How to Install Morphix TV on Firestick: New One-Click Streaming App

You already knew Morph TV, but make no mistake; Morphix TV is similar only on design, as this streaming app plays Movies and TV Shows with one simple click, with no further delays. This article will tell you all about, including how to install Morphix TV on your Firestick

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This guide illustrates how to install the Morphix TV streaming app on Firestick and Fire TV Cube. The app can also be installed on Android TV or Android TV Box, Android Smartphones, and Nvidia Shield.

Morphix TV is a fairly new app that lets you watch movies and TV Shows free and on-demand. The app’s design mimics that of Morph TV, but its functionality is completely different.

The app offers content grouped into Movies & TV Shows, with each category subdivided into “Trending” and “Popular.” However, the TV Shows section is still a work in progress, and it currently only has a few TV Shows.

Morphix TV stands out due to its one-click playback. Unlike most streaming apps, Morphix TV does not wait for multiple links to populate. This means that once you click on a video, it starts playing immediately (much like Netflix).After install Morphix TV you'll realize how simple is to play a movie or TV Show

Morphix TV is completely free and has no ads. However, the latest update will require you to have a username and password. Both are provided on the app’s official website at . At the time of this writing, the credentials are username: tmdb password: morphix

Caution: Stream safely!

Before you install Morphix TV or any other unofficial app, it’s crucial to ensure that you are private and secure. Remember that whenever you are streaming online, your ISP, app developers, government agencies, copyright trolls, and other third-parties can see your activities.

You can therefore easily land in trouble since Morphix TV and other popular Android streaming apps mostly offer pirated content. Governments and ISPs around the world are actively fighting copyright infringement, so always use a reliable VPN like IPVanish, to avoid receiving a DMCA notice or getting in any other sort of trouble.

The recommended VPN

A secure VPN like IPVanish will encrypt your activities such that no one can know what you are accessing when online. You will get a new IP address to anonymize your online presence, and the VPN’s zero logs policy will ensure that you can’t be traced. As a bonus, you will no longer have to worry about geo-restrictions and ISP throttling.

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How to Install Morphix TV on Firestick

After getting yourself a Good VPN like IPVanish, we can now go ahead and install Morphix TV APK. However, since it’s not available on the Amazon store, we’ll need to do this through sideloading.

First, ensure that the “apps from unknown sources” option is enabled.

Enabling unknown sources

  1. While at the device Home screen, go to “Settings” then select “My Fire TV/ Device.”
  2. Select “Developer options.”
  3. Turn on “Apps from Unknown Sources” as well as “ADB debugging.”Check if Unknown sources is enabled on your firestick, before install Morphix TV app

After that, we can go ahead and download the app.

The best app for downloading the apk file is Downloader, an app that is readily available in the store. If you already have it, you can skip to the next section.

If you haven’t installed it:

Getting the Downloader app

  1. On the main menu, go to the search option and type “Downloader.”Install Downloader app as this is the simplest way to download Morphix TV app
  2. Downloader should be the first suggestion. Select it.
  3. Now click Get to install the app on your Firestick.

After the installation is complete, open the Downloader app.

Install Morphix TV on Firestick

Now, we need to download the apk file to install Morphix TV.

  1. In the URL field of the downloader, enter the URL Enter the Morphix TV APK url to download and install the app
  2. Morphix TV apk should now download.
  3. After the download is complete, click “Install.After downloading the Morphix TV apk, hit Install button to have the app installed
  4. When the installation completes, click “Done.After the Morphix TV install process ends, hit done
  5. Downloader will ask if you want to delete the apk. Select “Delete” to save some space.
  6. When asked to confirm, select “Delete” once more.

Morphix TV should have been added to your app list. Do not launch the app yet!

Remember that Morphix TV is a third-party app that provides pirated streams. Before you stream anything, make sure that you connect to an IPVanish server first.

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After getting an account, you can install the IPVanish app by following these simple steps.

  1. On the Firestick search box, type IPVanish.
  2. The app will appear as the first suggestion. Click on it
  3. You will be given the “Get” option. Hit it
  4. IPVanish will now start downloading
  5. Launch it and sign in with your credentials.

From there, you just need to connect your VPN, launch Morphix TV, and start streaming HD movies and TV shows on Android TV.

after install, enjoy all the movies and TV Shows on Morphix TV

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Wrap up

Morphix TV is currently one of the best streaming apps and Terrarium TV alternatives. By following the guide above, you should be able to install the app on your device within a few minutes.

However, always keep in mind that this is not an official app, and so be careful not to get in trouble with the authorities. Always ensure that you connect to an IPVanish server before you can start streaming on Morphix TV or any other unofficial app.

Enjoy your streaming!


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  1. Eli says

    I downloaded morphix TV APK onto my 4k fire stick and it’s not working at all. I’m just watching trending or popular spin over and over. I’m not new at all to Amazon Fire Sticks or TVs. I can usually figure it out for myself but I do not feel like taking any more time with this. I’m also using expressvpn and all my other applications are working fine. My apks ,iptvs and Jodi plus my add-ons are working fine live Lounge 8.0 . It’s what I downloaded right before this and it works fine. Okay for some reason I don’t have permission in the settings. It showss that I do not have permission deny is what it’s reading.can you please give me an explanation?

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