Watch WWE Shanghai Live using the proper streaming Apps

For the Wrestling Lovers, here’s another important WWE event to Watch Live in Place this time in Shanghai or follow online; the event is around the corner and we are listing the best streaming apps to you can use to watch the incredible battles that will take place there.

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WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) is an acclaimed organization engaged in the entertaining of audiences around the globe. The company provides original content around the year. It is devoted to producing contents suited for family entertainment. At present, it is accessible in over 180 countries.

This is the fourth year that the WWE will be held in China. To be more specific, it will be held in the beautiful city of Shanghai. The largest city of China is also one of the most significant centers of financial and economic transactions in the country and in Asia as a whole. Besides, the esteemed metropolis also has a lot more to offer. It is the perfect destination to witness the pulse of progress in the country. The urbanite patterns and the flair of modernization are evident in the glamorous cityscape. Alongside this, it also boasts of an age-old history. The rich cultural heritage is inherent in its traditionalism.

All in all, this exotic location has everything to offer. The city is adding yet another feather to its crown as it is hosting WWE this year.

The WWE Shanghai fighters

The WWE Shanghai event will be held in the Mercedes Benz Arena on September 21. It was formerly known as the world expo cultural center of Shanghai. With a seating capacity of 18000, this arena will serve as the chief venue for live entertainment in the WWE event. Spectators who will be present for the live tournament will get to see a myriad of sports stars. This would include the likes of stalwarts such as Kofi Kingston, Roman Reigns, Charlotte Flair, Daniel Bryan and so on. All these renowned stars are at present training hard and preparing for the upcoming event in the WWE performance center of Florida in the US.

Now, if you are a fan of sports and a lover of wrestling in particular then the WWE event at Shanghai is bound to make you feel excited. It goes without saying that you would like to be a witness to each and every moment of the tournament. Therefore, you must be waiting impatiently to catch the fight live. The ways in which you can do so so are extremely easy and simple. They would also allow you to get access to the desired content for free. All that you need to do is download a few Android apps on your phone. In fact, you can also use Kodi as an alternative. However, before that, it is necessary to ensure the privacy of your online activities. This is exactly where VPNs serve as the ideal solution.

Why do you need a VPN to Watch WWE Shanghai Live?

VPNs are the abbreviations of virtual private networks. They allow you to conceal everything that you browse online. Alongside this, they also protect your online identity. Thus, they act as a protective barrier from the moment you turn on the internet and embark on your online endeavors.

Why should VPNs be used?

VPNs serve a variety of functions. They enable you to safeguard your personal information. They also protect your personal identity. Not only do they conceal your browsing experience but they also permit you to get access to do everything you want online. Thus they help you to evade the restrictions imposed by regional authorities. likewise, they also permit you to watch WWE matches online and so to watch Shanghai wrestling event, live. Most importantly, VPNs also provide protection from such threats as viruses and malware.

The VPN that we recommend

If you desire a simplified and secure browsing experience, then CyberGhost is the ideal choice for you. It provides you with the best protection of your online activities. Besides, it is compatible with most operating systems. This includes Android, Windows, iOS, Mac, and others.

Now there are many free VPNs that are available online. However, those should be essentially avoided. This is because they keep a track of all that you do online on their own servers. Thus they are not at all safe. They do not ensure security as they have complete access to your private information.

Moreover, the speed of such free VPNs is not as high as that of CyberGhost. In addition to the speed of the server, the number of servers available is significantly lower also. As a result, they fail to provide access to most websites. In case you opt for CyberGhost however you will not face such issues.

As you can see, I’m a big fan of CyberGhost and after you start to use it you will be too! Luckily for you, we managed to get an exclusive 79% of CyberGhost.

Save 79% of CyberGhost now!

How to Watch WWE Shanghai Live

Watch WWE with Kodi

Kodi is a streaming applicationKodi is a content player. It enables you to watch different content related to media, like WWE.

Kodi can be used in most operating systems inclusive of Android Windows, iOS, Mac, and others.  This is inclusive of TV shows, video games, movies and so on. It also allows you to watch live television for free. Thus watching the WWE event using Kodi would be an absolute cakewalk. Here’s a complete Guide for you to install Kodi!


But in order to use Kodi, it is essential to choose the correct addon.

  • WWE Network:

    WWE app is the own wwe streaming app to watch Live the shanghai eventThis add-on is an official one from Kodi itself. It does require payment for use. If you are only interested in the WWE and don’t really care about other events and television shows, this is still a cheaper option than cable TV.  You can download this from the official Kodi repository but you will also need to subscribe which you can do on the WWE website.

  • Sports 365 Live

    Sport 365 Live is a Kodi addon to watch live sports, thus to watch wwe Shanghai wrestling eventThis is often referred to as the best add-on for watching sports. It is a reliable add-on that has been used by people over many years providing every feature and facility that you can possibly desire. It is however not a wrestling specific addon. Still, it allows you to stream numerous wrestling events and fights. It is also one of the most economical options to opt for. Check out our detailed installation instructions to get started with Sports 365 Live on your Kodi device.

Watch WWE with Android Apps

In case you are someone who does not wish to use Kodi, then you might opt for using Android apps. You can Watch WWE event at Shanghai Live, using such applications.


The WWE event to be hosted in the Mercedes Benz arena of Shanghai on September 21 is a highly anticipated fight for fans of wrestling around the world.

Make sure you have a Good VPN like CyberGhost set up and in place before you tune in to the action as these events have far-reaching consequences to the WWE universe!

We hope have helped you with How to Watch WWE Shanghai Live, using the above streaming applications. If so, please share this article with your friends, rate it, and let us know your experience in the comments box below.

Have a nice Wrestling time!

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