Stay Anonymous with these Top 9 VPNs for Mobile

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One of the best security tools one user that surfs the web very often is the Virtual Private Network (VPN). If you wanna protect your privacy while surfing on public WiFi networks, avoid lag and latency, overcome the geographical limitation (for example accessing US Netflix) VPN is something you would usually opt for.

There are also many applications for Virtual Private Networks today, but it is usually for accessing the content you would not normally can and protecting your privacy, which is almost non-existent in today’s era of digital life and computers. If you want to stay protected, anonymous and secure on mobile, we present you here the Top 9 Virtual Private Networks for Mobile phone.

Using a VPN, you are secure that your communication is well kept and encrypted so you will not have to worry about somebody interfering with your communication. It is one powerful tool, and everybody that uses the internet more often should be aware of this option, because it can overcome a lot of limitations and grant you access to the files that you always wanted to see first.

Before you go ahead and download and install your very first VPN for your mobile phone, it is suggested that you go and read this report on Virtual Private Networks. It may resolve all your debates and questions you might have about using these kinds of services, help you choose one that will perfectly fit your needs as well as answering some frequently asked questions by users around the globe just like you.

Take a closer look, not all VPN services are made equal. You put your trust in the company, and you should know their policies really well in order to get the maximum from your provider.

#1 ExpressVPN

It is one of the most trusted and one of the most secure brands in the networking area, and it got its reputation amongst millions of satisfied customers all around the world.

It is extremely safe, and one of the reasons for that is that this Virtual Private Network uses a special 256-bit encryption with unlimited bandwidth and high speeds which will amaze you. It has enough servers to fit all your daily needs, located in 94 countries and registered in over 145 locations all around the world, so the experience of surfing the web will be as easy and as pleasant as ever.

One of its big assets is that this VPN service has speeds of around 6 to 7 mbps. But that is not all; this VPN service is one of the rare services that does not track any of your browsing data, not to mention that it does not keep your browsing logs.

All activities on their servers are mixed and interfered between the users (customers), so you get your full web surfing experience without any visible traces, which is a bonus for some people because they do not want somebody to look at their search history. This service is multi-platform and really portable, which means you can get it for Android, iOS, Mac and Windows, and all the applications are really well made and pleasant looking. It connects and goes into a ‘hibernation’ mode, so it does not drain your precious battery life, whether on the phone or on a tablet.

ExpressVPN it’s more expensive than IPVanish; if you go on a yearly plan (12 months), you pay $8.32 per month. But luckly, we got a special deal with ExpressVPN too, and what a deal! Our visitors get a special price of $6.67 per month + 3 FREE Months! Full term support is included, with the possibility of contacting the staff 24/7 and 30 days money-back guarantee!

It is the most popular for many reasons as you can see. Go ahead and test it for yourself. You will not be disappointed.

#2 IPVanish

This is one of the most popular Virtual Private Networks now on the market. IPVanish makes its way into this list thanks to the positive reviews it has received. It’s has been reviewed by almost every respectable tech website. As it would be anticipated, they feature blasting fast connections, strong protocols, a catalogue of over 60 countries and a lot other advantages you can check on their site.

IPVanish consider themselves a top tier VPN service provider, meaning their servers offer top notch connections hardly equated by the opposition. Though this amount of class usually comes at a cost. IPVanish service is a bit costly than average VPN service providers, however, they are surely worth it.

To minimize your costs, our visitors get an exclusive 60% discount that reduces the price to just $5.19 / Month.

#3 VyprVPN

One of the most reliable and one of the fastest services on the market, the VyprVPN is made by the company Golden Frog, which has a long history in these kinds of services. It keeps a solid record and knows its place in the market for online privacy and security.

It runs on its own servers and networks, so no third-party companies are in the process. You can 100% rely on their services, as they do not share your data with anybody else. The only thing that is kept by this VPN service is the logs of IP addresses you communicated with, connection times and how much did you use it on a monthly basis (30 days).

There is a little less server than our previous candidate, with a number of servers going around the number 50. The servers are well spread around the globe, so you do not have to worry about the certain server being too far away from you. You can get what you want and where do you want, without many problems.

This Virtual Private Network uses the same 256-bit encryption as it is one of the most powerful encrypting tools today known to man. Besides that, the VyprVPN uses a special technique called Chameleon, which is simply said, a tool to mask your VPN presence online, so you look like you are using regular browsing instead of VPN browsing which is great for people that appreciate their privacy amongst everything.

Their Android app is very well designed, simple to use and anybody can learn its proper usage without much of a hassle. One easy step – just click to connect, it will automatically find the nearest local server, or if you set it up, find the fastest server or a server from a specific country. App itself does not contain much, it displays your session data, how much data you used, speed graph, info on your connection and the connection log.

You can also set up this app to act any way you would like when you are on the public WiFi so it does everything you would do if you forget to set it up. You can try out this service with 1GB per month for free. The standard account would cost you 10$ per month or 60$ per year. What is another positive side on this VPN is that you can have up to three connections via one VPN included in the packet you choose. You can find the application at the following link.

#4 PureVPN

One of the most widely spread Virtual Public Network services contains over 500 servers in more than 100 countries around the world. It also possesses a self managed network, so no third-party companies are in the process of creating this VPN.

As previous services, this one also uses 256-bit encryption for your maximum security and zero logging policy on all your online activities. One positive thing about this VPN is that you can use it on up to five devices at the same time. That is where the price point kicks in.

You can buy this service for around 11$ per month, which would be 54$ for six months and 72$ for two years, and these prices vary as these are the prices at the moment of writing this article. There are a lot of special promotions on their site. Go to PureVPN website.

Easy to use Android app is one of the key assets of this VPN because you can choose the server from any country you like, or if you have different criteria, you can set up the application to get you the fastest server available at the moment depending on your location.

It can get you high upload and download speeds, whether you decide on watching movies online or uploading some of your files, this VPN will not let you down in those moments. The policy says that they offer a service of specially dedicated servers for these purposes. You can find the Android application at the following link.

#5 TunnelBear VPN

If you are a person that has an eye for detail and want to have a pleasant looking UI in the application that you are currently using, this VPN application is the perfect fit for you. It promises not to track anything you do online, whilst just saving minimal information regarding your browser session. The most important thing, 256-bit encryption and the guarantee of not sharing your logs with any third-party companies is one of the positive sides of this application.

This Virtual Private Network contains servers in 15 major countries around the world and offers high browsing speeds to fulfill all your desires and needs. The app is light on data usage, and it contains a map so you can visually choose which server do you want to use, on which server and in what country do you want to connect to so you get a full picture of your link with the internet.

The app makers have also created a widget that can get you quicker access to some of the commands just from your smartphone homescreen. 500 MB of data is in the offer for every month. Pricing on this VPN goes like this: 10$ per month or 50$ per year, and those accounts can get you unlimited bandwidth and usage on up to five devices at the same time. It is worth checking out.

#6 F-Secure Freedome VPN

The name looks promising, as it can get you internet surfing privacy and promise not to track your logs, which is exactly what is said in the policy of this app. This is an app by a Finnish provider of Virtual Private Networks – F Secure. There is a decent number of servers on all continents, around 16 countries in total. You can create the account for free, without any special registration, but there is one limitation to this service – you are not allowed to use BitTorrent in many countries (including the countries like the UK and the USA).

The app could not really be simpler to use. As soon as it starts, you will see a big button that is on and off button. Easy connectivity, reliability, with included anti-virus software, protection from malware and some suspicious websites is something that really puts this VPN application to shine at the brightest level.

The company offers a 5 day free trial for you to test it out. After you finish this trial and you seem to like this application, you are looking up to spending around 50$ per year for usage on three devices, 60$ for usage on five devices and 80$ for usage on seven devices simultaneously. You can checck it out on the link.

#7 NordVPN

One of the most reputed VPNs for many reasons. Includes policy of no logs whatsoever, encryption of military-grade (stated on the website) and the fact that this company works based in Panama might get some people into leaving positive feedback because no US or European controls are done.

Those are just a few reasons this Virtual Private Network is different than the others mentioned earlier in the text. Citation from their website, on the description of their product: “NordVPN never logs where you go on the internet. If anyone asks, the best we can do is shrug our shoulders, and we like it that way”.

Of course, the price can be a bit higher, with 12$ per month. If you decide on 6 month plan, you will pay 42$ every 6 months, and there is an option of a one year plan which costs 69$.

Link to the Android application.

#8 Hideman VPN

This 256-bit encryption VPN is very easy to use, and it is one of the more popular solutions because of its price which we will discuss later on. There are servers in over 20 countries, and you get 2GB of monthly limit and limited speed if you decide on using this VPN for free. In this case, BitTorrent is banned from usage, and you can not use it in countries like Russia, Hong Kong, Panama, etc.

However, if you decide to go premium, it will cost you 2.9 $ for mobile usage per month, or 25 $ per year. If you want desktop support too, the prices are a bit higher going from 9$ per month or 69 $ per year. This service is very portable among different operating systems as it has the application for Windows, Mac and Android operating systems. You can find the Hideman VPN on the Google Play Store.

#9 VPN by Private Internet Access

Although this VPN is listed last on our list, that does not mean that it is less worth than others. It is a great VPN service, with a very simple setup procedure.

If you are a basic user with a desire to access U.S. Netflix or similar websites, do not choose this VPN as it is blocked for an unknown reason. The mobile app contains one-click connect so you can very easily connect to the server of your choice, as well as the Kill Switch to block all unencrypted traffic from the internet with hopes of defending the device of your choice.

The policy promises not to track any logs, so the sites you visit will not be tracked while you are connected to the service. Prices are average, going from 7$ per month, but if you choose to go annual plan, you pay 40$ per year, or just 3.33$ if you divide it by 12 months. You can find this app here.


Sometimes, the choice of getting the right Virtual Private Network for you can be a bit difficult, because you may not know what each service has to offer and what is the exact thing that you need. Find all your desires and calculate which VPN is the best for you. After all, some of them even have free trial periods, so you can test out before you go premium and choose the best plan for you.

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