How to Watch UFC Fight Night 127: Werdum vs Volkov on Kodi

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London is all set to witness UFC Fight Night 127 on the 17th of March in the famous O2 Arena.  With the match just days away, excitement amongst fight fans is at a fever pitch. In this article you will learn how to watch UFC Fight Night 127: Werdum vs Volkov on Kodi, so keep reading.

The fight will see the two underdogs; former UFC heavyweight champion Fabricio Werdum and the former Bellator heavyweight champion Alexander Volkov fight each other for a spot in the shrinking 265- pound title chase.

Fabricio Werdum hails from Brazil and has fought in England four times before, in his entire fighting career, two out of which were in the UFC. He had lost his promotional debut match against Arlovski in April 2007. Though, he ended up winning the second bout against Brandon Vera at UFC 85, London.

Alexander Volkov, on the other hand, has had a good record in UFC, with a five-fight winning streak!

While watching it live would definitely be something to remember, let’s be honest, ticket prices are ridiculously high and unless you actually live in London, getting there is next to impossible. Your best bet is watching it on TV. So you can either go the pay per view route (big bucks again) or look for an alternative.

Using a VPN it’s a must!

Before I cover the options in terms of the best add-ons and stuff, I wanted to make sure that you understood that a VPN is a requirement. For one thing, if you’re outside of the UK you’re going to need to get a VPN so that you can access the streams as this is the only way to bypass the geographic restrictions. With a VPN your IP address can be masked so that it appears as if you’re in a different country.

The other reason that you need to have a VPN is that they are the best way of masking what you are doing online. You see, with the constantly changing laws around the world in regards to what is and isn’t legal when it comes to streaming, it’s better to be safe than sorry. For example, Kodi is completely legal, but some of the add-ons on Kodi can sometimes stream content that isn’t so it is in your best interest to have some protection.

ISPs have also gotten into the habit of slowing down and throttling the internet speeds on people that stream a lot. If you have a VPN in place though they won’t know what you are doing so your connection won’t be interrupted!

The VPN that I always use is IPVanish. It’s one of the fastest VPNs available (which is very important when you’re streaming online) and it has servers all over the world. Even better for you though, is that I’ve managed to get a deal from them where you can get 20% of if you sign up through this link!

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Kodi Addons to Watch the UFC Fight Night 127: Werdum vs Volkov

Planet MMA

For all the UFC and MMA fans, this add-on is made just for you! It is the same add-on which used to be called UFC Finest. The add-on has its name changed since the last update. It grants you the access to stream all the UFC and MMA fights live, without any trouble! Dedicated to MMA it’s your best source for all things related to the UFC. Check out our detailed instructions so that you can get it installed on your system.

Halow Live TV

This add-on is an excellent one-stop destination for you! It has lots of different streams available for a variety of different matches. Check out our install guide for detailed information and instructions.

cCloud TV

cCloud TV is a live streaming Kodi addon that has managed to remain stable and deliver good performance over time. It is regularly updated with the best of features and with each of its updates, it only gets better! It provides a multitude of services to the users, granting them access to all the fights, other sports matches, movies, music and lot more! Check out our install guide for detailed information on cCloud TV.


We hope you found this post helpful. Don’t procrastinate! Go, install your picked Kodi addon now and enjoy streaming the UFC Fight Night at your convenience!

If you don’t have a TV subscription to watch this fantastic match, the VPN together with these addons should do the job. Bare in mind that without a VPN, your chances to find a stream that works for you are very low and you’re exposing your identity while streaming the PPV event. For peace of mind always use a VPN, IPVanish is considered the best VPN for Kodi and it won’t compromise your identity as they have a no logs policy.

We’ve arranged a special VPN deal for our visitors! We’ve got you 20% discount on the top rated VPN for Kodi – IPVanish. Just access this link to automatically apply your 20% discount!

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