How to Install Marauder Kodi Addon: Good quality and speed streaming

If you look for a good Addon for streaming on Kodi with good speed and quality links to Movies and TV Shows then, this is for you, and here’s the Marauder install guide.

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This step by step guide will teach you to install Marauder Kodi addon. This is an impressive Kodi addon to watch movies and TV shows. The media library of Marauder Kodi addon has some interesting categories including the IMDb Top 250. Before you install Marauder Kodi addon spare a few seconds to go through its features.

The Marauder Kodi Addon

The repository containing the addon is mainly known for addons featuring adult content but Marauder is different from the rest. This addon brings links to TV Shows and Movies you might not find on most of the other Kodi addons. Marauder is a third-party add-on so make sure to use it with a premium VPN service to avoid potential vulnerabilities.

The user interface of Marauder Kodi addon is simple and much like the standard interface you see with most of the Kodi addons.

Marauder media categories include:

  • Movies
  • TV Shows
  • IMDb Top 250
  • The Movie Chest
  • Hack The Planet
  • Boxsets
  • My Movies
  • My TV Shows
  • New Movies
  • New Episodes

among others.

Advantages of installing Marauder Kodi Addon

Disadvantages of Marauder Kodi Addon

  • Marauder is a third-party Kodi addon so you have to run a VPN to ensure data protection and privacy

Stay safe and anonymous

We have no affiliations with Kodi addons, builds, repositories, or any other services on this platform. Our purpose is to serve you with the working installation methods for some promising Kodi addons. We don’t promote copyright violation or any other illegal activity. But securing your device and internet connection from hackers and protecting your personal information is your right. That’s why we recommend the use of a VPN service.

You can never be sure about the developers of third-party (community) addons. You need to be extra careful when using any community addon; streaming links may take you to the restricted media sources. In addition, premium content isn’t easily accessible without a VPN service.

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The recommended VPN

If you need our suggestion we’d recommend IPVanish for multiple reasons.:

  • This is a safe and premium VPN service with many thousands of servers in many dozens of countries around the world. Such a huge network enables you to use virtual IP addresses from most of the premium locations to access top quality content.
  • IPVanish takes privacy very seriously; this is why it has zero-tolerance about the violation of the no-log policy. This policy protects the user’s right to privacy. Your information and record of your online activities aren’t stored on the servers.
  • IPVanish lets you avoid the watchdogs including government agencies and ISPs. If you are using a public WiFi network, the chances of being hacked elevate. IPVanish service protects your device from hackers.
  • These days, streaming speed and quality is restricted during the COVID-19 outbreak because there is too much load on the internet servers. But you can easily avoid speed throttling and limited bandwidth by installing IPVanish.
  • IPVanish comes with the most advanced features at the best price of the market:
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Steps to Install Marauder Kodi Addon in 2020

Because this is a third-party add-on, to install Marauder Kodi addon you need to go through the Kodi addon download settings :

Allowing unknown sources

  • Firstly, launch Kodi and press the Cogwheel (Settings)
  • Then, Select System
  • Now, navigate to Add-ons
  • Enable Download from unknown sources
  • Finally, hit OK to save settings (You can always return and reverse the settings after installing Marauder Kodi addon)

Installing the repository

  • Hit Return/Escape/Back to access Settings and then select File Manager (Folder)
  • Select Add Source and then click <None>
  • Copy and paste  or type the link to the Crew Repo –
  • Type the name for the media source (whatever you like and can easily remember). We have typed Team Crew Repo and then click OK
  • Return to Settings and hit Package Installer or OpenBox Incon (Add-on)
  • Select Install from zip file
  • Select the Name for the Media Source you typed. In our case, it is Team Crew Repo
  • Select
  • Wait for the successful install message

Install the Marauder Kodi Addon

  • Without returning, click on install from repository
  • Select THE CREW REPO
  • Click on Marauder
  • Press Install
  • Return to Kodi Home Page, navigate to add-ons and launch Marauder


You can install Marauder Kodi addon in a matter of minutes. The add-on works perfect but its quality depends on the VPN Service. These days, we have speed issues all over the world, and bandwidths are also restricted.

So, a Good VPN service like IPVanish lets you avoid speed throttling and data limitations which you need for optimal streaming experience.

Have a nice streaming!


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 I give my consent to to be in touch with me via email using the information I have provided in this form (email address) for the purpose of news, updates and promotions.

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