How to Watch Real Madrid vs Barcelona on Kodi [Saturday 23 Dec]

Real Madrid vs Barcelona it’s the match that no football fan wanna miss! Here are the best Kodi Addons to watch Real Madrid vs Barcelona. I’ve also provided some alternatives to Kodi.

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The El Classico Real Madrid vs Barcelona it’s the match that no football fan wanna miss! If you have a premium sports channel subscription you’re guaranteed, if you don’t, than you can go to a pub, watch it on Kodi or you can get an IPTV service.

I actually have an awesome tip for you! If you never tried the SET TV IPTV service, you can get a FREE Trial (no credit card required) and watch the classic without interruptions ;) . In the end of the trial you may actually fall in love with their service and pay the $20 dollars monthly fee and get 500+ channels with lots of premium channels (yes it includes all the sky and beIN channels)! You just need to access their website from this link, then click on the “Order Now” button and you will have a trial option there.

If you already used your SET TV trial or just want to use Kodi, here are the best kodi addons to watch Real Madrid vs Barcelona.

If Watching the Match on Kodi, Please Read This

There have been significant crackdowns over the last few months on illegal streaming. This is due to the ISPs (internet service providers) being blocking their customers (you) to access that streams, causing Kodi errors, streams not opening or constantly pausing. Yes, so please don’t say that Kodi craps, it’s not their fault or the addon devs fault.
Luckily there is a way to get Kodi working normally without being blocked by your ISP. If you use a good VPN, your traffic will be anonymous and encrypted so your ISP won’t be able to see what you are doing online. This means that more streams will work, some addons that didn’t work may start working, streams will be more fluid with much less pauses, you will be able to unblock geo-blocked channels and you won’t be in risks of getting a DMCA or copyright infringement notice letter.
My VPN of trust is CyberGhost, they have the fastest connections and also a very strict no logs policy, which means your traffic history won’t be stored so it can’t be used against you.As this is my favourite VPN – I’ve arranged an amazing and EXCLUSIVE deal with CyberGhost to give our readers 79% discount. Just click on this link.

Kodi Addons to Watch Real Madrid vs Barcelona

Other Alternatives to Watch Real Madrid vs Barcelona

  • SET TV IPTV (FREE Trial – No credit card required);
  • Mobdro – The famous android app to stream worldwide TV channels for Free;
  • Live NetTV – Trending and reliable android app to watch live TV and live sports events.

This article it’s also translated in Portuguese. Here’s the Portuguese version.

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