How to Install A Pirate’s Life for Me Kodi Addon in 2020 (Real-Debrid)

If you have a high-level exigence on streaming, but you don’t want to spend too much, the A Pirate’s Life for Me is a Kodi Addon you definitively must-have.

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Hi there, thanks for visiting us once more. Today, we are going to make your stay at home entertaining with the latest working guide to install A Pirates Life for Me Kodi Addon. There are a countless number of free add-ons from community developer but if you are looking for High Definition video quality with buffer-free streaming speed then we recommend you install A Pirate’s Life for Me Kodi Addon.

Features of A Pirate’s Life for Me Kodi Addon

A Pirate’s Life for Me is a third-party Kodi add-on developed by the team of the famous torrent site – The Pirate Bay. Even though it comes from a credible team, you must ensure the privacy of your personal information and device. Anonymous streaming becomes essential because torrent sources are often monitored strictly by watchdogs. This is you must install and run a reliable VPN service like CyberGhost to avoid any possible vulnerabilities.

A Pirates Life for Me is available with the Diamond Build Repository aka Diamond Wizard Repository. This add-on runs smoothly on all Kodi compatible devices and it is also compatible with Kodi Leia 18.5.

A Pirates Life for Me is a Movie and TV Shows add-on and brings HD and 4K links to an extensive range of titles from classics to the most recently released. Please bear in mind that A Pirates Life for Me is compatible with the Real-Debrid account. Without a Real-Debrid account, you’ll not be able to make the most of the HD links available with the torrent.

Advantages of A Pirates Life for Me Kodi Addon:

  • Developed by a credible team
  • Compatible with the Real-Debrid account
  • Engaging and user-friendly interface
  • Media is also categorized according to Display Resolution

The media categories on A Pirates Life for Me include:

  • Top 100 Trending HD TV Shows
  • Top 100 Trending HD Movies
  • Top 100 Trending Movies
  • Top 100 Trending 3D Movies
  • Top 30 Trending 4K UHD 2160p Movies
  • Top 90, 720p, 2020-2010 Movies
  • Top 90, 1090p, 2020-2010 Movies

Disadvantages of A Pirates Life for Me Kodi Add-on:

  • Media sources come from Torrent site which means that you have to be extra careful and must use a reliable VPN service
  • No links available for free streaming without a Real-Debrid Account

Install the Best VPN in 2020

For the fact that Kodi to be an open-source media player, the use, can be a little bit risky. Kodi officials don’t hold any responsibility for the type of media being played on this media organizing platform. If for any reason, you violate copyright policies, you might have to pay heavy fines or even serve a prison term at least for a few months. But there is no need to worry as long as a reliable premium VPN service is installed and running on the device or the network.

If you install A Pirate Life for Me Kodi addon without a VPN service in place, any torrent link could put you in a vulnerable position. ISPs and government agencies have developed a habit of constantly monitoring online activities of internet users. Even hackers have greater chances of breaking into your device in the absence of a reliable VPN service such a CyberGhost.

The recommended VPN

CyberGhost has been around for many years. We keep on evaluating different VPN services. As we write, CyberGhost is still the best premium service available in almost every country in the world. Thanks to a global network of many thousands of servers, CyberGhost can easily assign virtual IP addresses from suitable locations to bypass regional restrictions.

You can carry on your online activities anonymously thanks to the high-end 256 bit AES encryption algorithm. Data from and to your internet connection travels through a well-protected virtual tunnel which is virtually impossible for tech-expert to decode.

CyberGhost doesn’t save the log of your online activities on any of its servers. It means that whatever you do online remain a secret. These days, due to the Coronavirus outbreak, we are forced to make more and more online transactions providing the secret details of our bank credentials. This is the happy hunting ground for the hackers looking to make the most of their malicious attempts to break into your confidential information. But CyberGhost will keep the hackers at a safe distance. In addition, CyberGhost will protect your internet connection from speed throttles due to the unprecedented pressure on the global network these days during COVID-19 Lockdown.

All this at the best quality/price:

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Steps to Install A Pirate’s Life For Me Kodi Addon

Installing A Pirates Life For Me Kodi add-on is an easy procedure you can complete in a few minutes but first, you have to configure the download settings on Kodi. Here is the procedure:

Allowing Unknown Sources

  1. Launch Kodi
  2. Select Settings (Cogwheel Icon)
  3. Now open System
  4. Navigate to add-ons
  5. Look for unknown sources and toggle the button next to the option to enable downloading files from unknown sources
  6. Hit OK to confirm settingsActivate unknown sources on Kodi settings before installing the A Pirate's Life for Me Addon
  7. Hit Back/Return button or Escape (from keyboard) to access System screen

Installing the A Pirate’s Life for Me repository

  1. First of all, turn your VPN On. This is to avoid the repository and Addon to be blocked by ISPs.
    We strongly recommend to use a Good VPN like CyberGhost!
  2. Select File Manager (Folder Icon)
  3. Go to Add Source
  4. Select <None>
  5. Type or copy the following URL to the Diamond Build Repository
  6. Set a name for the media source. For example, Pirates Life or whatever pleases you
  7. Hit OK
  8. Return to System screen
  9. Open the Package Installer (Add-ons)
  10. Press Install from zip file
  11. Look for the name you selected as the media source. It was Pirates Life in our case so we are selecting it
  12. Select Install A Pirate's Life for Me Addon on your Kodi
  13. Select
  14. Within a few seconds, the system will display the message stating Diamond Build Repo add-on installed

Install the A Pirate’s Life for Me Addon

  1. Now press Install from repository
  2. Select Diamond Build Repo
  3. Press Video add-ons
  4. Select A Pirate’s Life for Me
  5. Press Install
  6. Kodi will install A Pirate’s Life For Me in a few seconds. Once you see the notification, return to the Kodi Home Screen and launch A Pirate’s Life for Me. Integrate your Real-Debrid Account and enjoy HD and 4K Movies and TV Shows.


Though you can install A Pirate’s Life For Me Kodi addon in less than a few minutes before the installation process, make sure that a Good VPN is up and running so that your device and internet connection keep watchdogs at a safe distance. Anonymous streaming is extremely important because this add-on uses Torrent links.

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