Top 23 Best Working Kodi Addons 2019 – Addons List by category

Addons are the magic behind the kodi as Stream application; without them Kodi is simply a media player. With thousand addons available out there is difficult to choose the right ones. This tutorial is an updated list on the Best Working Kodi Addons as in 2019 …

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The soul of Kodi resides on its Addons; without them Kodi would be not much than a media player and organizer.  The magic behind the addons is that they search the whole internet to bring you the available contents; otherwise you had to spend a lot of time seeking for the contents you want.

Types of Addons

The addons are simply extensions that extends the Kodi functionality. On Kodi Addons World there are two type of addons:

  • Official Addons

    These addons are developed and supported by Kodi (formerly XBMC – Foundation) under the respect to copyright and other law restrictions, thus receiving the name of “Official”. Most of these addons give you access mainly to streaming services, so pay-per-view services; are pre-installed when you install Kodi for the first time thought you also can access to many other through the Kodi repository.

  • Third-party Addons

    Contrary, the Third-party Addons, are developed by the very dynamic community of Kodi. They tend to access to any streams, breaking any barriers, to bring to you your desired contents; it’s just like a master key opening closed doors without asking previous permission to owners. Of course with these addons you’ll be able to watch mostly streams for free.

The world of Kodi addons is a tricky one, with addons being shut down every day. Some are usually forced to shut down by authorities and copyright bodies, while others are just abandoned by their developers. Some come back, others don’t.
It’s for these reasons that you need to keep yourself updated, and we decided to create a list of the Best Working Kodi Addons 2019 for you. We always try our best to keep updating these addons periodically and in case you come across one that is not working, you can let us know in the comment section.

First things First: Your privacy and security

The reason why there’s always a battle against third-party Kodi addons is the fact that they facilitate access of pirated content. Consumption of such content is against the law, and it can lead to serious problems with the authorities. Many Kodi users have received DMCA notices from their ISPs and others have even ended up facing legal charges.
This means that you need to be careful when using unofficial Kodi addons. The only way to do that is by using a secure and private VPN like IPVanish. Such a VPN encrypts your traffic and redirects it from your ISP servers to a server of your choosing. At that point, your ISP can no longer see what you are doing on the internet, all they can see is that you are connected to a VPN.
The reason why we’d like to recommend IPVanish for Kodi is that the VPN keeps zero logs and it is also super-fast. The high speeds will allow you to stream in HD without buffering issues, and from there on you won’t have to worry about geo-restrictions, ISP throttling, government snooping, etc.

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Best Working Kodi Addons 2019

There are thousands of available Kodi addons, and we know that streaming needs vary from one user to the other. For this reason, we decided to group the Best Working Kodi Addons 2019 into categories to help you get what you are looking for, faster. Some of the big name addons you know may be missing after being shut down recently. However, most of them like Exodus and Covenant have forks that are even improved versions.

Best Working Kodi Addons for Movies & Series


Exodus Kodi Addon - working version 2018What makes this addon so popular is its variety of movies and TV series and the unmistakable quality of streams, with the most HD content. The addon also supports Real Debrid to ensure you get the best streaming and free buffer links for almost every movie and TV series. Finally, it’s good to mention, it also allows you to set up Trakt tv so you do not miss anything about your favorite movies and series, anymore.
Here’s the Exodus Install guideRepo: Kodi Bae (in ZIP folder)

Exodus Redux

Exodus Redux Kodi AddonThe Exodus Redux came as a response, from the community, to the closure of the Exodus decreed by its creators. The Exodus, moreover, would be reborn even better a few months later. However, the Exodus Redux, had already been released and came to coexist with the normal Exodus.
Being very similar to Exodus, the main difference of the Exodus Redux, resides on the introduction of the new Lambda scrapers that, apparently, can be more effective in obtaining the stream sources.
Visit the Exodus Redux Install GuideRepo: IAC-Repo


Incursion Kodi AddonIncursion Kodi addon has to be one of the best Kodi movie addons 2019. The addon was developed as an Exodus predecessor, and it has features similar to those of Exodus. It has movies and TV shows that are well organized into various categories and sub-categories.
Incursion makes it to the top of our list due to its consistency and reliability in providing stream links for almost everything that is listed. There’s a vast collection of content available on Incursion, and so you will always have something to fit your needs. Streams are available in 720p and 1080p.

Visit the Incursion Install guide!
Repo: KNE Repo


Placenta Kodi AddonPlacenta is a Kodi addon that was originally launched by Mr Blamo and hosted in the Blamo repository. The Blamo Repo was taken down, and the addon is now maintained by different developers. Placenta Kodi addon boasts a wide array of content and very many great categories. You will always find most of your favourite movies and shows on Placenta, thanks to its frequent updates and reliability.
Find here Placenta Install guide!Repo: KNE Repo


Tempest Kodi AddonTempest is a new addon from the guys at TT Media. They are known for Kodi builds, but this time they have an addon. Tempest is an addon based on the famous Exodus and Covenant Kodi addons, and it’s listed as a Jen Template based addon with tons of top content.
What we like most about this addon is its ability to pull many streams from the internet, giving you a good selection of quality streams. The addon has a lot of movie and series content which is also very well arranged. You will love this one.

Visit the Tempest Kodi addon install guide
Repo: Tempest

Movie Theatre Butter

Movie Theater Butter Kodi AddonMovie Theater Butter Kodi addon is another of the best working Kodi addons 2019. The addon contains a lot of popular movies and TV shows. It lets you stream the latest movies organized into categories such as Oscar Winners, In Theatres, Money-making movies, etc. TV shows are organized into ratings and Popular. You can find everything you want on Movie Theater Butter, and you will be assured of the best streams.
Visit the Movie Theater Butter install guide!Repo: Diamond Wizard


Best Working Kodi Addons for Sports

The Loop

The Loop Kodi AddonThe Loop is a new Sports Kodi addon from Munkee. The addon is a great source for sports-related IPTV channels, especially from the UK and the US. The Loop Kodi addon contains very many categories of content, and you can use it to watch pretty much any sport. The loop provides both live streams and on-demand sports content from fighting to the UEFA Champions League.

Here’s the guide on How to Install The Loop on Kodi!Loop: RepoURL:


Sport 365 Live Kodi AddonSports365 is a great sports Kodi addon developed by Chery TV. The addon has grown in popularity among sports fan who would like to stream live sporting action. Sports365 Kodi addon pulls it streams from the website under the same name, and so it stands out for not relying on SportsDevil, Plexus, or Live Resolver for streams. The addon organizes events according to the time of Kick off, and there are no folders or categories. Using the addon, you can watch basketball, American Football, Golf, Handball, Hockey, Rugby, and Soccer.
Here is how to install Sport365
Repo: KODI BAE  (in ZIP Folder)

Planet MMA

Planet MMA Kodi AddonFormerly known as UFC finest, Planet MMA is a Kodi addon dedicated to all Mixed Martial and UFC fans out there. Planet MMA provides streams for MMA related TV shows, game coverage, documentaries, etc. This addon has content organized into categories such as Fight Night Live, UFC Fight Night, MMA Fight Night, Fight Spotlight, and so many more. With the addon, you can enjoy the wide variety of on-demand content, as well as get streams for live events.

Visit the Planet MMA Install Guide, to know more
Repo: SupremacyURL:

Chronos Sports

Chronos Kodi AddonChronos live is a simple addon with content extracted from the main Chronos Kodi addon. The addon is very useful and efficient in providing live streams for NFL, NHL, NBA, and NCAA. Streams for the various games are usually provided 45 minutes before the kick off time.

Follow the Chronos Install Guide and recommendationsRepo: Skydarks
Honorable Mentions:
Deceit & Death Star Kodi Addons (Listed under “All in one Kodi Addons”)

Rising Tides

Rising Tides is a sport Kodi AddonRising Tides is one of the most reliable ultimate live sports video add-on for Kodi. It has a lot of sports content to offer, and sports feeds from around the world. It offers several sections for watching sports, and it has a wide range of subsections with different genres of sports.

With Rising Tides add-on, you can watch football, basketball, hockey, golf, tennis, motorsports, horseracing and rare sports such as darts.
Here is the Rising Tides install guide

Johki’s wrestling

Johki's Wrestling as it sugestes is a sport Wrestling Kodi AddonAs its name suggests, this one Kodi add-on is dedicated to a kind of sport known as wrestling. It is regularly updated with working streams for your favorite wrestling events and even upcoming events. You also get to watch replays of recently concluded events. Wrestling sections include WWE, RAW, Smackdown, USA Live, Swiftstreamz, Sports TV and many more. Additionally, this add-on is not all about wrestling; you can catch other live sporting events and live TV.


Repo: Man Cave Repo

NetStream Sports Hub

Netstream is a sporting hub kodi addonNetStream Sports Hub is one of the most popular sports Kodi add-on from the Stream Army repo. This add-on is neatly organized into various sports sections. They include; basketball, football, cricket, rugby, among others. The latest update brings you more content, and dead links have been replaced with working ones.



Repo: Stream Army


Best Working Kodi Addons for Live TV

BBC iPlayer (iPlayer WWW)

BBC iPlayer Kodi AddonBBC iPlayer is an official Kodi addon that specializes in delivering mainly original BBC programming. The addon is great if you are just interested in watching UK TV programming, and you will get access to channels like BBC One, BBC Two, BBC Four, and BBC News etc. The tricky part of BBC iPlayer is that it is geo-restricted to only viewers in the UK. If you are not from the region, you will need a reliable streaming VPN like IPVanish to get access to the content.
Repo: Kodi Addons Repo


USTV NOW Kodi AddonUSTV Now is an official channel that was developed with the aim of providing the US military in other countries with US Live TV. The channel has a very stable Kodi addon, and with it, you can watch top US channels like CBS, ABC, NBC, etc. The addon has both paid and free channels. The free channels include ABC, CBS, CW, Fox, and PBS. If you wish to access all the 29 channels, you need to pay a fee of about $24. You will also be able to watch select movies and highlights.
Repo: Kodi Repository


TV Catchup Kodi AddonTVCatchup Kodi addon is an addon developed for the TVCatchup streaming service. The addon started off as a third-party Kodi addon, but it’s now an official addon, and it’s available in the official Kodi repo. The service however doesn’t require you to pay anything as it’s completely free. The addon presents you with over 100 UK live programs to catch up on. You will however need to connect your IPVanish to a UK server before you can stream on TVCatcup Kodi addon.
Repo: Kodi Repository

cCloud TV

cCloud TV Kodi AddoncCloud Kodi addon has been one of the best Live TV Kodi addons for the better part of 2019. This is thanks to the stability of the addon and the many channels that it lets you watch free of charge. With the addon, you will get access to channels like Discovery channel, ESPN, AMC, Animal Planet and National Geographic among others.

Here’s the cCloud TV install guideRepo: KODI BAE  (in ZIP Folder)


Best Working Kodi Addons for Anime

Masterani Redux

Masterani Kodi AddonMasterani Redux is a must have Kodi anime addon developed by Wilson Magic. The addon is an amalgamation of Anime Incursion and the old Masterani addon by Alleidum. With Masterani Redux, you will get a huge library that contains dubbed and subbed anime. The addon is quite easy to explore thanks to its magnificent interface. The titles are also very well organized into Recent, Being Watched, and Popular Today. Masterani Redux is completely free, and it will let you synchronize your favourites between devices using Kitsu.
Here is how to install Masterani reduxRepo: Magicality Repo


Zim Kodi AddonZim is an anime Kodi addon that is designed for the entire family, and it has lots of cartoon and anime content. The addon is quite easy to navigate, and you can even search for content using a provided search feature. The addon has some pretty stable streams, and so you won’t get many issues with it.
Repo: LumberjackURL: 


Funimation Kodi AddonFunimationNow was initially a third-party Kodi addon, but it has now transitioned into an official Kodi addon. This means that you can easily install the addon from the official Kodi repository. FunimationNow has become popular thanks to its impressive functionality and wide array of content. With the addon, you can access all the latest anime shows straight from Japan with English dubs in 720p and 1080p. The service costs just $5.99 a month, and you will have a free trial.
Repo: Kodi Repository

Dubbed Anime

Dubbed Anime Kodi AddonDubbed Anime is another great anime Kodi addon from the Magicality repo. The addon has been around for a while, and it is well-liked due to its quality content. Though it can’t boast a library as big as that of Masterani Redux, the addon does its job quite well. It is very simple with only three available sections- search, genre and Latest episodes. After a show is broadcast, Dubbed Anime usually adds it in a few hours.
Repo: Magicality RepoURL:


Best Working Kodi Addons for Adult


XXX-O-DUS Kodi AddonXXX-O-DUS is the adult version of Exodus, the legendary Movies and TV Shows Kodi addon. The addon presents you with one of the best ways you can watch adult content; it scrapes content from multiple free adult websites and presents it all in one package. The content is organized into categories like Live Cams, Scenes, Movies, Tubes, Hentai, Pictures etc and then into subcategories of the various websites. With XX-O-DUS, you can stream any type of adult content free and in HD.
Repo: KODI BAE  (in ZIP Folder)URL:

Ultimate Whitecream

Ultimate White Cream Kod AddonUltimate White Cream is one of the best working Kodi adult addons. The addon has become very popular due to its reliability and wide range of content. Whitecream has content neatly organized into Scenes, Movies, Hentai, Tubes, Webcams & Streams, and Favorites. The content is further organized into the websites where it has been pulled from, making the addon easy to use.
Repo: KODI BAE  (in ZIP Folder)URL:


Fists O Fury Kodi AddonFists-o-Fury can be everything you need. It is not really a Kodi addon, but rather a program that installs various Kodi adult addon on your Kodi. When you run the program, you will get some of the best adult Kodi addons like VideoDevil, Hotgoo, JustForHim, Wildfire, Youjizz, and various others. These addons will provide you with any adult content you want.
Repo: MegatronURL: 


Best Working All in One Kodi Addons

Finally, on this Best Working Kodi Addons article, lets talk about the all in one addons as they make your work much easier.


Deceit Kodi AddonSo, if there’s a Kodi addon that can offer you almost everything you need, it’s Deceit. The addon is from the One Nation repo, the developers of the Collusion Build and the OneNation portal. Deceit Kodi Addon presents you with a wide array of content arranged in categories such as Movies, TV shows, Sports Streams, Live TV, Listers, X-Mas Crackers, Toons and Anime, Podcasts, UK Radio and many others. Each of these categories is very well equipped, and the Live TV and Sports Streams section has more than you could ask for. Deceit Kodi addon supports Real Debrid and Trakt and has a search feature to make it easy to get content.

Find here the Deceit Kodi Addon Install Guide!
Repo: One Nation

Death Star

Death Star Kodi AddonAlso Death Star is an addon like no other. The addon is a result of a collaboration between more than 10 developers, and it combines more than 30 individual addons under one roof! These are addons from teams such as UKODI1 (WOW), DNA, ONENATION, EzZeRmAn, EXPOSE, and NOLENATION. In the “Latest News and Updates” section, Death Star is still inviting other developers to join, and so the addon is just getting better. With Death Star, you can stream almost anything from Movies, TV Shows, Live TV, Live Sports, Anime, Documentaries, Radio, Music, Kids content, and so much more. You will get plenty of content while navigating between the available content, and the content is well organized according to the various developers.

The Install Guide is here!
Repo: Ukodi1


Need help?

Although this list is a guide on the Best Working Kodi Addons as in 2019, you may experience some difficulties with the installation of some of them. The following tips can help you overcome some of the difficulties.

Installing Kodi, Repos or Addons

Don’t know to install the Repo or the Addon? Just visit our the addon install guide (where available) on the referenced addon, or visit our Complete Kodi Setup Guide.

Fixing errors

Frequently the errors you receive are related with, low internet speed from your ISP or Repo/addons blockage. If you are receiving errors you should try to eliminate these possibilities by turning your VPN On, first. If you still don’t have one, we suggest you to subscribe for IPVanish, the Best VPN for Kodi, ever!

Dependency errors

If you are receiving Dependency errors when installing the Best Working Kodi Addons on this list or any other Addons, visit our How to Fix Failed to install dependency error guide.

Check the log for more information

When installing Addons, frequently you may receive the annoying “Check the log for more information”. Just check our article on How to Fix Check the log for more information.


If you require more information, please use our search box to find the required help topic.

In Conclusion

With Kodi, you can stream absolutely anything. The above addons in this guide on the Best Working Kodi Addons will help you get the most out of the streaming software. You need to know how to install the various addons using the repositories we’ve provided below each of them. So, if you are not familiar with the Kodi addons installation, you can check out our Kodi addon installation guide. All you need is the URL that we’ve provided below each addon.

However, remember to turn on your IPVanish first, before you can stream anything; definitively this will help you keep your activities away from prying eyes, and as a result, avoid getting in trouble with the authorities. You will also be able to overcome the geo-restrictions placed on some of the addons with ease, as well as avoid any form of ISP throttling.

Hope you found this article on  the Best Working Kodi Addons, useful.

We wish you… merry streamings!

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