How to Install March Madness Live Kodi Addon to watch Basketball

The main NCAA event of the year, the inter-college basketball championship, is around de corner and for the fans here’s how to install the March Madness Live Addon, to enjoy all the emotions of this sport.

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March 15, 2020, is Selection Day, a highly anticipated day for all Basketball fans across the world. If you really love the game you must have to look for a way to enjoy the most reliable buffer-free streaming of March Madness 2020 and here we are going to guide you through the easy and working method to install March Madness Live Kodi addon.

Is March Madness Live Addon Reliable?

Yes, March Madness Live Addon is reliable and it offers quality streaming. The categories include Today’s Games, Archive Games, and Classic Games and you can watch all March Madness 2020 matches without a problem. There is no need to make the device vulnerable by letting it download from third-party sources. March Madness Live addon is available in the official Kodi video-addon library.

It takes no more than 5 minutes to download and install March Madness Live Kodi addon. But before installing March Madness Live addon it is important to have a look at the advantages and disadvantages of this addon.

Advantages of March Madness Live Kodi Addon

  • Available through the official Kodi video-addon library
  • Credible developer with a clean history of Kodi addons
  • Buffer-free high-quality Live Streaming
  • No risk of copyright violation as this add-on complies with the US online streaming laws
  • Also compatible with Kodi Leia 18.5

What We Don’t Like about March Madness Live Kodi Addon

  • Regardless of whether you like or not, the source installs some additional addons without giving a choice
  • Requires a valid US Cable or Satellite subscription

What is NCAA March Madness?

The National Collegiate Athletic Association aka NCAA organizes the annual inter-college basketball championship and the tradition dates back to 1939. It is a single-elimination based tournament that has 7 rounds and 68 teams, to begin with.  As it goes on till the Final (penultimate) round, only four teams are alive competing for the championship.

Install a VPN for Optimal and Safe Streaming in 2020

We never encourage anybody to violate state policies and our sole purpose is to guide you on how you could easily ensure device protection and privacy of your personal information. The fact is that most of the countries have authorized the ISPs to extraction, keep, and eventually sell personal information of internet users availing their service. The personal information of the subscribers is then sold to the advertising agencies and even the government agencies monitor online activities of whoever they want. It puts the public under a lot of pressure and you never know who is watching you and for what purpose is your information being compromised.

In addition, even for legitimate online streaming, you need something for buffer-free internet speed free of speed-throttling. The most convenient solution is the use of a reliable VPN service. You can either opt for a free VPN or a paid VPN but we recommend you to only opt for a paid and reliable VPN service like CyberGhost. Free VPNs are vulnerable to data compromise as they keep the activity log on their unprotected servers and there is always a data limit. A paid VPN service has a global network of highly sophisticated and well-protected servers and they don’t keep the activity log of their users.

The recommended VPN

CyberGhost is the best VPN service in for streaming in 2020. The encryption algorithm is virtually impossible to crack or decode and the data tunnel keeps your activities from the eyes of ISPs and government agencies. Even the latest hacking strategies don’t find a way to breach VPN encryption.

In addition, the global network of servers used by CyberGhost allows you to stream anything from anywhere in the world by easily bypassing geographical or regional restrictions. It means that you can unblock TV channels and streaming service that is otherwise available in limited regions.

CyberGhost is the best VPN for Kodi. We managed to get an exclusive 79% of CyberGhost.

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Working Method to Install March Madness Live Kodi Addon

Installing March Madness Live Kodi addon is a simple and quick process that does not require you to manipulate the download settings you have to go through when trying to install a third-party add-on from an unknown source. But make sure to run the VPN first so that you can install the working version of this add-on outside the United States. Without a VPN, this add-on will not work outside the United States.

  1. Launch Kodi and look for Add-ons along the left-bar and click on it
  2. The screen will show more options regarding add-ons, scroll down to Download and place the cursor on it which will reveal an icon-grid on the right side. Scroll down looking for Video add-ons and press this icon
  3. You are on the Kodi Video-Addon library. Scroll down until you see March Madness Live. Select the addon
  4. Press Install
  5. The notification will tell you that some additional add-ons will also be installed. Press OK
  6. The installation process will take less than a minute (depending on the internet speed)
  7. Navigate back to the home screen and then place the cursor on add-ons and you will see March Madness Live in the add-ons you have installed

Select the March Madness Live icon to launch the addon


If you’re a fan of the NCAA then this needs to be an addon you explore. However, if you do not live in the US, you might have some issues. That is why you need to use a VPN service in order to install March Madness Live if you live outside the United States. For optimal buffer-free streaming, we recommend you to install CyberGhost and avail yourself of all the important privacy features and seamless access to streaming media.

Have a nice March Madness!

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