How to Watch WWE RAW Albany on Kodi using the best streaming addons

WWE Raw is a popular yearly wrestling event. This year starts on May and you’ll not want to miss it. If you couldn’t get tickets or you are away from Albany here’s How you can Watch WWE RAW Albany on Kodi using the best streaming addons.

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WWE Raw dates back its history to January 11, 1993, when it started. Since then it has been considered a flagship program of the WWE. It is also known as Monday Night Raw or simply Raw. The name of the show is also used to refer to the RAW brand, to which each member of the WWE is assigned to play.

What gained its popularity right from the start was the length for which it was aired (60 minutes). RAW, as compared to other wrestling matches, is aired to a live audience. The streaming of live performances is available to the audience worldwide.

The Big Event

Who:  AJ Styles, Seth Rollins, Braun Strowman, Becky Lynch, Baron Corbin, Bobby Lashley

When: Monday, May 20 at 7:30 pm

Where: Times Union Center Albany, NY
The Times Union Center
But, before getting deeper on How to Watch WWE RAW Albany on Kodi using the best streaming addons, let’s talk about protecting your privacy.

Is a VPN needed while using Kodi to Watch WWE RAW Albany?

Your personal information may be seen by sniffersIt is always smart to have protection to keep your data safe. Internet security is not only about protecting your computer from viruses. Viruses can be shielded with anti-virus software. However, you need to protect your PC from people who will try to get your data. VPN’s thus provides a protective shield and protects your private information, and this helps in preventing identity theft and other instances of fraud.

What does a VPN do?

A VPN is a smart way of hiding / masking your IP address. By protecting this information, people won’t be able to track down your location, which saves you from anyone gathering information as to which sites you are viewing. This also protects you from ads, as a third party won’t be able to collect data from your site. Other than that VPN’s safeguard your personal information merely by shielding the IP address. Without a VPN one essentially has no privacy.

The benefits of masking your IP address

 Access to all sites

Some sites are geo-restricted. What this means that the site is only functional in that particular area. You have probably seen this if you’ve ever seen an error message like the following:

Geo blockage messageBut once a VPN is activated, you can gain access to the website with ease.  VPNs are able to bypass geo-restrictions by masking your IP address. Basically, when you connect to a VPN server in another country, you are assigned a local IP address from that region. This makes it appear as if you’re browsing from that country and the content will be available to you. This increases the content that you can browse on the internet and gains you access to a broader platform of information available on the internet.

Censorship and Surveillance

Masking your IP address will leave no tracks behind. Thus the government is unaware of all the sites that you visit. Therefore you can access anything on the internet without fearing that it will be traced.

Use of Public Wi-Fi

One is often tempted to use public Wi-Fi. But this could be a bit risky in terms of your information being gathered by a wrong person. However, with the VPN activated you can use the internet without any worry of your digital identity being discovered or cyber threats.

Not limited to any device

VPN’s can be used on all electronic devices such as laptops, PC’s, tablets, cell phones, and more. To protect your browsing history from anonymous people trying to tap into it, you can easily go for this option. Regardless of the device in use, they will keep your information protected.

The Best VPN to Watch WWE RAW

When choosing a VPN to use with WWE RAW you do have options. You could go the “free route” but I’m here to tell you that you’re probably going to end up spending a lot more in the long run if you do. Or you could purchase one of the many commercial VPNs.

Why is free, not really really free? Well, this kind of goes back to the old adage –

You get what you pay for!

You see when streaming content online you want to look for the fastest servers possible. This is because slow servers can cause your streams to buffer or even crash which completely defeats their purpose. Free VPNs are generally extremely slow which makes them next to useless.

Another problem with free VPNs though is that they store your information. If you’re using a VPN to make yourself anonymous, this is a bit contrary to that purpose! A commercial VPN like IPVanish however has a “no-logging policy” in place. This is for your protection and by itself, it makes it worth the money.

The third advantage to commercial VPNs like IPVanish is the number of servers they have available to access. If you recall earlier, I talked about geo-restrictions and how a VPN server can help you bypass this issue? Well, IPVanish has thousands of servers around the world giving you lots of options when you’re trying to get access to content online.

I’ve talked a lot about why I think IPVanish is your best option. Do you want to hear something even better though? As a reader of our site, we managed to get an exclusive 57% of IPVanish.

Save 57% of IPVanish, now!

Watching WWE RAW using add-ons

If you too do not want to pay the high price on the different media networks to browse and view the shows, you can use Kodi add-ons to help you save. Before you use these addons, it’s always suggested that you switch on your VPN as this will help you gain easy access to VPN’s. VPN’s are entirely safe to use and are legal and are highly recommended.

There are several different add-ons that you can use to Watch WWE RAW. Here are some of the best that we recommend.

WWE on Demand

WWE on Demand Addon for KodiProbably one of the best addons for the WWE, WWE on Demand offers quite a bit. With WWE on Demand you get:

  • Replays including access to older wrestling events,
  • WWE Network specials
  • WWE Live events

As you can well imagine, this is probably one of the best addons for wrestling fans. Unfortunately, it became harder to access when the Ares Wizard disappeared. Lucky for you though, we’ve managed to find another repository where you can get this from so check out some detailed installation instructions here.

If WWE on Demand doesn’t work for you though, keep on reading as we have some other options that might better suit your requirements.

Sport 365.Live

Sport 365 Live is a Kodi addon to watch live sportsNow if you’re a fan of more than just the WWE you probably want to consider another option for your viewing enjoyment. Sport 365.Live has been around for a while but it’s newer than SportsDevil which is another good option.

With Sport 365.Live you gain access to sporting events from all over the world and can catch the latest events. If you want to watch the Masters or Wimbledon, you’re almost guaranteed to find a stream in Sport 365.Live. It’s an excellent addon that works seamlessly. Check out our detailed install instructions here for information and steps to get it on to your device.

WWE Network

WWE Network is the Official Kodi Addon for wrestling eventsIf you’re OK paying a nominal fee for premium wrestling content, then the WWE Network Kodi addon is what you’re looking for. This add-on provides you with thousands of hours of streaming at just $9.99 per month. Which includes, live matches and podcast.

Now $9.99/month might sound like a lot when you consider that other addons will give you the content for free, but if you consider the fact that you’re guaranteed to get an HD feed and you won’t have to worry about any issues with your stream, it’s probably a worthy investment.

If you pair that up with the fact that it’s a fraction of the cost of a PPV subscription, I think you’d agree that it’s not that much after all! Now while the WWE Network is an official Kodi addon it’s not yet available directly through the repository so follow the instructions below to get it onto your device.

  • Create an account at:
  • Download the WWE Network zip file to your computer, by visiting:
  • Open Kodi and go to Add Ons.
  • Select the open box (addon installer) option and then choose “install from zip file”
  • Find the zip file you downloaded earlier and double click it to launch the installation.
  • Wait for the “addon installed” notification and then browse to WWE Network in your addons folder.
  • Remember, you will need a userid and password to access the addon which you should have received when you signed up.


As you can see, you do have a number of options when it comes to watching WWE RAW Albany with Kodi. Just remember to always use a Good VPN like IPVanish, or make sure you have chosen the Best VPN services for Kodi, before streaming anything, to stay away from legal penalties.

Hope this guide on How to Watch WWE RAW Albany on Kodi, have helped you.

Have nice sporting time!

Disclaimer: BestDroidPlayer is in no way affiliated to Kodi and its addons. We do not support the consumption of illegal content, and the content provided here is only informational. If you decide to use it in any way, we advise that you use a VPN.

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