5 Best Kodi Add-ons to Watch Italian TV Shows 2020

There’s a general question posted by many Kodi users about best Kodi add-ons to watch Italian Shows. To answer these questions, here’s a list of top 5 Best Kodi Add-ons to Watch Italian TV Shows and more. Let’s start with the list in 2020.

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Kodi has become the first choice for movies and music lovers when it comes to best Media Platform. Its popularity has exceptionally expanded over the time. With Kodi, you can enjoy any and everything by simply installing Kodi add-ons. The Best thing about Kodi add-ons is that they are readily available for anyone’s varying content needs. These add-ons can provide you the opportunity to enjoy movie streaming sites, live TV channels, sports channels, music channels, live radio channels and online games, making the Kodi experience worthwhile and efficient.

That being said, if you are an Italian living abroad as an expat or traveling abroad, or an Italian content fan then there’s a list of untapped Kodi Add-ons to Watch Italian TV Shows, also providing you amazing categories of music, movies, and much more in the Italian language.

There’s a general question posted by many Kodi users about the Best Kodi Add-ons to Watch Italian TV Shows.

To answer these questions, here’s a 2020 list of the top 5 Best Kodi Add-ons to Watch Italian TV Shows and more. Let’s start with the list.

5 Best Kodi Add-ons to Watch Italian TV Shows

Before entering on the list, is important to say they are third-part add-ons, thus not official ones. Third-party add-ons always require you protect your privacy and security.

Protecting your privacy and security

As we said, third-party addons, require more attention, because they tend to access streams protected by copyrights, as well to geographically blocked.

To avoid receiving bad news you should use a Good VPN as it protects your privacy and security.

This is how a VPN works

When using a Good VPN like IPVanish a new IP address other then your internet’s IP is given to your connection. Also you can chose the IP to use from a supplied list of countries where IPVanish has its servers; finally your logging on IPVanish is omitted due to the IPVanish‘s “Zero-logs” policy, assuring you are not recorded anywhere. Therefore you will stay completely anonymous and safe; no one would now your online activities and your privacy and security are preserved. Also you’ll be able to surpass geographic blockages, by choosing the VPN’s country IP, corresponding to a country where the stream is not blocked.

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1. Star Tec

Heading this list on the Best Kodi Add-ons to Watch Italian TV Shows, Star Tec is a multi-purpose all-rounder Kodi Add-on, having a wide range of content under one umbrella. It also supports various content without lags and glitches for you to enjoy Italian Shows. Among the many categories it offers; TV Shows, Sports, Music, Anime, Retro toons, documentaries, Kids Hub, Best hacks, Fishing TV and much more. Since time is critical for Kodi add-ons, this one won’t waste your time as it’s currently working and very easy for you to download. However, to have greater experience with Star Tec Kodi addon, it is recommended to install a reliable VPN for Kodi and hack entertainment 24/7.

To download Star Tec add-on, follow these simple steps:

  • Launch Kodi and click on settings
  • Select File Manager
  • Chose Add Source and Select ‘None’
  • Copy and paste this address http://gen-tec.co/gentecwiz/
  • Write the name ‘Gentec.’
  • Return to home screen and select Add-ons
  • Select the add-on browser located on the top left of the screen
  • Chose Install from Zip File and a box will appear. Select ‘gentec.’
  • Then select Gentec Wizard of New Repo
  • Next, select repository.gentec-1.1.5.zip and wait for the installation pop up window.
  • Now, chose Install repository and click on Gentec repository
  • Chose Video Add-ons
  • Click on Startec and Install it

2. Oblivion Streams

Unlike its predecessor, Oblivion Stream has been continuously updated by its developers, making it an excellent pick to watch Italian shows. It offers a massive platter of TV shows from U.K and U.S bringing in an excellent variety to choose. Among the many categories, it offers sports, kid’s cartoons, entertainment, Fitness, wildlife, etc.

Let’s break down the step by step guide for installation, shall we?

  • After opening Kodi, click on the System Icon (gearbox shape) and chose File Manager
  • Select Add source placed on the bottom left
  • Click where stated <none> and paste this URL:  http://oblivionbuildz.com/repo and Enter
  • In the next pop up box write ‘Oblivion’ and select OK
  • Return to the main menu and select Add-ons
  • Select the Package installer Icon (Open Box) and select install from zip file
  • A box will appear, select Oblivion and chose Oblivion-1.1.zip
  • Wait for the installation popup to appear and click  install from repository
  • Select oblivion add-on repository, then Video add-ons and last chose oblivion streams
  • Click on install

3. Radix

Radix add-on is one of our top preferences since it gives you a wide range of media to search. So, whatever your taste is, you’ll find all the Italian Shows available. It’s a new Kodi add-on providing HD and SD links for the Italian Shows you desire to watch. For this reason, we call it a ‘must have’ add-on to enjoy all genres of Italian TV shows.

Read our installation guide to have a smooth installation setup.

  • From main menu, open settings and click on file manager
  • Select add-source and click <none>
  • Copy paste this URL into the box http://bliss-tv.com/livef4m/ and name it ‘’
  • Return to home screen and select Add-ons
  • Click on the add-on browser in the top left corner and chose install from zip file
  • A box will appear, chose ‘bliss’ and select Radix-1.2.zip
  • A pop-up box will open on the top right stating ‘Radix Repository Installed’
  • Chose install from Repository and select Radix Repository
  • Select Video add-ons and chose Radix
  • Lastly select install.

4. Invictus

Among the popular add-ons for Italian shows, Invictus comes to fame being a frequently updated add-on, allowing you to watch Spanish Channels, Columbia Channels, U.S and U.K Channels. Apart from the channels, you can watch major sports channel live including Fox Sports, NBA, and ESPN, giving access to various options to increase your media library.

Still having troubles with learning about Invictus? Here’s our simple installation guide to teach you how to download the Invictus add-on.

  • Firstly, from main menu select settings, click File Manager
  • Then select Add Source and click <None>
  • Now, copy and paste this URL: http://repo.illuminatitemple.xyz/ and type Illuminati
  • Return to the main menu and click on add-ons
  • Select the add-on browser on the top left of the screen and select install from zip file
  • Now, a box will pop up. Select Illuminati and chose illuminati.zip
  • Wait for the Illuminati installation repository pop up box to appear
  • Select install from Repository and chose Illuminati Repository
  • Then select Video add-ons and click on Invictus
  • Finally click Install and you are ready to go.

5. SecretTV

SecretTV is another best Kodi add-on for Italian TV shows. If you’re looking for IPTV offering than this is for you. It provides rare channels which other add-ons lack such as the English IPTV channel, Latino, and The U.K. Which is why it is a must-try Kodi add-on.

  • Launch Kodi and click on ‘Settings’
  • Chose File Manager and click on Add Source
  • Select None and paste this URL: http://vipsecret.amerikanotuga.tech/VipSecrettv/
  • Write ‘Vipssecrettv‘ and click OK
  • Head back to home screen and select Add-ons
  • Click on the add-on browser placed on the top left
  • Choose install from zip file and click on Vipssecrettv
  • Chose vipsecrettv.zip and wait for the VIP Secrettv repository pop up to be enabled
  • Select install from repository and click on Vip SecrettVip repository
  • Select Video Add-ons and chose Secrettvvip
  • Click Install you’re good to go.

Here you have five choices to pick one that suits your needs the best. Of course, all these Kodi add-ons are most suited for Italian TV shows and movies. But remember, these Kodi Add-ons to Watch Italian TV Shows are only useful for Italian TV shows, there are hundreds of other Kodi add-ons offering you content beyond your imagination. To get latest updates of Kodi, BestDroidplayer and ReviewsDir (click here) are useful resources you can bookmark.

Also, remember to always use a VPN, before streaming any content on Kodi, staying on the right side of the law!

Hope you liked this article on the Best Kodi Add-ons to Watch Italian TV Shows.

Keep using Kodi and enjoy the best entertainment of all times with just a few clicks.


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