threats on the internet that you might be exposed to, while using it.

Ensure Privacy and Safe Streaming with a VPN

The internet is a scary place when it comes to personal data and privacy. Even though we try our level best to password-protect everything and be as careful as possible while browsing the internet, there is still a chance that we might be exposed to threats like identity theft, malware, viruses, and other malicious stuff. Anyone can know what you are searching for and also your browsing history very easily on the internet and so, it is very much essential to protect yourself and your PC from any outside threat.

While streaming online links, users are more exposed to online threats because streaming links can bring viruses to your systems. Any of your personal information can be sold to advertising agencies to monitor the activity of users online. To avoid all this, VPNs are mandatory. A VPN, virtual private network, acts as a tunnel between the user and the internet and makes sure you and your information are well-protected from these threats.

However not all VPN services are safe. Many VPNs work by saving your logs and browsing history in their servers, and this data can be used by anyone to track you down.

After doing a lot of research, we have found that CyberGhost is the best VPN service out there, especially for streaming.

The recommended VPN

We strongly recommend CyberGhost when streaming and browsing the internet, as:

  • CyberGhost servers does not store any of your data so you can go on with your browsing and streaming without having to worry about any harmful activity going on.
  • While streaming, the connection speed is crucial. CyberGhost offers the fastest  VPN servers, breaking any speed throttling from the ISP’s.
  • You will not want to be blocked due to bandwidth limitations. CyberGhost offer unlimited bandwidth, so your streaming will never be interrupted.
  • Some pages or links on the internet are geo-restricted and cannot be accessed from certain locations. With many servers around the globe, CyberGhost lets you stream anything you want from anywhere you want, bypassing all geographical barriers.
  • Furthermore, they offer great customer service and their representatives are always ready to help their users with any VPN related problem.

Our trust in this service is so strong that we managed to get for our visitors an exclusive 79% discount of CyberGhost

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Steps to Install Locutus Kodi Addon

Kodi application needs you to allow it to download from third-party add-ons like Locutus. Therefore, you will first have to allow Kodi to do this before installing the addon. Following are very simple and easy steps to install Locutus Kodi Addon on Leia 18.5 (the process is similar on other Kodi versions):

  1. First Turn you VPN On. This required to avoid your ISP to block the repo’s source
  2. Then, launch the Kodi application and press the (settings) icon on the left side of the screen.
  3. Now go to the System option in the settings page and hover your cursor over the add-ons
  4. Check the option Unknown Sources and turn it ON.
  5. Hit the YES button and click the Back button on the remote control to go to the System
  6. Now, open File Manager and then select Add Source.
  7. Click on the <None> option and type exactly this url: https://repo.rubyjewelwizard.com
  8.  Name the media source ‘Diamond’ or you can name it whatever you like.
  9. Hit OK.
  10. Navigate to System once more by pressing the back button on the remote
  11. Select the Add-ons option.
  12. Click ‘Install from zip file’ and pick the Diamond
  13. Select the zip file repository.Diamond-Wizard-Repo-x.x.zip and it will start the installation.Select install from zip file to install the Diamond repo containing Locutus Kodi Addon
  14. After the installation is complete, you will see the installed notification, click on install from repository and then select Diamond Build Repo.
  15. Now, go to the video add-ons, and choose Locutus and then hit the install button.
  16. Click the OK button to install additional add-ons. The addon will be installed in a few seconds.
  17. When the addon has been installed, navigate to the Home Screen and select Add-ons.
  18. Select Video add-ons and then hit Locutus
  19. Launch the addon and enjoy!


Kodi addons are very popular among people who love streaming media online, especially Locutus. This is because of the amazing service that Locutus has to offer to its users.

The addon will give you lists of a variety of movies, videos, sports, TV shows, series and so much more to choose from. It offers high-quality video streaming and links that are fast and smooth. Moreover, the addon has a simple, accessible and user-friendly interface to make sure its users do not have to spend hours learning how to use it.

However, just like any other third-party Kodi addon, before you install it Locutus requires you to install and run a Good VPN like CyberGhost to optimize streaming, to ensure privacy and anonymity and to keep you away from any legal problems.

Locutus has made streaming extremely easy, so make sure you try it out and do not forget to check other great Kodi Addons, too!

Have a nice streaming!

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