How to watch WWE Fastlane Live Online and for Free

This year on March 11th 2018, tune in to experience the WWE Fastlane main event like never before. Here’s how to Watch WWE Fastlane Live and Online using Kodi or other free Android streaming Apps.

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This year on March 11th 2018, tune in to experience the WWE Fastlane main event like never before. This was supposed to be a ‘Triple Threat Match’ but it has now taken an unexpected twist and has become a ‘Fatal 5 Way’ match instead with existing WWE Champion AJ Styles facing off against Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, Baron Corbin and Dolph Ziggler.

It is unquestionably going to be a visual treat to experience as these legends of wrestling all come together. Everything is up for grabs and no-one can predict a winner so the only way to know who is going to take the belt is to watch it live!

Where do I view the WWE Fastlane match?

If you’re a resident of Columbus, Ohio and have tickets to the event at the Nationwide Arena you’re in luck. If you don’t have an opportunity to experience it live and in person though, your only option previously was on pay per view.

Unfortunately, this is somewhat expensive and unless you’re hosting a huge party, not really cost effective. If you’re interested in reading about some alternative ways to watch and experience the content while keeping your budget in check, read on!

Mandatory – Use a VPN

Using a VPN is an absolute essential here for a couple of different and important reasons. VPNs protect and secure your connection and ensure that everything you do online is private and encrypted.

VPNs are legal. In addition to the encryption, they also provide a method of bypassing geographic restrictions, where companies block access to content based on your location.

They have become even more important in recent days due to the removal of the net neutrality protections in the US. Now, it’s even easier for ISPs to track and monitor your activity and throttle or otherwise slow down your connection when streaming online.

Now when it comes to VPNs there are actually quite a few different choices available. You can use the free options or pay for a solution. In this case, I definitely advocate the paid route as the free ones actually tend to make the situation worse – they install malware and even slow down your connection – really they are not worth it. We always recommend IPVanish to our readers as its one of the best and most effective solutions online. We like it so much that we negotiated a 57% discount for readers of our site, just click here to apply!

If you’re interested in learning more about VPNs in general check out this link also.

Option 1: Watching WWE Fastlane on Kodi

In case you’re not familiar with Kodi, check out some of our guides on installing it as they might be helpful to get you started. Kodi is one of the best apps out there for streaming content online and is available for users of all operating systems- be it for Windows, OS X, Android or Linux. It was designed to look after the entertainment needs of the viewers by getting them the access to Live TV, catchup TV and movies.

There are quite a few add-ons available on various applications which give us access to live-streaming without any delay or interruption. There might be a small inconvenience for the users who are not residents of the US but this is where a VPN comes into play and helps you bypass those geographic restrictions. So without further ado, here are our best picks to help you watch WWE Fastlane on Kodi:


sportsdevil - watch WWE Fastlane

Our top pick by far is SportsDevil. This Kodi add-on has tons of different streams available for all sorts of sporting events and the WWE is one of them. Check out our guide on installing SportsDevil for more information.


WWE On Demand

WWE On Demand - WWE FastlaneClosely behind SportsDevil is WWE On Demand in terms of popularity. SportsDevil wins between the two simply due to the number and variety of streams available, but for WWE content specifically, you really can’t go wrong with WWE On Demand either. Check out our detailed guide for installation instructions.

BoB Unleashed

BoB Unleashed - watch WWE FastlaneBoB Unleashed is really good if you’re into live sports also. You can find a dedicated sports section and you’ll have access to not just pay-per-view events but also other regular weekday wrestling action. Check out our guide for full instructions on installing BoB Unleashed on Kodi.


Neptune Rising

Neptune Rising - WWE FastlaneAnother really good add-on for Kodi for live TV and sports that you should check out is Neptune Rising. While this add-on is not specifically focused on sports, it has lots of streams available and you can probably find one that is broadcasting the match. We’ve got a guide available to help you install Neptune Rising on your Kodi so give it a whirl!

Option 2: Watching Fastlane using Free Streaming Android Apps. Compatible with Android Phones, Android TV Boxes and Amazon Fire TV.

While an Android Box gives you the option of Kodi, you might want to use an app instead. Fortunately, there are a couple of options that you can explore but once again, I’d recommend that you use a VPN to ensure that you are protected.

Live NetTV

Live NetTV - watch WWE FastlaneOne great all in one app that you should definitely look at is Live NetTV. This app is not available on the Google Play store so check out our instructions for information on how to install it on your system. Live NetTV has hundreds of sports channels available and the list of channels accessible through the app is growing every day!


Mobdro - watch WWE FastlaneMobdro is another really good app for WWE events. Again this app also offers much more than just sports, but finding WWE events is as simple as using the search functionality. Check out our guide on installing Mobdro on your device.

This should get you started and help you enjoy the fight in all of its splendor and glory. This event is sure to be different and more exciting than the previous matches. Go, get ready and get your sources in place to view one of the most awaited fights of the season!


If you don’t have a PPV Pass to watch this fantastic match, the VPN together with these apps or kodi addons should do the job. Bare in mind that without a VPN, your chances to find a stream that works for you are very low and you’re exposing your identity while streaming the PPV event. For peace of mind always use a VPN, IPVanish is considered the best VPN for Kodi and it won’t compromise your identity as they have a no logs policy.

We’ve arranged a special VPN deal for our visitors! We’ve got you 57% discount on the top rated VPN for Kodi – IPVanish. Just access this link to automatically apply your 57% discount!

Happy streaming!

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