Watch WWE Elimination Chamber 2019 Live for Free using these apps

WWE is a popular sport event, growing in importance year after year. Early on this year we’ll have the first annual Elimination Chamber. If you are a fan you’ll not wont to loose it for nothing in this world. Thinking on the fans here is a guide on how to Watch WWE Elimination Chamber 2019 live and for free with the right streaming apps…

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Even though many of you already know what WWE Elimination Chamber is, let’s discuss a little detail about it for those of you who don’t. The Elimination Chamber also referred to as No Escape, is a professional wrestling and WWE Network event. It is produced by the well-known WWE itself.

Toyota Centre in Houston

Where and when

This year, the WWE Elimination Chamber 2019, will take place on February 17, 2019. The venue for the event is the Toyota Centre in Houston, Texas and this is the 9th event of the WWE Elimination Chamber.

The Elimination Chamber is a particularly brutal match which is nothing short of a constant brawl. It starts with two participants within the ring and the remaining four in a separate location. Every five minutes an additional contest is added to the bout until they’ve all been released. This means that not only is it possible for a single match to last over 20 minutes, with the objective being the elimination of all other opponents you can expect that the action is quite frenetic.  The winner is the final remaining wrestler left standing.

If you’re a fan of wrestling I’m sure you’ve seen some our recent post on watching WWE TLC on Kodi? Otherwise, if you’re new to our site, you’re in luck as we love covering the action in this sport. Now there are a couple of different ways that you can access the content. You can either do it directly through an app on your smartphone or android box or through an add-on within a tool like Kodi. You could consider Kodi the ‘app’ in this case so I’ll try to give you some advice on both paths.

Before we get into details on these different methods though, there is one thing you need to do and that is protecting yourself.

Why use VPNs? Here’s why!

VPNs, short for virtual private networks, have the power to hide your online activities. When you turn on the VPN and start using the internet, your VPN becomes this wall that separates you and the websites that you are browsing from any monitoring eyes. Keeping your browsing history and private information safe is very important; the outflow of this data can help anyone track you down. VPN also aids you to beat any boundaries or restrictions established by your country/city etc. ; furthermore guards you against external threats like malware, identity theft, viruses and so much more.

This is how a VPN works

The recommended VPN

One of the most remarkable VPNs out there is the CyberGhost which has innumerable features and delivers the best security for your browsing. It works on all operating systems including Android, Mac, Windows, iOS etc. Many VPNs available on the internet track all your activity in their servers; this could turn out to be extremely risky as this data can help anyone track you down and also have access to your browsing history and personal info. CyberGhost however, handles things in a different way. It has a no-logging system, which makes sure your activity data is not stored in their servers; no record or web-history can be found. This well-known VPN not only protects you from external threats; also protects you fromidentity theft and much more, that you could be exposed to while browsing on the internet; also makes sure your data is safe and encrypted.

It is possible to get VPNs for free. However, there actually is a hidden price that you need to consider. You see, free VPNs don’t guarantee to keep your details out of their system. This means that the security you think you have is actually not there! In addition, there are other issues with free VPNs – namely that of speed and even access as they simply do not have the same number of servers available as commercial VPNs – like CyberGhost do. I’ve found in all of my testing that using a service from a provider like CyberGhost pays dividends in the long run.

To help you stay anonymous and save, we managed to get an exclusive 79% of CyberGhost.

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Watch WWE Elimination Chamber 2019 with an App

If you’re not interested in installing Kodi, but you have an Android box or something similar you might want to consider using another app to Watch WWE Elimination Chamber 2019.

SportFusion App

Sportfusion is a streaming app for sport eventsSportFusion is a great application for learning all about the WWE. It’s not an official WWE app but you can get it from the Play Store so it’s a real easy download for your Android smartphone. Primarily focused on news and information, it also provides access to videos.

The WWE Network App

WWE app is the own wwe streaming appIf you want to try out other apps to Watch WWE Elimination Chamber 2019, the WWE Network App is a great platform for streaming the event online. This is an official app from the WWE and you can get it from the Play Store. You will need to get an account when using this app, but it’s still a lot cheaper than paying for cable or PPV!

Since this app is not supported in some regions of the world, you can always use our recommended VPNs to access the app. Once you download the VPN and log in, just connect to a US server. After this, launch the WWE Network and watch the event from anywhere in the world!

Best Kodi Add-ons to stream the Elimination Chamber

Kodi is an amazing platform that can be used to access hundreds of TV shows, movies, live and on-demand content and so much more! Thanks to the countless Kodi add-ons made by Kodi officials and third-parties, you can now access a huge pile of online entertainment content without; this without being worried about having to surf different websites to find a different type of content. In this article, we will discuss some of the most amazing add-ons available for Kodi; they would let us stream and Watch WWE Elimination Chamber 2019 ! So, without further ado, let’s move on to the details and how you can Watch WWE Elimination Chamber 2019.

Here are a few of the most popular and working addons to help you stream the event live.

WWE On Demand Add-on

WWE On Demand Kodi AddonThe name says it all! If you want an add-on that gives you hassle-free streaming of the live WWE Elimination Chamber, this add-on is for you! If you search for installation instructions for WWE On Demand, you’re probably going to find instructions for installing it using the Ares Wizard repository on Kodi. Unfortunately, this repo is no longer available, but fret not, there is another way to get WWE On Demand.

Cerebro IPTV+

Cerebro is a Kodi Addon for live TVCerebro IPTV+ is one of the best add-ons for people who wish to stream the WWE Elimination Chamber 2019 live! The addon has a long list of working links to live to stream the event. This amazing add-on allows you to watch the WWE Elimination Chamber for free! Yes, you do not have to pay a single dime to stream it and it also lets you access links to numerous sports media content and sports channels; for example, WWE TV. You can check out our post for more details on Cerebro IPTV as well as detailed installation instructions.


Many people around the world have been waiting to Watch WWE Elimination Chamber 2019 for a long time. Many of you are probably looking for a good application for this event without having to try out a number of streaming links and go through the issue of lagged streaming. Hopefully, this list will let you watch the match without too many hassles; just make sure that you get the best online live streaming on the day of the event. But remember to turn on a Good VPN like CyberGhost before streaming anything using any of these applications and addons; you can easily end on the wrong side of the law! Rather if you prefer to choose a VPN yourself, visit the guide on the Best VPNs for streaming, and pick the one fitting your needs.

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