How to Install Stremio Addons to watch free content

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Most of us don’t like how you have to pay big bucks just to watch TV or enjoy streaming content online. This is why we ‘cut the cord’ and resort to streaming centres that offer us free content. One of the best software at this is Stremio, which has been widely praised as the successor for Kodi.
Just like Kodi, Stremio allows you to install addons on the software.  These addons avail more free content to you and unlock the power of Stremio.

The software comes with a number of official stremio addons already installed. This guide will therefore major on third-party addons.

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Caution: Stay Safe, Use a VPN

Before you install any third party add-on to your stremio software, it’s important to take the necessary precaution. Some of these addons avail you copyrighted content which can land you in big trouble. Most free content is usually pirated, and you may end up facing legal charges.

On another dimension, Stremio is based on the Bit Torrent technology, which is known for publicly broadcasting your IP address such that any third party can see who you are and what you are doing. Bit Torrent traffic is also throttled by some ISPs such that you notice lags and delays whenever you start downloading torrents.

A single solution for all these problems is to use a good VPN whenever streaming on Stremio. A VPN makes your online activities anonymous whenever connected to a VPN server. This is made possible by encrypting your traffic and securely sending it to a VPN server based on the location of your choice. This server then spoofs your real ID and gives you a new one, making you anonymous to third parties, and safe from DMCA notices. With this, even your ISP can’t know what you are accessing online, and therefore they can’t throttle your traffic.

A reliable VPN that you can trust is IPVanish as it keeps zero logs, offers military-grade security, and gives you super fast speeds.

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Install Stremio Official Addons

As mentioned earlier, Stremio comes equipped with various addons to help boost your experience. However, unlike Kodi, Stremio hasn’t yet had many addons developed.  Nonetheless, you can still access a wide range of content through the available stremio addons.

Some of these addons offer free content and so they are worth installing.

To check out the pre-installed stremio addons, click on the Add-on icon on the top right side of the screen.Stremio Official Addons

This will show you all the addons that come with the software.Install stremio addons

Install Stremio 3rd Party / Community Addons

Without addons, you will only be told “No streams available” whenever you open any title. Just like Kodi, the power of Stremio lies in third-party addons.

Installing them is however far much easier than in the former. In Stremio, you can find some of these addons just below the ‘Official Add-ons’ tab. While on the page above, you can click ‘Community Add-ons.’stremio community addons

To install  any add-on, you can just click ‘Install’. Here’s a list of the best Stremio Addons.

The other way you can install add-ons is by navigating to the largest database of Stremio add-ons 

stremio unofficial addons

This database has a list of all the available third-party Stremio add-ons, and the add-on number is always growing. To install an add-on, just click on it.stremio Juan Carlos 2 addon

The browser page with then launch your Stremio app and prompt you to install the add-on.stremio addons installation

With just one more click, your selected add-on will be installed. You will now have a number of options to stream your movies and series.stremio free streams

All you need to do now is select a stream. You can now enjoy your favourite movies and videos with Stremio add-ons. Remember to use a VPN to help your stay safe and anonymous.

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