Watch WWE in Manchester with the Best Kodi streaming Addons

On this trip to the UK, it’s time for WWE to visit Manchester and for you to get this event online, or to Watch it Live in Place at Manchester Arena.

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The WWE is arriving in the United Kingdom and Ireland in November for a special tour! The tournament is visiting many cities in these countries between 7 and 10 November. European fans finally have a chance to watch WWE up close. While the line-up isn’t confirmed, there are bound to be some great matches. Fans can see superstars such as Seth Rollins, AJ Styles, and Natalya feature at the event!

SmackDown and Raw are coming to Manchester on November 8 for a special taping. Tickets have been on sale and are still open. It’s being said that people with a single on-site ticket can watch both events without an additional fee! It’s great for the locals. If you’re an international fan, don’t worry. We’ll be telling you exactly how you can watch the matches during the broadcast in this post.

Exciting new prospects with WWE

It’s an interesting time to be a WWE fan as the tournament is going through exciting changes and makeovers. The Draft happened on October 11 and 14 on SmackDown and Raw respectively, pooling some great opponents together. These two shows are themselves getting makeovers to fight the decreasing viewership. SmackDown will now be called Friday Night SmackDown, as it moves to the Fox network. WWE’s NXT show that features the newer and upcoming wrestlers is a lot like SmackDown, which was for the underdogs of the competition.

WWE in Manchester on November 8

SmackDown Live and Raw will be held at Manchester Arena in Manchester, England on November 8th at 6 pm. Manchester Arena is the largest indoor venue in the UK and second largest in England by terms of seating capacity. The Arena was one of the first venues to be built in a 360-degree seating arrangement. The building is also reinforced with sound insulation. The venue has housed concerts of some of the biggest pop stars in the world regularly and has even hosted the 2002 Commonwealth Games.

It’s a prestigious venue. WWE in Manchester is going to be grand and awesome given the energy and the production quality of all the shows ever held at the Manchester Arena. It’s something to look forward to.

VPNs and Why you Need Them When Watching the WWE

Now we come to your problems as a fan of the WWE. Surely you’ve experienced some. For example, you might want to watch wrestling events up close but you can’t attend them live. You might want to watch it at home but you don’t have cable TV anymore—especially because there are so many cheap streaming services available. An official subscription or Pay Per View ticket (PPV) might be out of your budget. Perhaps even worse, maybe you can afford it but the service is region locked and you aren’t allowed to access this content. What do you do?

What a VPN Does For You

  • A VPN is a virtual private network that hides your IP address from outsiders and takes you truly incognito. It acts as a barrier between you and your ISPs and government—you will be anonymous and protected. Internet users find VPNs useful to safeguard their privacy. If as a fan you need to access region-locked or copyrighted content without permission, you’ll have to use a VPN.
  • VPNs hide your virtual tracks. They prevent others from snooping on your browsing history and tracking your movements online. It protects your personal information like photos, banking information, and passwords. Many VPN services encrypt your data for more security. It can change your location to a different country of choice. Well-established VPNs have durable security measures.

What VPN cannot do, is protect you from malware, viruses and other malicious software. When using a VPN you still need to use good anti-virus software to protect your devices.

Using a VPN to Bypass Georestrictions

Accessing region locked or copyrighted content is usually done through media players like Kodi while using VPNs. The reason is that you could get into serious legal trouble over accessing such websites when not allowed. However, with a Good VPN like IPVanish in place, you can easily access one of the thousands of servers around the world. Once you’ve done this, the software will automatically provide you with a new IP address which will make it seems as if you’re browsing from that country! Really simple, right?

When it comes to choosing the right VPN make sure that you pick one like IPVanish that offers a “no logging” policy. This is the only way to ensure that your information is secure and private forever. Many other VPN organizations – especially the free ones – do not have this policy in place. This, unfortunately, means that if requested, they will share your online activities which really does not provide you with any security at all.

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Choosing the right VPN makes a huge difference when it comes to Kodi. IPVanish is the best VPN for Kodi. It has clients for every device you can imagine and is super easy to set up and use. Luckily for you we managed to get an exclusive 57% of IPVanish.

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How to watch WWE in Manchester

Once you get a VPN, it’s time to find watch WWE. Kodi is an open-source media player that is completely free. It can be played on computers and TV and is compatible with most systems. Kodi is meant for every entertainment fan who likes a versatile media player tool. It can play live streams or movies, TV shows or anything you’re looking for. Kodi requires something called an Addon to play content from the internet, whether they are sports or movies. These are found in repositories that can be installed in the software.

Tips to use Kodi Addons

The thing with addons is, it can be tricky to find good ones. Sports addons need to be able to find working links, so addons need to be maintained and updated regularly. If you are preparing to watch a match in the coming days, don’t wait for the day of the event to find working links. Check your add-ons for a handful of streams so you can be prepared to choose the best one.

Make sure you also have a strong internet connection. It should be secure. For best results, hardwire your internet connections so that there is no room for delay or buffering in the service.

It can be a struggle to find reliable addons. So we’ve got a small list of the best addons you can start with, to watch WWE in Manchester online.

WWE Network

The official WWE Network streaming addon to watch WWE in Manchester on KodiThis add-on is one of the best for WWE content especially. It is an archive, a source for live streams, and maintained regularly. WWE Network is a paid subscription. It has a great amount of premium content and does not ask any additional fee for watching live matches. If you consider the content available in this addon it might be an attractive investment for you, you’ll find it on Kodi’s official repository. Remember if you live outside of the USA you will probably need to use a VPN to access the WWE in Manchester stream even if you pay for a subscription.

Sport365 Live

Sport 365 Live is a Kodi addon to watch live sports so to watch WWE in Manchester onlineThis addon is an excellent source for all kinds of live sports content. It’s simple to use and very resourceful. It can be found and set up following these simple and easy to follow instructions. Sports365 has multiple language support and the developers fix the common bugs regularly, so it’s a dependable addon to use. So it would be a good choice to see WWE in Manchester online.

Johki Wrestling Addon

Johki's in a sports addon for kodi, to watch WWE in Manchester as well other Wrestling eventsWith a name that includes Wrestling in the title, you’d probably not be surprised to find this in our list of recommended addons. Johki Wrestling Addon can be found here and it’s an excellent addon to use if you’re a fan of wrestling and want to watch WWE in Manchester online.


With these tips, you are fully ready to watch WWE in Manchester at home!

Make sure that you have that VPN setup and in place first for your protection and also to help you bypass those pesky restrictions.

After that, sit down and grab a beer while you put your feet up and watch all of the action on your screen!

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