Watch WWE Monday Night Raw, October in Denver Colorado on Kodi

The next event of WWE is around the corner in October with the Monday Night Raw taking place in Denver at Pepsi Center and here we’ll tell you how to watch it Live on Kodi or using an Android streaming application.

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Monday Night Raw, also popular as WWE RAW, is a professional wrestling television program. It airs on the USA network live on Monday evenings in the United States. The following big event will take place at Pepsi Centre in Denver, Colorado, on 14 October 2019. The Raw is a two-hour show.

Raw and SmackDown Women’s Champions Becky Lynch and Bailey have teamed up. They are facing WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross, in the first-ever Women’s Champions showcase matches.

The Pepsi Centre itself is a popular place for being the home arena of the Denver Nuggets (NBA) and many more. The stadium fits best for WWE RAW as it is the city’s leading venue and has an amazing atmosphere.

It’s equipped with fantastic facilities and has a great view from each part of the venue. The crowd management is also nice. Denver city is the capital of the state of Colorado, which is also ranked as a world-class city. Denver is also famous for its food, infrastructure, and blissful climate. Yearly it snows almost 60inches, a nice place to plan a vacation for. The weather is cool, dry, and energizing. Colorado has a combination of high elevated and continental interior type of geography.

The event takes place in a few days so you must be aware of the ways to watch it, for free. You can access the content online via VPN’s (the simplest way), or you can watch it on KODI.

WWE Raw on KODI?

KODI is an open-source media content player which allows its user to watch any content for free. Kodi is available for every operating system. With its convenient user interface, it is easy to use with TVs and remote controls. You need to know the correct addon to pair with KODI. KODI also works with amazon Firestick and FireTV when installed. If you can’t catch the live streams of WWE Raw, there are many Kodi addons for the users.

In advance, you need to know how to use VPNs for the users who can’t access the WWE content because they don’t live in the USA.

VPN Lifesaver. WHY?

Virtual Private Network or VPN, as the name, states it provides a safe, private network. It allows you to access the content banned or restricted in your region. A VPN acts as a cloak between the barrier and the server. This way, you can pass the restrictions and access all you want using a VPN. It is a program that makes a safe and encrypted connection over a less secure network available. The portals are encrypted and decrypted at sending and receiving ends. For security, your IP address is also encrypted.

The major benefit of a VPN – Bypassing geo-blocking restriction

VPN allows us to jump from one location to another, which is like a virtual fence. It can access any content all over the internet by moving your IP address to a location that is not restricted. You need to get a commercial VPN like CyberGhost to really take advantage of this as its only commercial VPNs that have servers all over the world.

You can get a VPN for free and saves you from hackers, but actually, there is a hidden cost for it. Free VPNs don’t guarantee to keep your private details within their systems. It means that the security you think you’re getting doesn’t really exist. Sometimes it happens that if the authorities get persuasive, the VPNs servers provide the information they have. Using CyberGhost though you are protected. You see CyberGhost offers a “no logging” policy which means they don’t track what you are doing online.

Another key improvement to using a VPN is how it works to protect your identity. Many ISPs offer a “fair use policy” to their customers. What this really means is that even if you’re paying for unlimited internet, if they determine that you are overusing based on how many videos you’re streaming, they will slow down your connection. This can be catastrophic if you’re in the middle of a match in the WWE or UFC. Fortunately, when you use a VPN like CyberGhost, your ISP does not know what you’re doing online.

Worried about price?

Often people are worried about how much VPN costs. I’m here to tell you that it’s really not as much as you think and in reality, if you do not get a VPN, the cost will be significantly higher! But to make things even easier, I’ve got some other news for you. We managed to get an exclusive 79% of CyberGhost for our readers

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Watch WWE Monday Night Raw on KODI using Add-ons.

WWE Network

WWE app is the own wwe streaming addon to wwe monday night rawThe official Kodi add-on is interlinked with the WWE network. You can watch all the events live using this add-on, and the quality of the streaming is high. You can get WWE Network from the official Kodi repository. It is an official add on, so you need to pay a little for it, but it is assured that it is far cheaper than the cable TV plus pay-per-view. This addon is not supported in some regions of the world, so it is always recommended to use a VPN like CyberGhost.  Make sure that you sign up for an account after you’ve enabled your VPN as you’ll otherwise be blocked. Once you have downloaded the addon to your Kodi, sign up for an account and enjoy the action.

The Crew

The Crew is an all-in-one Kodi addon for high quality streaming you can use to watch wwe monday night rawThe Crew is one of the latest best Kodi video addons from the type all-in-one that worths to install. It is full of content you can access using the provided high-quality links. Finding the content you are looking for is very easy, thanks to the intuitive categories, where you’ll find Sports and, inside you’ll get the WWE sub-category containing links to watch WWE Monday Night Raw, the event that will take place on 14 October in Denver Colorado

Here’s how to Install The Crew on your Kodi

UKTurk Playlist

UKTurk’s Playlist has been around for a while and is an all-in-one addon. It is a third party add-on but one of the best-paired add-on for Kodi to watch WWE related content. It has a nice range of working live streaming links as well as live channels.

With UKTurk’s you can catch the latest WWE events as well as tons of other entertainment. Check out these instructions to get UKTurk’s onto your Kodi quickly and easily.

Sports365 Live

Sport 365 Live is a Kodi addon to watch live sports where probably you may watch the wwe monday night raw eventThis is one of the best sports-related addons there is. Unlike UKTurk’s and Cerebro IPTV+, Sports365 is all about sports and sporting events. It is one of the famous Kodi add-ons of all time. This add-on is dedicated to providing live streaming for all kinds of sports live from the internet. Follow these instructions to get Sports365 loaded on your system.

Watch WWE Monday Night Raw on Android Device

WWE Raw is easy to watch on any android device which has Android 5.0+ and so the Monday Night event it is.

You must follow the easy, simple steps for watching WWE on Android devices:

  • Go to the Google App Store
  • Search for WWE
  • Download the WWE application
  • Start the application after installation
  • Sign-in to your active WWE account and enjoy endless streaming of the events


  • Open your device internet browser
  • Go to by clicking here
  • Sign in to your account
  • Enjoy endless streaming of the events
In both cases, you need to have your VPN set up and enabled.
Pick CyberGhost so that you have no problems and then make sure you pick a US server for a fast, error-free connection.

We hope you may enjoy all the action of this WWE Monday night raw event!


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