Watch WWE Raw in Toronto Online using Kodi Addons for streaming

This time WWE Raw will take place at Toronto and may be you are one of the fortunate fans that will watch this wrestling event live. For all fans that will not have the chance to Watch WWE Raw in site, here’s a guide that will help you to watch it Online using Kodi and its Addons specialized on sporting events streaming.

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WWE is back with the superstar wrestlers you love. This RAW event happens August 12, 2019, at 7:30 PM at the Scotiabank Arena in Toronto, ON. Featured superstars for this event include Drew McIntyre, Bobby Lashley, and Becky Lynch.

Drew McIntyre is a Scottish professional wrestler who is a two-time WWE Tag Team Champion and a one-time International Champion. Bobby Lashley is an ECW World Champion and a one-time United States Champion. Lashley is an American professional wrestler who hails from Junction City, KS. Becky Lynch is an Irish professional wrestler who in her first reign, is the current RAW Women’s Champion.

Other headlining wrestlers at this WWE RAW event are Seth Rollins, Braun Strowman, and AJ Styles. Seth Rollins hails from Buffalo, IA and in his first reign, is the current Universal Champion. Braun Strowman, who hails from Sherrills Ford, NC, is an American professional wrestler who made his debut on the wrestling scene on December, 19,2014.

The infamous AJ Styles is referred to as one of the world’s best professional wrestlers. He is an American professional wrestler who has headlined many international pay-per-view events. Baron Corbin, who is originally from Lenexa, KS, is an American professional wrestler who will also be featured in this WWE RAW event in Toronto.

What to visit in Toronto

If you intend on attending this life professional wrestling event, take the time to visit some of the sites and attractions in Toronto, including the St. Lawrence Market, and Toronto Islands.

Toronto Ontario Canada will be the stage of the WWE Raw TorontoIf you’re watching WWE RAW Toronto from the comfort of your home, there are a few precautions you need to take before you begin to view this event, such as purchasing a Good VPN like IPVanish. If you think using a VPN doesn’t make much of a difference, think again. Once you find out how a VPN protects your privacy, you’ll be more than glad to start using one if you don’t already.

VPNs and Their Importance When Streaming the WWE

Peace of Mind

Do you know what it feels like when you don’t have to worry about something? If not, you’ll get to experience that feeling when you purchase a VPN. When you have an active VPN, you don’t have to worry about someone hacking your computer or network connection to gain access to your personal information and files stored on your computer, which can be a total nightmare. You can stream and browse the internet as long as you want; don’t need to worry about someone getting a hold of your information. You can’t put a price on that!

Bypass Restrictions

If you’re not a resident of the United States, you could face a few restrictions when it comes to watching WWE events. Also, if you’re not a resident of the United States, your government could be blocking this content; this means you can’t access it unless you use a VPN. Using a VPN in this situation grants access to Kodi addons, WWE content, and a variety of other content by allowing you to bypass restrictions, which include location restrictions and government censor restrictions.

Without limitations in your way, you can watch all the content you’ve ever wanted. Find the coziest spot in your home and watch as much WWE content as you want without limitations. You need to have the right VPN to make this happen though as all VPNs are not created equal. IPVanish for example has servers all over the world which help you bypass georestrictions quickly and easily.

Added Security for Wi-Fi Usage

If you don’t have a reliable internet connection at home, you’re probably tempted to head to a nearby location; usually where there is a public Wi-Fi network. Using these unsecured networks are okay if you are using a VPN to block unwanted attempts of accessing your computer and information. If you’re not using a VPN, but connected to a public Wi-Fi network, be aware; it only takes seconds for someone to access your information and use it against you in the form of identity theft. Public Wi-Fi connections are unsecured, which means there is no password needed to access the network. Everyone on this network and their information is exposed and fair game to hackers. Use a VPN so you won’t fall victim to identity theft!


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Using a VPN allows you to be the boss. No one and nothing can access your files without your permission. No one can take a peek at your browsing history or access any data stored on your computer because the VPN blocks everything. IPVanish  has a no-logging policy so even if they get asked they will be unable to provide information about what you are doing.

When it comes to VPNs there really is only one leader in my book. IPVanish has clients that work with almost any device you can imagine from the Firestick to Android boxes, Smartphones, and even Smart TVs. I’ve always recommended IPVanish and luckily for you, you can access it at a massive discount as a reader of our site.

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How to Watch WWE Raw in Toronto

To Watch WWE Raw in Toronto Online, you can use Kodi Addons; here’s a list of the most suitable.

Cerebro IPTV+

Cerebro IPTV+ is a popular Kodi addon because it has many different working links that allow you to stream WWE content. This addon will enable you to watch a variety of sports content; also get your daily dose of live WWE events, and you can watch with Extreme Rules free of charge. We’ve got detailed instructions for you with Cerebro IPTV+ so that you can get it on your device quickly and easily.

WWE Network

WWE app is the own wwe streaming appThe WWE Network addon gives you access to live TV and other WWE content. This network requires a subscription to access all the features of this addon at $9.99 per month. The WWE Network provides over 8,000 hours of on-demand WWE content you can watch as many times as you like. This WWE Kodi addon gives you access to WWE movies; including WWE Ride Along, Best of WWE Hall of Fame, Wrestlemania, and many other WWE movies. You can get the WWE Network Kodi addon following these really simple instructions:

  • Download and store the addon from this location – “” making sure that you save the zip file in a location you can easily access.
  • Open your Kodi device and go to the addons menu, select   and then select  ‘install from zip file’ and find the file you downloaded earlier. Double click on it to launch it.
  • Wait for the addon installed notification and then launch the addon.
  • Input your user information and enjoy the excitement!


Miss your favorite WWE shows can be a bummer, but with the Nemesis addon for the Kodi platform, you can catch up on everything you missed. This addon has a variety of WWE content; including live TV shows and past shows you can watch over and over again with just a click on your Kodi device. Check out our install instructions for Nemesis here to learn how to get it onto your favorite device so you don’t miss any of the action!

cCloud TV

cCloud TV Kodi AddoncCloud TV is a cloud-based, open source social IPTV service that is maintained by the cCloud TV community. This addon enables you to stream different live TV channels from around the world. cCloud TV has different sports channels that include WWE TV shows. You can use this addon to search for your favorite WWE content to stream. Check out install instructions for cCloud here to get started.

Wrap up

If you’re considering using one or more of these Kodi addons to Watch WWE Raw in Toronto Online, make sure you purchase a Good VPN like IPVanish before using them. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. Make sure your network and information are protected by using a reliable VPN.

Hope this guide would help you to Watch WWE Raw in Toronto Online, using Kodi and its addons.

Disclaimer: BestDroidPlayer is in no way affiliated to Kodi and its addons. We do not support the consumption of illegal content; so, the content provided here is only informational. If you decide to use it in any way, we advise that you use a VPN.

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