Best Alternatives to ShowBox – List of Streaming applications

What happen when our favorite streaming application becomes to working badly? Time to look for alternatives – you say. That’s right there are always alternatives, and here’s a list of the Best Alternatives to ShowBox Streaming application…

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Showbox is one of the most popular Android apps for streaming movies, and TV Shows free and in HD. The app is simply better than most available streaming apps in terms of providing users with tons of varied and High Definition content. However, Showbox hasn’t been stable in recent times, and there are times when the app is completely not working.

For this reason and the fact that every streaming app has its flaws, it’s wise to look for alternatives. We carefully analyzed most movie and TV show streaming apps, and we’ve come up with a list of the Best Alternatives to ShowBox. These apps can be easily installed on your Android Smartphone or side-loaded on your Amazon Firestick.

Caution: Be careful with Copyright Infringement

The Showbox website clearly states that “Show Box is NOT a legitimate software application for watching copyright protected movies”. This means that the content you find on Showbox or most of the apps listed here is not owned by the app developers; therefore its consumption is a breach of the law. Since your ISP, governments and copyright protection agencies can always get the records of your viewing activities, you can be easily sued for copyright infringement.

Watching content on Showbox or its alternatives is therefore and a huge risk.

This is how a VPN worksYou should never stream anything without a private and secure VPN like IPVanish. The VPN will encrypt your traffic and securely tunnel it to a private server of your choice. This way, your ISP can no longer see your activities, and neither can the government or any other third party.
We recommend IPVanish because it’s the most reliable VPN at the moment, and it keeps absolute zero logs of your activities. The VPN is also secure and fast enough to let you stream in HD without buffering issues.

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Best Alternatives to ShowBox

Below are a list of apps  – the Best Alternatives to ShowBox; that can give you the same or even better experience. The apps listed here allow you to watch almost any of the popular movies and TV Shows.


Cinema APK is one of the bests streaming applicationCinema APK is another superb Showbox alternative, and it very much resembles Showbox; thus is placed on first position on this list of the Best Alternatives to ShowBox. The apps works seamlessly, and with it, you can watch tons of High Definition content without having to pay a penny. The content on Cinema is updated quite regularly, and you can always find content just shortly after it’s released.

For all videos, you will be provided with many stream links of varying video quality thanks to the app’s top-grade scrappers. You can also integrate Real-Debrid (visit site) and (visit the site) with the app so as to get the best stream links as well as keep track of what you watch. Cinema can be installed on your Android Smartphone, Android TV or TV Box, and Amazon Fire TV and Stick. Know more about Cinema APK!

2.Popcorn Time

Popcorn TV is one of the bests streaming applicationPopcorn Time is another must-have app for streaming. It is an open-source BitTorrent client that has an integrated media player that can play almost any type of files. This is one of the best platforms for free HD movies, and you can use the service on Android, Windows, Linux, and on Chrome browser.

What makes Popcorn Time one of the Best Alternatives to ShowBox is its huge library, which is even bigger than Netflix. The service organizes this content into movies, series, Anime, Indie, and Genre. You can sort by genres such as Action, Comedy, Adventure, Documentary, Drama etc. You can also sort by popularity, trending, time added, rating etc. One thing you’ll really like about Popcorn Time is that you can watch the latest blockbuster movies soon after they are released, with quality of up to 1080p.


Kodi is one of the bests streaming applicationKodi is a very popular platform and the favorite streaming platform among cord-cutters. It is a very powerful media center for home entertainment, and it helps you organize your content in a great way. Kodi is however known for its ability to stream anything from Live TV and Sports to the latest movies and series. This is thanks to its integration with thousands of Kodi addons; therefore is one of the Best Alternatives to ShowBox.

With the best working Kodi addons, you can watch any movie or TV show you desire, and you can even add subtitles. With the app, you can also watch episodes as they air live thanks to its IPTV capability and addons. To make all this possible, you need to know and install the right Kodi addons. No need to worry though, as we have comprehensive Kodi guides for you. You can use Kodi on Android, Android TVs, Windows, iOS, Mac OS X, Linux, Amazon Fire Stick, and Raspberry Pi.


TV Zion is one of the Best app streamingOn the last place, but also a Best Alternatives to ShowBox, TVZion is another great streaming app that will let you enjoy a wide range of movies and TV shows. The app boasts a very cool interface that is also easy to use. On the home page, TV Shows are grouped into categories; recently aired, airing today, popular in 2018, popular in Action and Adventure, Popular in Comedy are some of them. This enables you to easily sort the content as well as keep yourself updated.

TVZion is also good at pulling streams for the various videos; you can watch content in 720p as well as 1080p. Whenever a stream is broken, the app will list it as “failed,” to save you from trial and error. You can also integrate Real-Debrid (visit the site) to be assured of better streams. TVZion can be installed on your Android device and the Amazon Fire TV and Stick.

How to watch Movies & TV Shows Safely

Whichever app you choose to install (you can even install multiple apps, after all they are free!), you will need to stay private and secure while streaming. Before you can even open the app, follow the procedure below and stay safe.

  • Subscribe to IPVanish HERE. The VPN offers a xx-day money-back guarantee on any of their plans. This means that you can use it within that period and get your money back without any hassle or having to explain your reasons.
  • Download the VPN app for your device from the official website which should have opened after clicking the link above. You can install the apps on all your devices since IPVanish allows you to connect up to numerous devices simultaneously.
  • Install the client on your device and log in using the credentials you signed up with.
  • Connect to a server near you in order to get the best speeds.

Now, after connection, your internet usage will be private and secure. Your ISP can no longer see what you are accessing while on the internet; so, you can stream without worries. You will also be able to enjoy other VPN benefits like unblocking geo-restricted content, evading ISP censorship, overcoming bandwidth throttling, and many others.

Enjoy your stress-free streaming!

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