How to Watch UFC 217 Bisping vs. St-Pierre on Kodi

Here is how to watch UFC 217 Bisping vs St-Pierre on Kodi for Free. We left you some important tips to make sure you won’t have problems streaming this UFC match.

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UFC is absolutely massive and the recent Mayweather v McGregor fight has only increased its popularity.

Saturday, November 4th is going to see two of the biggest brawlers in UFC go head-to-head in a fight unlike anything else and fortunately if you’re the proud owner of a Kodi device you can watch this epic UFC middleweight battle-royale for free!

There’s definitely no love lost between these two and the rivalry has been heating up to be an explosive battle. Quite frankly, this fight has the chance to be a show-stealer if St-Pierre just tries to avoid Michael Bisping and win on points

Kodi is all about the add-ons & luckily for you, there is one for UFC, in fact, it was actually called UFC Finest earlier, but it’s now known as Planet MMA.

When is the UFC 217 Bisping vs. St-Pierre fight?

NYC time: Nov 4, 2017 at 10pm

UK time: Nov 5, 2017 at 3am

The UFC 217 Bisping vs St-Pierre fight takes place on Saturday, November 4th 2017 and is the main card of the evening. Fight fans can start watching almost 4 hours earlier as the preliminary cards kick off at 6:30 pm NYC time (EST) which is 11:30 pm on the 4th in the UK.

Very Important Step: Get a VPN

Before you install or use the recommended kodi add-ons, it is essential that you get aVPN. This will highly increase your chances of find a working stream. There are a couple of reasons to use a VPN but two of the biggest are:

  • Security – VPNs create a tunnel between your device and the server that is streaming the content you are interested in. This tunnel blocks any outside observers from monitoring your activity and with the recent rulings that allows ISPs to block Kodi streams of sports matches, this is your only safe way of ensuring you are protected and your stream won’t be blocked. A secure VPN will also help you not get a DMCA or copyright infringement notice from your ISP or copyright protection agencies.
  • Geolocation – UFC has a massive following around the world, but it is only aired in certain countries and only on certain channels which are often not available globally. This means that unless you live in one of those countries, you’re pretty much out of luck and will be unable to view the fight regardless of the add-on you’re using. The only way around this block is to ensure that you are viewing the content with a VPN as the VPN can mask your location making it seem like you’re in a different country.

We recommend IPVanish to all of our readers – not only is it extremely easy to setup and configure, it won’t slow down your streaming experience at all. Even better –we’ve arranged an EXCLUSIVE deal with IPVanish to give our readers 57% discount. Just click on this link

If you want to know more about VPNs, here are some articles for you:

5 Reasons to use a VPN while streaming;
How to setup a VPN;
How to install a VPN in FireStick.

Planet MMA Add-On – Best Kodi Addon for UFC

With Planet MMA you get the following options:

  • Fight Night Live;
  • UFC;
  • MMA;
  • TUF;
  • UFC Fight Night;
  • MMA Fight Night;
  • BJJ Events;
  • Fights Spotlight;
  • Fighters Collection;
  • Contender Series;
  • Top Ten;
  • Dana White – Looking for a Fight;
  • Fight Motion;
  • Born To Fight;
  • FirstPerson;
  • 3rdDegree;
  • MMA Mindset;
  • Soundwaves;
  • Where Are They Now;
  • The Exchange;
  • Pioneers of MMA;
  • MMA Movies;
  • UFC Retro;
  • Ultimate Fighter Series;
  • Tapout Series;
  • Youtube;
  • Documentaries;
  • Learning Technique;
  • UFC Lab;
  • MMA Randoms and Test Area.

Planet MMA is a great add-on for UFC and our best recommendation to watch UFC 217 Bisping vs. St-Pierre on Kodi. Not only does it give access to the live streams, it’s also a great way of streaming replays and UFC documentaries, not to mention movies and films too!

Setting up Planet MMA on Kodi

Planet MMA is really easy to setup and install on your Kodi. Here are the basic instructions that you will need to follow:

Step 1 – Ares Repository

I’ve talked about this before but as a reminder, with Kodi there are two steps whenever you install a new add-on. The first is finding the repository and the second is installing the file itself from the zip file stored in the repository. For Planet MMA you need to install the Ares repository.

  • Launch Kodi and go to system > file manager and then select add source and tap the “none”
  • On the next screen enter – and then give it the name “ares” so that you can find it easily later and click on
  • On the home screen, go to the addons section and click on install from zip file and select the ares folder that we had previously created.
  • Select the zip file and wait for the add-on installed notification to appear on your screen.
  • Go back one step and then select install from repository and select ares project. Go to program add-ons and select ares wizard and then click on the install button and once again wait for the installation complete notification to appear.

Step 2 – Installing Planet MMA

Now that you’ve installed the repository, the next step is to install the add-on.

  • Go to add-ons and click on ares wizard to launch it and then click on browse add-ons on the Ares Wizard home screen.
  • Select video addons and then choose planet mma from the list of available add-ons. Click on install and then wait for it to download and install.

Other Alternatives to Watch UFC 217 Bisping vs. St-Pierre

The following alternatives should let you stream UFC events but if doesn’t work, they also have live sports tv channels. For example in UK, it will be transmitted on BT Sport 2, so you can connect the IPVanish to UK and use one of the following options to watch BT Sport 2 online.

Other Kodi Addons to Watch UFC

Other Apps to Watch UFC

Watching UFC

Now that you’ve got the add-on or app and your VPN in place you are good to go! Just wait for the night of the fight, and Planet MMA will search the net for all of the workable links to the fight for you!

Sit back, relax and be thankful that it is not you in the ring as that looks painful!

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  1. Alin says

    I’ve followed your instructions for Mayweather vs McGregor and worked very well. I will do this again for this match! thanks

    1. bestdroidplayer says

      thanks! It’s really good when people recognise our efforts, thanks!

  2. Johnny says

    Damn! I wish I came to your website before, I bought 1 year Ipvanish without any discount! :(

    1. bestdroidplayer says

      Sorry buddy, I hope you’re at least taking the most of it :)

  3. Roshan says

    Planet MAMA for sure if you are a really UFC fan :) love it with all my heart !! And yes I don’t even try not to use a VPN :/

    1. bestdroidplayer says

      Yes Planet MAMA it’s the dream for UFC if you actually have a secure VPN in place :)

  4. Adam says

    VPN + BoB Unleashed is my favourite way :)

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