Watch WWE SmackDown in Atlanta for Free with these Top 3 Kodi Addons

WWE Fans have another event around the corner and although being a PPV event under geographic restrictions we found the way to Watch WWE SmackDown event in Atlanta for Free with the help of Kodi Addons

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Roman Reigns WWE fighterWWE fans across the world love SmackDown for being more of a suspense version of the wrestling. The mysterious attacker recently has become a source of attraction while Roman Reigns is on the quest to take revenge. If you’re a fan like me, you know that you cannot afford to miss any of the events. If you do, you’re likely to miss something key.

Live streaming of the WWE is a tough ask though, because of geo-restrictions in many areas. Also, to watch WWE SmackDown, only the WWE Network is the authorized broadcaster. There is no need to get disappointed though as long as you have Kodi. Here we bring you to top 3 Kodi addons to Watch WWE SmackDown for free.

Event Details – SmackDown

You will see Roman Reigns, Charlotte Flair, Kofi Kingston, and more superstars in action.

WWE SmackDown Live Broadcast

There are states and regions where local laws don’t allow the broadcasting of wrestling and UFC Fights. The policymakers in these countries are somehow convinced that these sporting events may harm youngsters’ minds! They end up calling these sports representation of violence. Other regulators are just in it for the money and if they aren’t getting enough of a cut, they aren’t going to show the channel! Anyways, the truth can’t be changed – if you are a WWE fan, you will stay a WWE fan for as long as you live.

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WWE Network is the officially authorized broadcaster of WWE events. Yes, the network sells broadcasting rights to various sports channels including Ten Sports, Super Sports, Star Network, Fox Sports, and more but none of them can broadcast live events.

Kodi – The Gateway to WWE Live Streaming

To enjoy WWE live broadcast, you must somehow access the WWE network and this is where Kodi comes into play. There are dozens of third-party Kodi addons that provide you with the links to live sports channels. But the problem is that third-party add-ons come and go because Kodi administration keeps filtering community add-ons and kicks out potentially risky add-ons to protect the users. It makes it important to look for the working and reliable WWE addons for Kodi. Here we have top 3 Kodi addons to watch WWE Live – the addons that are up and running in September 2019.

Why Install a VPN to Watch WWE Live on Kodi

There are multiple reasons you need to install a VPN when watching WWE Live on Kodi. Privacy is the primary reason because this way you can avoid legal complications and copyright issues. Also, a reliable Virtual Private Network service bypasses geo-restrictions. It simply means that you can access WWE Network from anywhere in the world as long as you are using a VPN. Without a VPN in place, the streaming links will not be able to bypass geo-restrictions.

If you don’t have an idea about a good VPN or you don’t have enough time to research and compare the features and prices then have a look at our top recommendation.

We Recommend IPVanish for Following Reasons

  • Device Compatibility

    IPVanish is compatible with various devices including FireSticks, Smart TV Boxes, PCs, SmartPhones, Tablet and more. It has installation files for Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and Linux. Any device you can think of putting Kodi on is supported.

  • Free Trial

    IPVanish facilitates you with a Free Trial. It is a good idea to opt for the trial first to have an insight into the service’s pros and cons and that whether it meets your expectations or not.

  • Customer Support

    The customer support team at IPVanish is agile and supportive. They are ready to help you by fixing technical and non-technical issues. The good news is that IPVanish links you with thousands of servers in hundreds of countries around the world so that there remains no fear of geo-restrictions whatsoever.

  • Privacy and Security

    IPVanish is reliable thanks to its updated encryption algorithm that serves with end-to-end encryption. Your ISP doesn’t stand a chance of infiltrating into the virtual tunnel. Also, such high-end encryption keeps you anonymous and well protected from potential hackers and watchdogs.

This has the further benefit of protecting you from buffering when streaming content online. ISPs often restrict or slow down internet speeds of their customers if they stream online a lot. With IPVanish in place though, they are unaware of what you’re doing giving you even more protection.

When it comes to choosing a VPN for online streaming, the only one that I recommend is IPVanish. I think that IPVanish is the best VPN for Kodi. Even better for you though is that we managed to get an exclusive 57%.

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Top 3 Kodi Addons to Watch WWE SmackDown Live in Atlanta

1. The Crew

Watch WWE SmackDown Live with the The Crew Kodi AddonAlthough emerged recently The Crew is already considered one of the best Kodi addons that every streamer must-have. This is an all-in-one addon, that provides endless, seamless entertainment content with high quality streaming links. Inside The Crew Kodi Addons, you’ll find Movies, TV Shows, Kids content, IPTV, Sports, 1 Clicks, Stand-up comedy and many more. On the Sports category, you’ll find almost any kind of sports and of course the WWE including WWE Network 24/7 transmissions. So, using The Crew Kodi addon you’ll be able to Watch WWE SmackDown in Atlanta, for sure.

Here you’ll find out how to install The Crew Kodi Addon!

2. Sports 365

Watch WWE SmackDown Live with the Sport365.Live Kodi AddonThis has to be the choice if you’re looking for a sporting add-on. It not only offers access to wrestling but you can also catch up on the UFC. If you’re interested in other sports like Tennis, Golf, Cricket or even Baseball, this is the add-on for you. Basically Sports 365 has everything you could ask for if you love sports. Check out our detailed install guide to get Sports 365 on your system.

3. Sportowa

Watch WWE SmackDown Live with the Sportowa Kodi AddonAnother sporting add-on that offers a bit of everything is Sportowa. This add-on is newer than Sports 365 so it doesn’t have the same number of streams or links. It does offer HD content though which is a nice plus. Check out how to get Sportowa onto your system here as this add-on is only going to get better over time.


Before You Leave!

You can try any of these add-ons to Watch WWE SmackDown but, don’t forget, that they are all community add-ons and WWE Streaming requires bypassing geo-restrictions.

If you are looking for optimal results, then you must install a Good VPN like IPVanish first. You need a VPN anyway because you can’t invite legal notices and complications.

We hope we’ve helped to find ways to Watch WWE SmackDown in Atlanta for Free, using the Kodi media center.

Have a nice wrestling day!

Disclaimer: BestDroidPlayer is in no way affiliated to any streaming application and its addons. We do not support the consumption of illegal content; so, the content provided here is only informational. If you decide to use it in any way, we advise that you use a VPN.

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