How to Watch UFC Fight Night on Firestick – Cerrone vs Gaethje

Watching Cerrone vs Gaethje battle will not be an easy task due to be broadcast only for ESPN+. But because we don’t want to disappoint our readers, we have searched and found several ways to Watch UFC Fight Night on Firestick on Canada, USA or in any other country in the world.

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The UFC rarely visited the Pacific Northwest for many years but 2019 is different. Vancouver, BC, Canada is going to host Cerrone vs Gaethje on September 14th, 08:00 PM and this is something you’ll not want to miss; but the question is, how to Watch UFC Fight Night on Firestick? If you are searching for some reliable and working methods then you are lucky to reach the right place.

 Fight Details

  • Fighters – Gaethje vs Cerrone
  • Saturday – September 14th, 2019
  • 08:00 PM EDT
  • Rogers Arena, Vancouver, BC, Canada

How to Watch UFC Fight Night on Firestick - Cerrone vs Gaethje

This is a battle that you don’t want to miss but the problem is that Live Streaming or even recorded highlights are restricted in various countries. It is a shame to realize that UFC fights are mainly considered inappropriate so there are not enough Sports channels to broadcast these events. It leaves the fans with cord-cutting options and there is none better than Firestick.

ESPN+ – Exclusive UFC Night Live Broadcaster

It really is disappointing to know that only ESPN+ dares to broadcast UFC Fights Live. Adding insult to injury, ESPN+ is the channel mainly restricted in most of the regions across the globe. It means that you don’t have this channel available through local cable connections. So you need an out of the box solution and ironically, the solution comes inside the box – the Firestick.

Firestick hosts various media organizers and media players and what else could you prefer ahead of Kodi? Well, whatever media streaming platform you are using, the idea here is that you are going to access something that is restricted in your region. It simply means that you need to be extra careful because these days, government agencies and ISPs are taking things seriously and you first need to protect yourself from an unexpected punch from legal authorities.

Install a VPN for 100% Privacy and Anonymity

A VPN serves you with multiple solutions. First things first, your objective here is to somehow access the live broadcast of UFC Fight Night on 14th September and also the rest of the fights. But ESPN+, the exclusive broadcaster is most probably banned in your region! Nothing to worry about, the VPN will let you sneak in anonymously.

Access ESPN+ via US Based IP Address

A VPN is capable of masking your IP address by assigning the network with a virtual IP address. The good news is that it can assign an IP address from any location in the world. As far as the UFC Fight Night is concerned, you need an US-based IP address to access ESPN+. A Good VPN like IPVanish can do it in seconds! You simply need to connect to a VPN server based in the US and the software will do all of the rest. This is where it’s important and critical that you use a Good VPN like IPVanish as not only does it have servers all over the world, the servers are super fast!

Stay 100% Anonymous

Yes, you are doing something local authorities don’t want you to do and it could put you in a vulnerable position. There is no need to worry as long as you have a reliable VPN like IPVanish. It creates a virtual tunnel and all the information passes through this end-to-end protected passage. On top of that, all data transmission is encrypted and your ISP has no clue of what’s going on.

Faster Speed

Don’t forget that you pay for data-bundles in most of the countries and the ISP monitors data consumption and charges accordingly. Internet packages are available in most of the countries but that is also a trick – fair use policy – comes into play. As soon as your ISP suspects over consumption, especially, frequent video streaming, it restricts bandwidth to your connection. This is what results in speed throttle and it happens almost every day. With a VPN in place, you don’t suffer from speed throttle simply because your ISP doesn’t even know what you are doing, which sites you access, and which type of data you download or stream.

You’d think that all of these amazing features – privacy, security, speed, and access – would cost a fortune wouldn’t you. Luckily for you we managed to get an exclusive 57% of IPVanish.

Save 57% of IPVanish now!

Ways to Watch UFC Fight Night – Cerrone vs Gaethje

First in the list of these promising methods is Kodi for various good reasons. Kodi serves you with various reliable add-ons to access Live Sports Channels. In this case, you are actually focusing on ESPN+ and for that, you can install the following Kodi add-ons:


Sportowa TV is a Good Kodi Addon to Watch UFC Fight Night - Cerrone vs GaethjeKodi is easy to install on a Firestick or Fire TV box and once you’ve got it setup then you just have to choose the right addon. Some of the best options for Kodi are Sportowa and Sports365.Live.

These are both sports-specific addons but if you’re interested in something a bit more “well rounded” Kodi has that also. A good addon for you to look at that has sports and entertainment is Odin. With this addon, you can watch movies and TV Shows. Unlike Sportowa and Sports365.Live, however, you probably will not be able to watch the event live on Odin so this is something you need to be aware of.

Android Apps and Mobdro

Mobdro is an application to watch world tv channelsKodi is not your only option when it comes to free content though. You can also use Android apps directly on your Firestick and one of the best is Mobdro. Mobdro is really easy to install and it offers lots of streams with excellent HD quality content. Mobdro like Odin and Loki offers more than just sports so if you want an “all-in-one” solution without having to go through Kodi first, this should absolutely be on your radar as a solution to Watch UFC Fight Night on Firestick – Cerrone vs Gaethje.


ESPN+ is a sports streaming serviceHaving a VPN in place means that you can access ESPN+ live broadcast from anywhere in the world. It is compatible with Firestick, FireTV, Smart TVs, iOS, Fire Tablets, Android Smartphones, Chromecast, and Android TV. The best thing is that ESPN+ offers a 7-Days free trial.

  • Subscription: $5/month ($50/year)
  • Multi-screen: Supports 5 devices at a time for multi-streaming
  • Free Trial: 7-Days

This is a reliable platform and UFC fans all over the world love it and UFC is the major reason why ESPN+ has millions of subscribers. You need to download the ESPN App to access ESPN+ but again, make sure to turn on your VPN otherwise geo-restrictions will apply.


UFC.TVUFC.TV is a sports streaming service also offers a 7-Days free trial but its monthly subscription is more costly than that of ESPN+.

  • Cost: $9.99/month – $8.99/month (6 months payment) – $7.99/month (1 year payment)
  • It doesn’t offer multi-screen
  • It is compatible with Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Samsung Smart TVs, Xbox, Android TV, Roku, Android, iOS, Sony Smart TVs, etc.

The choice is yours, we are here to present different working solutions and we really think that the ESPN App is much better as compared to UFC.TV because it costs less and serves with more features, for instance, multi-screen.

Wait a Minute!

It is our responsibility to keep you updated about the importance of VPN because we don’t want you to find yourself in an awkward situation just because you watched your favorite sporting event.

Download and install a VPN like IPVanish, make sure that everything works alright and only then access the content and channels you want. This is the best way of getting access to all that the internet has to offer.

Hope this guide can help you to Watch UFC Fight Night on Firestick – Cerrone vs Gaethje. If so, please share it with your friends, rate it and let us your comments on the corresponding section bellow.

Have a nice fight night!

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