How to Watch British Grand Prix 2018 On Kodi

British Grand Prix is one of the biggest sporting events. It is also called Formula 1. Watch British Grand Prix like all sports on Kodi. In this article, we are going to discuss how you can watch British Grand Prix 2018 on Kodi…

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The British Grand Prix is back and bigger than ever. The weekend-long competition is said to be one of the world’s most significant sporting events. It will be held at the iconic Silverstone Circuit in England. The Silverstone circuit was the first F1 track. It was used during the conception of the Formula 1 Championship making it an extraordinary track for the drivers. According to seasoned drivers participating in the event, the Silverstone track is ‘insanely fast’ so you can expect some wild competition. The 2018 Formula 1 Rolex British Grand Prix will be the 70th anniversary for the race. The date is set to run from the 5th to the 8th of July.

Experienced Formula 1 drivers will be attempting to break the lap record set by Lewis Hamilton in 2017 at the Silverstone circuit. He has won all four previous titles at the Silverstone circuit. Lewis Hamilton is probably the best contender to take the crown once again for this year’s thrilling competition. Other previous winners like Mark Webber from Australia and Nico Rosberg from Germany will also be trying to take the championship home.

Why you need a VPN

If you enjoy streaming online content, frequently it is best to get a VPN to make your streaming experience more safe and comfortable. A VPN is a Virtual Private Network which provides you with a private connection from the host website to your streaming device. With a VPN, you no longer need to worry about slow internet speeds since the VPN provides a stable network for you for streaming and browse comfortably and as you cannot be monitored with a VPN, you don’t have to worry about your ISP buffering your connection. One of the most recommended VPNs is IPVanish.

When using Kodi to stream online content, IPVanish can come in very handy. Since some of the add-ons on Kodi source content from copyrighted websites, the VPN will ensure that you stream without being banned or flagged for watching copyrighted material for free.

Georestrictions and IP masking

One of the main benefits of having IPVanish installed on your streaming device is getting access to tons of online content; both local and international. When streaming without a VPN, you may find that some websites are restricted because of your geographical location.

IPVanish can help you bypass such geographic restrictions enabling you to view loads of online content from different locations around the world. IPVanish works by covering or masking your IP address such that the website does not recognize your specific location. The VPN then provides your streaming device with an IP address that will suit the website you intend on visiting allowing you to view content without geographical restrictions. In this way, IPVanish can enable you to access unlimited content from the internet.

ISP restrictions and throttling

After the repeal of net neutrality laws, streaming and browsing online has become quite cumbersome. Especially if you don’t have a VPN installed on your streaming device. Internet Service Providers (ISP) can view and gain access to your connection as you stream. They can also reduce your streaming speeds by throttling your connection to the host website. As previously mentioned, if you are streaming, this can cause persistent buffering. Which can inconvenience Live TV and Live Event watching.

IPVanish can help you avoid ISP interference as you stream online. Since the VPN provides a private network between the host and your streaming device, third party observers like the ISPs cannot notice that you are online. This means you can enjoy top speeds during streaming without worrying about your Internet Service Provider.

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Kodi Add-ons for the British Grand Prix

Kodi has a variety of add-ons ranging from Live TV shows, Entertainment, Music, and Movie channels. You can catch the British Grand Prix on Kodi through a couple of add-ons. (Before installing add-ons on Kodi, ensure you have enabled installation from unknown sources on Kodi. To do this, simply launch Kodi and select ‘Settings’ > ‘System Settings’ > ‘Add-ons Settings.’ Disable the ‘Unknown Sources’ option, and you are good to go.)

Fox Sports Add-on

Fox Sports addon

The Fox Sports Go addon is a user favorite for all the Live and exciting sports events. To watch the British Grand Prix through the Fox Sports Go add-on, follow the instructions below to install.

Installing Fox Sports Add-on:

  • Open Kodi and navigate through ‘Add-ons.’
  • On the top, left panel select the ‘Package Installer’ icon and click on ‘Install from repository’ > ‘Kodi add-on repository’ > ‘Video add-ons.’ Select ‘Fox Sports Go’ then click on ‘Install.’
  • Wait for the notification to confirm that the addon has been enabled then head back to the home screen. Click on ‘Add-ons’ > ‘Video Add-ons’. In the next screen, you will be able to see the Fox Sports Go add-on, select it to open.
  • You will be required to enter an activation code which you will enter at com/activate

You can now enjoy the British Grand Prix on Kodi.


ESPN3 Kodi Addon

The ESPN3 addon is one of the best official sports plugins from Kodi. The ESPN3 addon has tons of sports channels sourced from the original ESPN online channel. You can get all the live Sports events and Sports Channels on the ESPN3 Kodi addon. This addon is including Ice hockey, American football, baseball, college basketball and soccer games. The ESPN3 is also convenient for viewing live events as well as international championships.

To install the ESPN3 add-on follow the instructions below.

  • Open Kodi and navigate through ‘Add-ons’ > ‘Package installer’ > ‘Install from repository’ > ‘Kodi add-on repository’ > ‘Video addons’.
  • Select ‘ESPN3’ then click on ‘Install.’
  • Wait for the notification to confirm that the addon has been enabled then head back to the home screen.
  • Click on ‘Add-ons’ > ‘Video Add-ons’. In the next screen, you will be able to see the ESPN3 add-on, select it to open.


sports365 live kodi addon

Sports365 is a great add-on for live sports including Grand Prix and other motorsport events. The advantage to Sports365 is that it also offers access to on-demand content too which is great if you’re not able to catch the event live!

Check out our install guide for Sports365 here.


You can catch some of the most entertaining sports events on Kodi through their various add-ons which are really good if you’re a fan of the Grand Prix. Kodi add-ons give you access to plenty of Live TV shows, Sports channels, entertainment channels and many more.

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