How to Watch WWE SummerSlam Online

WWE SummerSlam, one of the most entertainment WWE event featuring most popular wrestler from RAW and Smackdown; in this article, I am going to share how you can Watch WWE SummerSlam Online …

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WWE SummerSlam 2018 has been scheduled for the 19th of August and will be held at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn New York. This will be the fourth consecutive year for SummerSlam and the WWE Universe ranks it as one of the most entertaining WWE events. This will be an iconic competition mostly because it will feature a combination of wrestlers from both RAW and SmackDown Live.

In last year’s SummerSlam, the major event was won by Universal Champion Brock Lesnar as he won a daunting match against robust opponents including Samoa Joe, fans-favorite Roman Reigns, and Braun Strowman. WWE has not yet released the WWE SummerSlam 2018 schedule so we can’t be sure who will be making an appearance but considering the stakes, this year’s SummerSlam is bound to be “slamming!”.

If you want to know how to Watch WWE SummerSlam Online, just keep on reading!

Why you need a VPN

Before I get into the details of the best add-ons and apps to use to Watch WWE SummerSlam Online, I want to ensure that your system is protected and secure. Unfortunately, whenever you use Kodi, there is a risk that your add-on might access a copyrighted stream. In these cases, ISPs often buffer their clients’ internet connections & in more serious cases, fines and prosecution can result.

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is an online service that extends a private network across a public network allowing users to receive and send data through the private network. A VPN service will help protect your data from the public domain as you stream online. In this way, you can have online anonymity.

For the best VPN, you can rely on IPVanish.

Georestriction and IP Masking

When streaming online content, you may find that some websites are restricted. Most of the time these websites are geographically restricted meaning you cannot access them because you are in a different geographic location from that of the website.

IPVanish can help you bypass geographic restrictions and allow you to access tons of online content from all over the globe. The VPN achieves this by masking your current IP address with one that is compatible with the location required by the website. Geo restrictions will not apply to you when you have IPVanish installed.

Free vs Pay VPNs

Free VPNs do exist but unfortunately, they are not a solution I would ever recommend. The sad fact is that many of the companies offering access to this solution, end up using your internet bandwidth for other activities, drastically slowing your connection down.

In addition, there have been instances where these so-called “free” solutions installed malware on PCs. This ended up costing a significant amount of money to fix. Commercial VPNs by contrast like IPVanish have multiple servers around the world – helping with georestriction issues – and they tend to not keep logs of user activities which is great.

The best thing for you though is that we managed to get an exclusive 57% of IPVanish. Click here to save 57% of IPVanish now!

Kodi addons to Watch WWE SummerSlam Online

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Kodi has tons of add-ons for different categories of shows and channels. You can catch Live TV channels on Kodi as well as Live Sports events. To Watch WWE SummerSlam Online on Kodi, you can download and install the following add-ons. However, before you do that, it is important to enable installation from unknown sources.

To do this, simply launch Kodi and select ‘Settings’ > ‘System Settings’ > ‘Addons Settings’. Enable the ‘Unknown Sources’ option and you are good to go.

WWE NetworkWWE Network

The WWE Network add-on for Kodi is the ideal Sports add-on for any WWE fanatic. This add-on displays unique content directly from the WWE website making it very reliable for streaming WWE events. The only catch that comes with the WWE Network add-on is that you have to pay a subscription fee for access. However, considering you do not have to pay cable fees, the $9.99 monthly charge is pretty cost effective. Even more so if you look at all the great action you’ll be getting for the whole month.

You can install the WWE Network add-on on your computer either directly or through a third-party add-on. Follow the instructions below to install the add-on.

  1. First of all, download WWE Network for Kodi file on your streaming device and save the file on your desktop.
  2. Open Kodi and select ‘Add-ons’.
  3. Select the ‘Package installer’ > ‘Install from zip file’.
  4. In the dialogue box displayed, go to the desktop and double-click on the WWE Network file you downloaded.
  5. Wait for a notification claiming the addon has been installed.
  6. After this, you can simply open the addon by going to the Kodi home page and clicking on ‘Add-ons’ > ‘Video Add-ons’ then select ‘WWE Network’.

You must open an account if you don’t have an existing one. You can start enjoying WWE shows after opening a WWE account which you can also use on the WWE website.


The Nemesis Kodi addon is one of the oldest add-ons but it is still very reliable when it comes to channel categories. Having been developed and updated frequently, the add-on has a large number of channels you can browse and stream on. Check out our detailed install guide for the Nemesis add-on to get started.

Android Apps for WWE

If you’re not interested in Kodi or don’t have it installed, Android is also a good system for accessing live TV and sporting events, thus to Watch WWE SummerSlam Online.

Live NetTVLive NetTV

One of the best Android apps for live events is Live NetTV. It offers access to hundreds of different channels including sports. Unfortunately, it’s not available on the Play store, but lucky for you we’ve got detailed instructions to help you install it on your device. Simply click on the link.


Final Notes: If you like to watch TV Sport events online, or any other kind of TV shows, don’t put your privacy and security on the line, ending streaming copyright protected contents. Also do not lower the quality of your streams due to your ISP restrictions.

Just make things the right way subscribing a good VPN service wich you can find in this Selection of the best VPNs.

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