Best Stremio Addons 2018 – Official and Unofficial Stremio Addons

Here are the best Stremio Addons from 2018. This list includes the best official Stremio addons and also the best unofficial / community stremio addons that allows you to watch tons of free content.

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Kodi has been going through a tough time recently, and many have been left distressed and disgruntled over the closure of some Kodi repositories. For any avid stream lover, this would not mean the end of free content, but a search for the alternative.

Stremio is the software that has been widely regarded as the Kodi successor. The media streaming center is also addon based, but unlike Kodi, its addons are safe from blocking. This is because instead of searching for streams from various places, Stremio addons stream from torrent websites. Putting down a torrent website is way much harder than just blocking a repository or addon.

Is Stremio Legal?

Stremio the media center is completely legal, but just like Kodi, its 3rd party addons blur everything. This is because they stream from torrent websites which offer content of all type. When using Stremio addons, you’ll therefore most likely end up accessing copyrighted content.

One thing you should however know is that your online privacy and security entirely depends on you. This therefore calls upon you to use a VPN to protect yourself from spying eyes and DMCA notices. A VPN conceals your online identity and gives you a new one. This is important in maintaining your privacy since Bit Torrent software usually broadcasts your IP such that anyone can see whatever you are accessing online.

The best VPN for Stremio is ExpressVPN. This is a VPN that has for some time been the favourite among stream lovers because of its superb speeds and solid security. The fact that the VPN keeps zero logs and allows P2P makes it the best VPN to use with Stremio.

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Best Official Stremio Addons

1. Netflix

netflix stremio addon

Netflix is an official Stremio addon that lets you stream comfortably from the subscription-based service. With the Stremio Netflix addon, you will still need to log in but will be able to stream your Netflix shows without buffering.

2. DTube

dtube stremio addon

DTube is now available on Stremio. It is a decentralized video streaming platform which is linked to the STEEM blockchain. DTube is meant to be a Youtube alternative, and it allows users to watch, upload, comment or share videos easily while at the same time earning in the form of cryptocurrency.

Best Community / 3rd Party Stremio Addons

Here are the best Stremio Addons:

1. Juan Carlos (The Original)

Juan Carlos is a torrent website, and they have a Juan Carlos Stremio Addon. This addon allows you to stream movies and TV shows directly from the torrent website hassle-free. With the addon, you will be presented with a great deal of free content and a wide selection of entertainment options.

2. RARBG Addon

RARGB Stremio Addon

RARBG Stremio Addon is the Stremio integration of the RARBG torrent website. RARBG is widely regarded as the best torrent site for videos and TV shows, and this only shows how useful the Stremio addon is.

3. Popcorn Time

popcorn time stremio addon

Popcorn Time is one of the best free streaming services. This makes Popcorn Time Stremio addon one of the best bets to bring you a wide variety of HD content. With the addon, you can also enjoy unlimited Movie and TV show streams directly from torrent websites like YTS and EZTV.

Other Stremio Addons worth mentioning include:

  • Vodo
  • WatchHub
  • Juan Carlos 2
  • FilmOn

Need some helping installing Stremio Addons?

Checkout this article about how to install stremio Addons.

Before you start streaming content on Stremio, remember to put your privacy and security first by turning on your VPN. Use this link to get 49% discount on ExpressVPN.

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