How to Access CBS and Amazon Prime Video outside of the US

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Everyone is cutting the cord now and shifting to online streaming. With the trend being so widespread, many services are coming up like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime Video to name just a few.

While Netflix is definitely the leader, Amazon Prime has become quite popular due to its great content and organization and the fact that it is a “free service” to existing Amazon Prime members is a huge plus. If you’re not aware of Prime – you should definitely look at it as for the cost – $99/yr – you get a huge range of benefits including free shipping, photo storage, prime music and of course Prime Video!

A destination for some of the greatest and latest movies, TV shows and stand-ups, a new channel on the service is really the most interesting feature of all. Prime Video has long had “channels” available. Starting with 35 channels at launch this list is now in the hundreds and the newest is one that we will all enjoy watching! You see CBS All Access is now available on Amazon Prime.

CBS All Access most famously launched with Star Trek: Discovery as its primary show. With access to the huge library of content, CBS has (including nerd standby’s like Big Bang and the Twilight Zone) its price tag of $9.99/mo while painful was perhaps bearable for ad-free content. Amazon, however, has sweetened the pot even more though by reducing the cost to $5.99/mo as an add-on with limited advertising.

Watching from outside the US

While Prime Video is available in some locations around the world, to access CBS All Access you’ll need a US Prime account so there are a couple of steps you’re going to need to follow.

1. Get a VPN with US Servers.

Amazon like many other services uses geolocation and georestriction for its video streaming services. This means that you need to mask your location when using the service and the best way to do this is through the use of a VPN. VPNs create a virtual tunnel between your location and the servers with the content so that the only thing they see is the server in between.

Whenever I use a VPN I always use IPVanish. Not only are the servers really fast, they are located everywhere and they have clients that work with pretty much any device or OS. If you’re interested, we’ve managed to negotiate a 20% discount for our users so make sure you give them a try. Apply the exclusive discount using this link.

2. Get an account.

Sign up for account and make sure that you subscribe to Prime using this account. If you use your local account you won’t be able to add CBS All Access as this is only available with the US Prime.

3. Add CBS All Access

Add the CBS All Access channel to your Amazon Prime Video service. You can now enjoy Live broadcast TV, 10,000+ episodes of recorded TV shows (popular options here are Young Sheldon and The Big Bang Theory) and CBS All Access Originals. The originals series are talked about a lot and include:

  1. The Twilight Zone
  2. Star Trek- The Discovery
  3. The good fight
  4. $1
  5. Strange Angel

As long as you follow these steps you should be good to go and can enjoy some of the most amazing and riveting shows on TV today!

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