Live NetTV Install and Setup on a Fire Stick

If you’re looking for a quick and easy, no-frills app that simply works for Live TV streaming, you definitely should install Live NetTV on your fire stick.

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If you’re in the market for a quick and easy, no-frills app that simply works for Live TV streaming, you definitely need to install Live NetTV on your fire stick.

I initially stumbled across this app when I was looking for another way of accessing live sports over the web and I only briefly mentioned it in that post. However, now that I’ve played with it a bit more, I really think that this is one of those hidden gems that people simply don’t know enough about. Click here if you want to check out our Live NetTV Review.


There are quite a few different sites advertising links to the downloadable .apk for Live NetTV but right now I’d probably suggest that you go directly to the developers themselves! After all, if you go there they will have the latest and greatest builds so need to worry about updates and you also don’t need to worry about downloading malicious software or applications!

Security First!

Actually talking about malicious software, it’s probably a good idea to mention security first and discuss VPNs as sadly there are lots of people out there with nefarious intent. We always recommend IPVanish to all of our readers as it’s a great tool and installs straight from the search button on the Fire Stick. We’ve actually negotiated an exclusive deal with IPVanish to give our readers a 57% discount! You can read our complete guide on installing a VPN on Fire Stick for more information as well as installation instructions if you have an older model Fire Stick.

Why do you need a VPN you might ask? Well aside from its inherent security when browsing the Internet, VPNs have an added benefit when streaming content online. You see, lots of content is blocked based on IP addresses which are country specific. That means that regardless of the tool you are using to view the content, it simply will not play outside of that country. Netflix and BBC iPlayer are great examples of this. With a VPN though, you can bypass this “geoblocking” as the VPN makes it appear as if you are in the originating country!

That’s not the only positive of VPNs though. Many countries are changing their rules about what is and isn’t legal, almost on a daily basis and let’s be honest unless you’re in the legal profession, it’s pretty hard to stay on top of what the current regulations are. With a VPN though you don’t really need to worry about it as your browsing behavior is hidden away inside a tunnel giving you complete control!

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How to install Live NetTV on Fire Stick

Step 1 – Launch your Fire Stick and go to the Settings option and then select Developer Options. Select Apps from Unknown Sources to ON. Also, select the option entitled adb debugging and ensure that it is ON also. Ignore the message you receive about unknown sources as you can always reverse this after you’ve completed installing the app. and then click the OK button to accept.

Step 2 – Go back to the Fire Stick home screen, and click on the search button at the top left and then type in Downloader. Select the downloader app and click get to download it to your system.

Step 3 – Launch downloader and in the address bar type in click on the download button to download the apk to your Android device.

Step 4 – install the app you downloaded in the previous step (since you’ve already enabled unknown sources in Step 1 this should go seamlessly. If you haven’t done so, you’ll need to do it now).

Step 5 – Open the app and select the appropriate stream you are interested in! That’s it. It really is that easy.

Using Live NetTV

There are 500+ channels available through the app currently and this list is growing with the channels sorted in fairly easy to use and recognize categories.

Simply scroll up and down within a category for additional countries and locations or right and left to change categories.

Once you’ve selected a channel, click it and then you’ll be prompted to choose from one or more different links. If the first doesn’t work, try the next. So far every channel I’ve tested on my Fire Stick has worked perfectly which is really saying something.

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  1. Neil West says

    I have. Livenet but cannot play any channels, got sounds but it stops after about 10 secs, have downloaded and set MX players as default player. Ripping my hair out

    1. bestdroidplayer says

      Hi Neil.
      your internet service provider may be blocking your activity, try to use a VPN as we recommend in this article.

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