4 Best Kodi Addons to Watch Live MLB Baseball for Free

Though this year MLB is reduced to 60 Baseball games, due to Covid pandemic, yet the MLB Player Association considered it was important the event season took place in 2020 even without a live audience. Because we know how important MLB is for the fans, here’s how to watch live MLB Baseball for free on your big screen using the Best Kodi Addons

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The MLB Players Association and the league administration have gone through some busy weeks of negotiations amid the COVID-19 situation. Rob Manfred (MLB Commissioner) has however ensured that there will be a season, even if it is a shortened one comprising of 60 games starting on July 23, 2020.  Now, while watching the game at the diamond cannot be beat, under the current circumstances, getting to watch sports at all is a blessing! If you want to pretend you’re at the diamond and perhaps enjoying a hot dog and a beer, check out this list of addons that will let you watch MLB Season 2020 Live on Kodi for free. Summer Camp aka Second-Spring Training of players started in the early days of this month so you need to get ready fast!

MLB 2020 Season amid COVID-19

Some players have already pulled themselves out concerning health issues. Before the summer camp training, players started to get themselves tested for COVID-19 and the testing will continue during the season as well. Some questions are already circulating media regarding the testing process of MLB players. Anyways, we have good news that the season is going to start on July 23, and in this post, you will find the best Kodi addons to watch live MLB Baseball for free. Before we get into the details of these addons, we do need to ensure that you protect yourself.

Stream Safely MLB Baseball events

Streaming apps and add-ons make it super-easy to watch live MLB on Kodi and other streaming platforms. But the problem is that TV channels can’t legally broadcast across the globe. They are blocked in certain countries but you can bypass these restrictions with a VPN that has premium servers in different countries.

Watching media content without a VPN means that your IP address and identity are public and ISPs and government agencies can easily retrieve it. Doing this is asking for trouble and a VPN is the best solution.

The recommended VPN for MLB

IPVanish stands out in 2020 for its premium service thanks to its huge global network of premium servers in the United States and other countries. The premium plan will let you stream without data limits. The streaming speed is good and on top of that, all of your information and data remain secret since IPVanish follows strict no-log policy.

IPVanish makes sure that ISPs and watchdogs can’t access your personal information to retrieve your real identity. When you turn this VPN ON, it assigns a virtual ISP address by using the most suitable servers for the content you are streaming. This makes addons work properly to access TV channels and streaming sources to watch MLB 2020 and much more for free on Kodi.

Installing IPVanish also secures your device via end-to-end encryption. In simple words, hackers can’t access your personal and confidential information especially related to digital payment methods. Your browsing history remains untraceable and you can avoid annoying emails from advertising agencies trying to promote different products and services.

This top VPN comes with many advanced security features at an affordable price as low as:

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Best Working Addons to Watch Live MLB Baseball on Kodi in 2020

1. TvTap

TvTap is an excellent addon to watch live TV Channels, so it's on our list of the Best Kodi Addons to Watch Live MLB BaseballTvTap Kodi addon is arguably the Best from the Best Kodi Addons you can use to Watch Live MLB Baseball for free. Remember that you may not be able to stream some channels because of regional restrictions. But if the VPN is running on the device, you will be able to watch all channels available on TvTap. Simply browse through the TvTap library and find the US – MLB Network, select it and it will start streaming. If you do not have TvTap you can install it quite easily by following these instructions.

2. Sportowa

Sportowa TV is a sports dedicated Kodi addon with direct links to the live events so, it's one of the Best Kodi Addons to Watch Live MLB BaseballSecond on my list of the Best Kodi Addons to Watch Live MLB Baseball is Sportowa, which lets you stream Live Sports as well as replays of highlights and recordings or multiple US-based sports including baseball. Check out these instructions to get Sportowa installed quickly and easily. For most of the live channels, your IP address must belong to the North American region. If you don’t live there, install the VPN to unblock all live channels on Sportowa to watch MLB, NFL, WWE, and more.

3.  Rising Tides

Rising Tides is sports dedicated Kodi Addon and is present on this list of the Best Kodi Addons to Watch Live MLB BaseballAnother excellent sports addon is Rising Tides deserving to be mentioned here on this list of the Best Kodi Addons to Watch Live MLB Baseball. Similar to Sportowa and TvTap, this addon offers lots of different sports and is not confined to any specific one. It has some excellent streams and should definitely be included in your collection if you’re a sports fan though. Check out Rising Tides and follow these instructions to install it.

4. cCloud TV

Next on the list is cCloud TV – a credible Kodi add-on that also works on Kodi Leia 18.5. cCloud TV is an all-in-one add-on that lets you watch TV channels from all over the world including the MLB Network. This is a great option for all sports lovers because cCloud TV covers a variety of major worldwide sports. You can install cCloud TV quite simply by using the instructions provided here.


You can also install ESPN Player, ESPN3, and Fox Sports GO Kodi add-on to watch Live MLB Baseball for free on Kodi. But these add-ons require subscription and login credentials. If you have one, you can use any of these add-ons from anywhere in the world.

If you opt to use third-party addons, don’t forget to install and use a premium VPN service like IPVanish before you stream TV channels!

We hope this list of the Best Kodi Addons may help you to Watch Live MLB Baseball for free on your big screen. If so, please share it with all your friends,; they will very thank you!

Have a nice MLB Baseball streaming!

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