Watch UFC Fight Night Reyes vs Weidman in October on Android and Kodi

October has been an incredible month full of fight events. Another one is right on the corner and this time is the UFC Fight Night where Reyes vs Weidman; just keep reading as we’ll tell how to watch it online on your Android or Kodi streaming device.

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Yes, you are on this page because you love UFC Fight Nights and are eagerly looking forward to the Reyes vs. Weidman battle. We also can’t wait for this fight but as you all know, we can’t control everything. What we can control though is the number of available options to watch UFC Fight Night online. Today we are going to show you how you can watch UFC Fight Night Reyes vs Weidman on Android and Kodi.

UFC Fight Night

Event Details – UFC Fight Night Reyes vs Weidman

  • Day: Saturday
  • Date: 18 October 2019
  • Location: TD Garden, Boston, US.
  • Time: 9:00 PM

UFC Fight Card

Broadcasting Rights – UFC Fight Night Reyes vs Weidman

For UFC fans who don’t want to miss the live event could opt for the official UFC mobile app. But beware of the fact that this app allows you to watch via PPV or UFC Fight Pass. In addition, ESPN+ has the broadcasting rights of UFC Fights. You could, however, use an Android TV app or a Kodi addon to watch UFC Fight night for free.

But wait, these apps or addons are not going to serve the cause as long as there are geo-restrictions in your region. This means that you need to look for something that could help you to bypass geo-restrictions and also maintains privacy and secrecy. Luckily, we have the working solution most of the people are using these days.

   Secure Your Device with a VPN

No matter what they think, say and do, there is always a way to access UFC Fight Nights thus to watch Reyes vs Weidman. We are here to help the fans across the globe to watch their favorite UFC superstars in action. But before you do it, you need to first make sure that your streaming devices are properly secured so that you could avoid legal notices for copyright violations, etc. There is a simple and effective solution that allows you to maintain privacy and secrecy and it is your right to do so.

We are not encouraging you to violate laws. But the thing is, you are a UFC fan and you want to watch your favorite superstars somehow. We are simply looking to help you out. Whatever application of add-on you install, it will ultimately try to take you to ESPN+. But if there is no VPN to help, geo-restrictions will block the links.

A trusted VPN service easily bypasses geo-restrictions. This way you could make the most of these apps and add-ons to watch UFC Fight Nights online for free. The monitoring from ISPs and government agencies is another issue. You wouldn’t want them to monitor your online activities. Their prime focus is not on harassing the people violating the copyright act. Basically, their intentions are to extract your personal information to sell it to advertising agencies. Who on Earth would want this to happen? But in most countries, this practice is legal and the ISPs don’t even have to seek your permission before accessing and selling your personal information. The VPN maintains privacy and secures your data from unauthorized access.

Best VPN for Secure and Fast Streaming

You may compare the features of various VPN services. If you don’t know anything about a VPN or you don’t have enough time to go through this comparison, let us help you with our top-recommendation. IPVanish is arguably the best VPN service for fast and secure streaming. It protects your internet connection from speed throttles that are forced from the ISPs during the peak hours. In addition, the efficient encryption algorithm that IPVanish comes with creates a virtual tunnel. Your ISP, any government agency, or hackers don’t stand a chance to decode the encrypted data traveling from and to your internet connection.

Our main objective here is to secretly avoid geo-restrictions and IPVanish does it effectively. You can try this VPN for free thanks to the free trial also which is great. I’m sure that you’ll find it an effective solution like many others around the world. The best part of this service though is the price we’ve managed to obtain for you.

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How to Watch UFC Fight Night on Android

Sportz TV

Sportz TV is good to UFC Fight Night Reyes vs Weidman in October on AndroidThis is an application that serves with over 6000 live sports channels from across the globe. But it isn’t free. You have to pay the subscription fee (monthly) that starts from $14.95 (two-screens). There is a Sportz TV APK you could install on FireStick or Android TV with the help of the Downloader app. But remember, you will need a Good VPN like IPVanish to bypass geo-restrictions in order to access ESPN+ and watch UFC Fight Night Reyes vs Weidman in October on Android. You can follow these really simple instructions to get Sportz TV on your android device.


ESPN+ is a sports streaming service good to watch UFC Fight Night Reyes vs Weidman in October on AndroidYou can download this app from the Play Store. It is an Android App that is compatible with FireStick, Smartphones, Android TV, Roku, etc. The good news is that ESPN App offers ESPN+ but once again, you need an IP address preferably from the US and only a VPN like IPVanishcan do it. This isn’t a free app unfortunately as monthly charges are $5. However, there is a 7-day free trial initially so if you only want it for this event, it might be way forward.


UFC.TV is a sports streaming service good to UFC Fight Night Reyes vs Weidman in October on AndroidAnother paid app to explore is UFC.TV, which is also compatible with Android devices and Roku. But the price is a bit high, i.e. $9/month. Again it comes with a free 7-day trial which might make it a good option. It is a bit more restrictive in terms of content than the ESPN app however so this is something you should consider.

How to Watch UFC Fight Night on Kodi

There are various third-party Kodi addons you could use to access UFC streaming sources and watch the UFC Fight Night Reyes vs Weidman event; the best part about them is that they are free!

The Crew

The Crew is an all-in-one Kodi addon for high quality streaming good to UFC Fight Night Reyes vs Weidman in October The Crew is an all-in-one Kodi addon so you get lots of entertainment of all types. You can catch the best of the newest shows as well as the best sporting events on The Crew and its one that I highly recommend. Check out how to install The Crew through these simple instructions. With The Crew, you’ll get the best content in full HD which makes your viewing experience exceptional so it’ll be watching UFC Fight Night Reyes vs Weidman with this excellent addon.

Johki’s Wrestling

Johki's Wrestling Kodi Addon is a good choice to UFC Fight Night Reyes vs Weidman in October Yes, you read it right! But this wrestling specific Kodi addon also serves with links to UFC Fight Nights. It is a good option as this add-on is still working and the streaming speed is above average. Follow these instructions to get Johki onto your Kodi device quickly and easily.

Among other options to watch UFC Fight Night Reyes vs Weidman on Kodi, you could check out Sport365.Live Kodi addon and UKTurks Playlists. There always remains a chance of quality links to UFC Fights but the problem is that, with 3rd-party addons, you can’t expect consistency. The streaming links and sources keep changing.


Whatever addons or apps you use on FireStick, Android devices, or media organizers such as Plex, Kodi, and Roku, you need a VPN service like IPVanish for the best streaming experience. The VPN optimizes speed, lets you avoid geo-restrictions, and most importantly, keeps your activities secure from watchdogs. Make sure that you install one of these addons or apps along with a VPN so that you can catch Reyes and Weidman in no-holds-barred action on your screens.

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