How to Prepare for the Greatest Super Bowl LII Party of Your Generation

I’m going to tell you how you can host your very own Super Bowl Party so that you can get ready for the big game on February the 4th. This includes how to successfully stream the Super Bowl LII Party.

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Host your Own Super Bowl LII Party

At the end of every Sunday people in the U.S.A. hear the great jingle of Fox Sports.

“Da-da-duh Da-Da Duh, TRCH, Da-da-duh Da-Da Duh, TRCH, Da-da-duh Da-Da Duh, Ba-bing-bing-bing-BOOM!”

Such a shame that people in the UK, Canada, or Australia can’t recognize it though. Well, don’t worry about that anymore! I’m going to tell you how you can host your very own Super Bowl Party so that you can get ready for the big game on February the 4th.  Because no one should miss out on this great moment with all of the pomp and splendor (not to mention the amazing ads!) that it brings!

Getting the Equipment

The first thing you need is a nice large flat screen TV to show the sports on. Most 1080p flat screen TV’s these days are relatively cheap and even the biggest ones at 42 inches only cost $400 or so. But if you want the really crisp 4K experience you will be looking at a higher bill of $700 or more. I recommend a 1080p however. Some people have reported that 4K TVs with high refresh rates hurt their eyes if they look at it too long and this can hurt your guest’s experience.

The next thing you need is a way to get the sports channel to the TV. Using a normal HDMI cable you can hook up your giant flat screen to any streaming device. I recommend an Amazon Fire Stick as the voice control activation enables quick and easy searching on the device and after the game you can use it for a bunch of different things.

How to Successfully Live Stream Super Bowl LII Party for Free

Of course, you will need a great internet connection as well if you live in far off places. Before you get your game on though, you need to get a good VPN also as ISPs tend to throttle traffic if you’re streaming too much and you definitely DO NOT want that during a critical play. One of the best and easiest VPNs out there is IPVanish and even better, it has a specific client for a Firestick so you can find it directly from the search menu.

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If you’re not familiar with VPNs, check out this article -> 5 reasons why you should use a VPN while streaming.

Now that your TV and VPN is organized you’re going to need to get some apps set up so that you can actually stream the game. Lucky for you though, we have you covered! Check out our post on the different apps that you can install to get access to the NFL for free. If you’re a fan of Kodi though and prefer to watch all of your entertainment through it, don’t worry – we can walk you through that too!

Now that you have your TV and streaming device, you need food and lots of it!

My Recipe for a Home Party


I always enjoyed eating seven-layer dip at the Super Bowl parties I went to and luckily I can pass down the recipe right to you. It’s always crucial you get the order in which you put the ingredients in the pan just right for this miraculous dip! Beans on the bottom, then sour cream, grated cheese, green onions, salsa, lettuce, and on the top, black olives. This amazing dip makes ANY chip lover swoon! So be sure to get at least 3 bags of chips. However, it’s true that some people don’t like seven-layer dip so load up on regular salsa, and guacamole dip for those picky eaters.


Now that you got the snacks get the main course! Pizza and drinks on the double! Cheesy breadsticks with salad and ranch dressing will be the spicing on the cake. Most people would shoot for Mountain Dew but everyone knows the healthier option at a Super Bowl party is a case of Bud Light!

If you get a square pizza that’s a good thing because it means more pizza for more people but watch out for those greedy guests that snag the corner slices first. But, if you really want to treat your guests cook up some BBQ ribs instead.


Lastly, you want a few decorations. Maybe some balloons here or there and a nice table set-up to place all the food and drinks. A nice layout of chairs and sofas. Be warned that people will make big messes especially during the halftime show when everyone’s nearly passed out from eating and drinking.

Stock-up on napkins, paper plates, paper towel, and garbage bags in case of the inevitable spill. I always find Bounty paper towels to be the easiest and fastest way to clean up a spilled drink. Try to remain sober while your guests have all the fun so to keep some sanity to the party. Justin Timberlake will be premiering at the Super Bowl halftime show for the 3rd time in his career, performing his new album “Man of the Woods.” It will be a spectacular thing to watch and listen to without being intoxicated.

After all that you’re all good to go. Invite anyone and everyone you can over and your party will be the talk of the town for months to come right up until the next Super Bowl, one year later. Regardless of where you live, the classic Super Bowl party should be a tradition that carries weight in every country in our world. A moment in the year where we sit back, relax, and enjoy the greatest sports event around.

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