New Android Smart TVs coming up this year: features and alternatives

Smart TVs are evolving more and more revealing all the Android OS power and adaptability, and here we anticipate the coming up of the new Android TVs and its features

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Since its inception at the Google I/O 2014, Android TV has continued to evolve. Through various design changes and significant upgrades, Android TV offers a powerful TV platform for modern smart TV operations. Android TV is based on the Android operating system, and Google maintains it. Similar to the Android OS in smartphones, Android TV receives periodic updates, and this makes it reliable as compared to other TV platforms.

Benefits of buying a TV with Android TV OS

An Android smart TV is an upgrade of a conventional smart TV – you get the services of a smart TV with additional tailored functionality and services. For instance, you won’t need to use an Android box or a Firestick with your smart TV. Here are the benefits of buying a TV with Android TV OS.

  • Built-in Google Assistant/Voice search
    Similar to Android devices, Android smart TV can be controlled entirely by voice. However, for this functionality to work, your Android Smart TV must have compatible hardware like a remote with a built-in mic.The incredible service is Google’s digital AI; Google Assistant that also uses voice commands and phrases. To access Google Assistant on your Android smart TV, say “OK Google” or press the mic button. You can use Google Assistant to plan your day, play content, discover content via search and get answers to any queries it can be able to handle. Additionally, you can also use Google Assistant to control your other smart devices without leaving what you’re watching. How cool is that?
  • Apps, content and games
    Android smart TV gives you the ability to install an overabundance of apps – of course; this depends on the onboard storage. Android smart TVs come with the Google Play Store for Android TV. This Play Store provides TV compatible apps and games. You can use it to install streaming apps such as Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, HBO, Spotify, Kodi, VPN and so much more.  Besides conventional TV channels, you can also install live TV apps ranging from sports, e.g., NFL to news apps such as CNN and Bloomberg TV. Other general apps are also available. Depending on the hardware capabilities of your Android Smart TV, you can also install and play games like Asphalt. Android smart TVs also allow you to sideload various apps, which are not available in the Play Store. Most common apps to sideload are streaming apps such as Apollo TV, MediaBox HD, Titanium TV, CatMouse, Popcorn Times among others.
  • Built-in Chromecast
    Besides Google Assistant, Chromecast is one of the lovable features to use in Android smart TVs. Using this feature; you can watch anything such as videos, photos, and even listen to music on your TV from your other devices such as your mobile phone and computer. Most conventional smart TVs lack this feature and to cast anything you need to buy a Chromecast HDMI dongle. This lead to more clutter in your living room
  • Sleek design and tailored content
    Android smart TV OS via its launcher offers a uniquely intuitive user interface with everything you need presented neatly. Settings, apps, and voice search functionalities are easily accessible from the home screen. Android TV also recommends content to watch via various apps. Also, getting started with Android Smart TVs is an easy task. Android smartphone users will find it even straightforward.

New and upcoming and upcoming Android smart TVs

Android TV OS has partners all over the world. The most common Android Smart TVs include; Sony, Sharp, Philips, Hisense, Skyworth, Xiaomi, among other brands. Android TV also comes in boxes such as Nvidia. This year, some new players have joined the Android realm with the latest version of Android TV. Existing players are also introducing new products while pushing upgrades to their older Android smart TVs. Without further ado, here are the new and upcoming Android smart TVs that might interest you.

  • OnePlus TV
    The name OnePlus is synonymous with smartphones, but now there’s a new addition – the OnePlus TV. OnePlus CEO Pete Lau announced plans for a smart TV late last year. Through the OnePlus forums, Lau has been teasing various specs and features of the OnePlus TV. OnePlus TV is expected to launch this September.
    According to the forums and Lau’s Twitter account, OnePlus TV will sport a premium yet simplistic and minimalistic design with fewer bezels. The TV will also pack many powerful specs and features such as; a QLED 4K resolution for supported content and a 1080 resolution for normal TV operations. According to the CEO, the Android Smart TV will use a Gamma Color Magic processor – a dedicated picture processor for the best in class image quality. The TV comes in various sizes, 42, 55, 65, 75-inch.
    The TV will use an improved custom UI on top of Android TV. The MT5670 quad-core MediaTek processor coupled with a 2GB RAM and Mali-G51 MP3 GPU will power the TV. In terms of audio, OnePlus TV will pack eight speakers with 50W output and other audio enhancing features such as the Dolby Atmos and vision for visuals. Its sleek Bluetooth enabled remote is also sports essential features such as; Google Assistant button, mic, multi-direction button, other control buttons, and a OnePlus button.
  • Sharp Android TV
    Sharp is a well-known brand and one of the primary partners with Google. During the IFA 2019 – a trade show for consumer electronics, Sharp announced a new line of AQUOS BL and BN series Android smart TVs. The BL 40-inch and 65-inch series are to be launched by the end of this year while the BN series will be expected earlier next year.
    As usual, Sharp packs excellent performance and features into its TVs and the new AQUOS series is not an exception. Besides using Android TV, the new series will have; a 4K resolution with HDR 10 and Action motion technology for excellent image quality. The models will use built-in Harman Kardon speakers that sport a DTS virtual and HD audio. The BN series will support Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos.
  • Moto Android Smart TV
    A few weeks ago, Motorola launched Android smart TVs of various sizes; 32-inch HDR, 43-inch FHD, 43-inch UHD, 50-inch UHD, 55-inch UHD, and a 65-inch UHD TV. Their displays pack specs such as HDR 10, and an autotuneX display technology. The front TV speakers fire a 20W-30W output depending on the variant, and they are equipped with Dolby Audio and a DTS TruSurround support.
    The smart TVs run on the latest version of the stock Android TV. In terms of hardware, the TVs are packed with a quad-core MediaTek processor coupled with a 2.25GB RAM and a Mali 450GPU. They have an internal storage of 16GB.
    The remote boasts dedicated buttons for Play Store, Google Assistant, YouTube, Netflix, and other control buttons. Besides the remote, the TVs also feature a gamepad that is similar to the Xbox controller.
  • Vu Ultra Android TV
    It seems no one wants to be left behind. Indian television manufacturer Vu has also joined the Android TV race. Vu is expected to launch a range of Vu Ultra Android smart TVs in the Indian market this month. Vu previous smart TVs are reputable, and with the inclusion of Android TV, Vu is about to take things a notch higher.
    The Vu ultra Android Smart TVs will be available in 32 inch, 40 inch, and 43-inch sizes. The 32-inch will sport a 720 resolution while the rest will have a full HD resolution. All the models will run on the latest version of Android TV. According to Vu’s chairperson, it will be a stock version of Android TV with no alterations. The Vu Ultra Android smart TV remote will have a dedicated Prime Video button, thanks to the company’s association with Amazon.
  • Philips’ OLED+934 and OLED+984
    At the IFA trade show, Philips showcased its new set of OLED Android smart TVS; the OLED+934 and the OLED+984 with the latter being the high-end model.  The 934 series comes in different models, 55-inch and 65-inch while the 984 series only comes in a 65-inch model.
    Both models run on the latest Android TV OS, and they are packed with powerful features. They run on Philips’ third-generation P5 processing engine, which is all about great images, sharpness and accurate visuals. The models feature Philips Ambilight with the 984 series having it in its four sides while the 934 series has it in only three sides.
    Both models offer premium sound from Bowers & Wilkins speakers with the 984 having superior quality. They also sport Dolby Atmos, Dolby Vision, and HDR playback with HDR 10.
  • Toshiba 2020 Android TV
    Also, during the IFA 2019 trade show, Toshiba joined the other big brands in the Android smart TV race. Toshiba announced a range of smart TVs for 2020 and one of them would sport the Android TV OS. Although the details are a bit scarce, it’s definite that The Android TV models will use the latest Android TV version.
    The models will support Dolby Atmos and 4K features depending on their size. Toshiba will also continue to offer the Tru Picture Engine for a great viewing experience on these models. The models will also be innovative with cutting edge technology. Toshiba aims to make a smart TV that can integrate with other smart ecosystems while offering exception viewing and audio experience. One way to do that is by totally going Android.

Turning your actual TV on an Android TV

Maybe you aren’t willing to buy an Android TV at least for now. In this case, you can have your non-Android TV running Android. For that, you only need an Android TV BOX connected with your TV, using a simple HDMI cable.

Know more and check the Best Android TV Boxes

Wrap up

Android TV OS is one of the best TV platforms that provides you with the ability to get the most out of your smart TV. The above new and upcoming Android smart TVs will revolutionize your TV entertainment and the way you interact with your smart TV, and even other smart devices. Most of them will be out by the end of this year, while others will be released in the first quarter of 2020. Also, we mentioned the way to turn your TV on an Android TV as an immediate and cheap solution.

We hope have helped you anticipating the news on Android TV. If so, please let us your comments and share this article with your friends.

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