Watch WWE Hell in a Cell October on Kodi and Android for free

Another important event of Wrestling is around the corner in October. Despite being a pay-per-view event geographically restricted, here’s how to Watch the WWE Hell in a Cell October in a Kodi or Android device near to you, for free.

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You are on this page because you are a WWE fan and we don’t need to ask if you are waiting eagerly for Hell in a Cell. But geo-restrictions tend to be the biggest enemy of WWE fans across the globe. Don’t worry though, we have come up with working methods to watch WWE Hell in a Cell on Kodi and Android.

The Hell in a Cell October

This is arguably the most entertaining WWE event for the reason that the Hell in a Cell tests the participants’ to their limits. They fight till the end showing great resilience against submission when they are down. And we all love the way how this match goes through ups and downs from the word go till the end. This year’s Hells in a Cell features a 20-feet high steel cage weighing 5-ton.

Sacramento also hosted the SmackDown weekly show on June 11 but now it is ready for one of the most popular WWE events. The advertisements have already been released featuring Seth Rollins, Drew Mcintyre, Roman Reigns, Becky Lynch, and Kofi Kingston.

Event Details – Hell in a Cell

Most Anticipated Matches – Hell in a Cell 2019

We are expecting to see Becky Lynch, AJ Styles, and Bray Wyatt in action along with other superstars.

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Geo-restrictions, copyright violation, the regional ban on WWE, don’t worry if any of these is holding you from watching WWE events and especially to Watch WWE Hell in a Cell October 2019. You could watch your superstars in action with the help of your Android TV, Smart TV, FireStick, and media management platforms, such as Kodi.

First Things First – Install a VPN Service

We are not here to promote anything illegal but privacy and security is your basic right and you could observe these rights with the help of a reliable VPN service. Even if you download different add-ons for FireStick and Kodi, you’ll need a VPN to avoid geo-restrictions to access high-quality links to watch WWE Hell in a Cell.

This is how a VPN works

The VPN bypasses geo-restrictions by allocating your network with a virtual IP address from a suitable region. In addition, a Good VPN like the IPVanish protects your online information and activities via end-to-end encryption. Basically, it creates a virtual tunnel. Data travels through this protected tunnel and nobody has a chance to decode the encrypted information. It protects you from the watchful eyes of your ISP and government agencies.

There are various good VPN services available but you have to find the one that is best for Android streaming devices and streaming software such as Kodi. If you are too busy to compare the features of different VPNs, let us help you out.

We Recommend IPVanish

Here are the reasons why we recommend IPVanish.

  • Device Compatibility

    IPVanish works well with almost any device you can install software on. This includes Computers, Smartphones, Android Devices, and media organizers such as Kodi. It is compatible with a variety of operating systems.

  • Privacy and Security

    IPVanish uses one of the most efficient and effective encryption algorithms. In this way, the information remains safe from falling into the hands of hackers or watchdogs. In addition IPVanish offers a “no logging” policy which means that even if requested, they would be unable to share your details.

  • Free Trial

    IPVanish offers a free trial that helps you to test the service before you actually make the payment. You could unsubscribe if you like. The free trial allows you to have an insight into the pros and cons of this VPN. In some cases the free trial lets you use it just for that one specific event you’re interested in!

  • Streaming

    IPVanish protects you from your ISPs “fair use policy”. Many ISPs slow down their own customers if they determine they are streaming video too much online. With a  VPN in place though, your ISP does not know what you are doing so you don’t have to worry about your favorite shows starting to buffer or anything like that.

  • Price

    I’m sure that one of the reasons you’ve chosen to cut the cord and look at alternative methods of getting access to videos online is the price you need to pay your cable provider. Well, I have to tell you that IPVanish is sadly not free. It is a commercial VPN which means that you do have to pay to use it (after the trial). Many people think that they can get by with a free VPN but really and completely honestly … they cannot.

You see, free VPNs are simply not fast enough for streaming video. This causes your streams to buffer and crash and that’s not even considering the fact that they are simply not as secure – they don’t offer a “no logging” policy for example. In addition, they are restricted in terms of their locations also. This means that you will be unable to choose a server in a country where your stream is available which completely defeats the purpose.

Luckily for you though, we managed to get an exclusive 67% of IPVanish.

Save 67% of IPVanish now!

How to Watch WWE Hell in a Cell October on FireStick?

There are different streaming add-ons you could opt for to Watch WWE Hell in a Cell October. We recommend Sportz TV for different reasons. This is a paid app that gives you access to over 6000 sports channels. But once again, you have to turn ON the VPN to access all these channels. Otherwise, geo-restrictions will block most of the channels. Check out How to install Sportz TV here to ensure you do not miss out on any of the action.

How to Watch WWE Hell in a Cell October on Kodi?

Kodi is the best platform for streaming media content online. Yes, without a VPN, it doesn’t generate the desired results because of the geo-restrictions. Once you install a Good VPN like IPVanish, you would have access to all top-quality links to streaming sources, WWE in this case. There are three promising Kodi addons for WWE in 2019 you can use to Watch WWE Hell in a Cell October.

1. Johki’s Wrestling

You can Watch WWE Hell in a Cell October using Johki's Wrestling Addon on KodiYou might not have heard the name of this add-on before but it has provided exceptional results overall.

Johki provides users with links to SmackDown, WWE RAW, Superstars, as well as NXT events. You could enjoy Live Streaming as well as video-on-demand with the help of Johki’s Wrestling Kodi Addon. Follow these simple instructions to get Johki installed on your Kodi device.

2. Sports365 Live

Sport 365 Live is a Kodi addon to watch live sports and also to Watch WWE Hell in a Cell OctoberThis is a popular Kodi addon to watch wrestling as well as lots of different sporting events. It’s not focused purely on wrestling like Johki is but rather sports in general so if you’re a sports nut, this is the one you want to pick up and install. Simply follow these easy step-by-step instructions to install Sports365 Live.

The good news is that you can access direct links to WWE Network PPV streams. You can enjoy live WWE events as well as video-on-demand.

3. UKTurk Playlists

UkTurk Playlists is a Kodi Addon good to Watch WWE Hell in a Cell OctoberThere is no way you could put aside UKTurk Playlists. It is one of the most reliable third-party Kodi addons. UKTurks Playlist, unlike Johki or Sports365, is not focused on sports at all. Rather its focus is on entertainment in general so it’s great if you want just one addon instead of several.

With UKTurks Playlists, you could access Live Sports, WWE and SmackDown events, and even IPTV. Check out here how to install UKTurk Playlist.


No matter which add-on you select and install, the quality and performance depend on how your VPN works.

It is important to install a reliable VPN for streaming devices. IPVanish is best for streaming videos because it optimizes internet speed and avoids speed throttling.

Enjoy all of the action of while you watch WWE Hell in a Cell October, ensuring that you are protected and safe!


Disclaimer: BestDroidPlayer is in no way affiliated to any streaming application and its addons. We do not support the consumption of illegal content; so, the content provided here is only informational. If you decide to use it in any way, we advise that you use a VPN.

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