UFC Fight Night 162 Maia vs Askren in Singapore on Kodi for free

UFC Fight Night 162 between Demian Maia vs Ben Askren in Singapore is coming to our screens soon on this October. As the event is geo-restricted, here we tell you how you can catch all of the action where ever you are using the right Kodi Addons.

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UFC features the world’s highest level fighters and is the largest MMA promotion company. The events by UFC are hosted all around the world. The fights are totally natural and are not scripted which attracts a huge fan base while the fights take place.

The UFC Fight Night 162 Maia vs Askren

UFC Fight Night Maia vs Askren is also famous as UFC Fight Night 162. UFC Fight Night is a martial arts event that is produced by UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship).
 The fight is on October 26th, 2019 at Singapore Indoor Stadium, Kallang. The UFC fight is going to be between Demian Maia and Ben Askren who are some renowned faces of UFC.

The UFC Fight Night 162 Maia vs Askren, starts at 16:00 local hours

In London: at 09:00 hours

In New York: at 05:00 hours

The event is aired on ESPN+. However, you can watch it on other platforms too, like Kodi and your android devices.

The Singapore Indoor stadium also abbreviated as SIS a major sports hub arena located in Kallang, Singapore. SIS is an indoor arena that was ranked as the 150th busiest arena in the world in 2015. The stage of the arena is flexible and the capacity of the arena ranges from 8200 – 10,000 people during any sporting event. The stadium has hosted numerous world-class concerts, and several entertainment events performed by renowned artists all around the globe. The arena is situated along the banks of Kallang River.

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Kallang is a town located in the Central Region of Singapore along the banks of the Kallang River. It is known to be a planning area. Singapore is also known as a sports hub as it owns a large number of high-level sports arenas.

The UFC event is taking place shortly on the night of 26th October so you must know proper streaming ways to watch it, without any expenses (if you wish). You can access the content online via VPN’s (the simplest way) and using KODI.

Watch UFC Fight Night 162 Maia vs Askren on Kodi for free

Kodi is an open-source media content player which allows its user to watch any content for free. Kodi also works with amazon Firestick and FireTV when installed.  If you can’t catch the live streams of UFC Fight Night, there are many Kodi add-ons for the users. Some add-ons on Kodi update their content within an hour after the live streaming. All you need is to know the correct addon to pair with Kodi with the right VPN.

But first, you need to know how to use VPNs for the users who can’t access the UFC content because of the geo-restrictions and low-quality streaming issues.

VPN? What is it?

A VPN acts as a cloak between the barrier and the server. Virtual Private Network, the name states it provides a safe private network. This way you can pass the restrictions and access all you want using a VPN. It allows you to access the content banned or restricted in your region.

This is how VPNs WorkVPNs were initially created as a means of allowing businesses to communicate remotely across different geographies. This required significant hardware and infrastructure but over time, they have become more mainstream. Now VPNs are used by everyone to ensure that their internet connections are secure, encrypted and private. However, the business connectivity from earlier also allows individuals to bypass geo-restrictions simply by choosing a server in a different country. This is a major benefit of a VPN and works by moving your IP address to a location that is not restricted.

Choosing the right VPN can be a difficult task though. There are many different VPN providers on the market and even free VPNs to pick and choose from so which one should you go with? Well, simply put, you get what you pay for and when it comes to streaming video you want to pay for a commercial VPN. Commercial VPNs have faster servers and better software. They are simply easier to use. However, another reason to consider them is that they will actually provide security.

The recommended VPN

Among the commercial VPNs, the one we definitely recommend is IPVanish. Here are the reasons why:

  • Security

    IPVanish has a high military level encryption standard making your transactions virtually impossible to decipher, so no one can intercept and see your data.

  • Privacy

    When you connect with IPVanish, your navigation on internet is made through the VPN, not through your ISP. Also, your IP becomes to be the VPN’s IP, not the IP given by your ISP. Further, IPVanish has a strict “zero-logs” policy, so your data can not leak to others, just because simply doesn’t exist.

  • Speed

    It is known that most ISPs implement a “fair-use” policy, meaning they may reduce the speed when detecting some customer has video streaming habits. By replacing your ISP by the IPVanish VPN your connection may gain more speed as your internet navigation will no more be controlled by your ISP, and will be boosted by the VPN’s high speed.

  • Geo-restrictions

    Many UFC events are Geo-restricted, meaning that only people connected from one region or country are allowed to watch it online. IPVanish has servers placed all around the world, so you can connect to a server of the region or country where the event streaming is allowed, to watch it as you were on that region or country.

  • Price

    As previously said, you get what you pay. IPVanish has the best price/quality balance amongst the Premium VPN services. Despite this, we managed to get for our readers an exclusive and limited 57% discount.

Save 57% of IPVanish, now!

Stream UFC on Kodi for free

If you want to live stream UFC Fight Night 162 Maia vs Askren as well other UFC fights, you can use some the handpicked add-on that works great on Kodi:

Johki Wrestling

Johki's Wrestling Kodi Addon is good Kodi Addon to watch UFC Fight Night 162 Maia vs AskrenDon’t get fooled by the name, Johki Wrestling is not only about wrestling. You can find lots of UFC content here and most of it is in full HD too so you’re golden. Check out how to install Johki on your Kodi device by following these simple to follow instructions.

Magic Dragon

The addon Magic Dragon makes magic with Kodi enabling you to watch UFC Fight Night 162 Maia vs AskrenAnother reliable add-on for Kodi. This is an all-in-one Kodi addon, unlike Johki, so it has a bit of everything to keep you entertained.  You can find out how to install Magic Dragon following these simple instructions here.

The Crew

The Crew is an all-in-one Kodi addon for high quality streaming good to watch UFC Fight Night 162 Maia vs AskrenThis is a newer addon that has shown a lot of promise recently and is definitely worth exploring. The Crew like Magic Dragon is an all-in-one addon so you get TV, Movies, Sports and other entertainment using it. It’s definitely one that you want to have on your system if you do not want to mess around with a lot of different addons. Follow these instructions to get The Crew installed onto your system.

Sports 365 Live

Sport 365 Live is a Kodi addon to watch live sports where you can watch UFC Fight Night 162 Maia vs AskrenThe final addon in our list for this event is one that’s all about sports! Sports 365 Live has almost every different type of sporting event you can imagine. With this addon, you can watch the latest tennis, golf, NFL, NBA, WWE, and UFC events really quickly and easily. In addition, many of the streams are available in HD which is great. Follow these instructions to get Sports 365 Live setup and installed on your Kodi device.


If you’re a fan of the UFC you know that you do not want to miss out on any of the action coming. Once you’ve got a Good VPN like IPVanish setup and enabled you should be able to bypass the geographic restrictions and enjoy watching UFC Fight Night 162 Maia vs Askren along with these addons.

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Have a nice UFC Fight Night streaming!


Disclaimer: BestDroidPlayer is in no way affiliated to any streaming application and its addons. We do not support the consumption of illegal content; so, the content provided here is only informational. If you decide to use it in any way, we advise that you use a VPN.

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