Watch WWE Live Amsterdam using the best streaming apps

Still in Europe WWE battles will take place now in Amsterdam in this November and, if you can not attend the event in place, this article will tell you how to watch it live on your screen.

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In the heart of the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam, everybody will wear their hearts on their sleeves. Fear, anticipation, and excitement will be palpable on their faces as one wrestler will take on the other. It is the ultimate battle for the title and nobody wants to miss it. Tickets to the official Live event have been reportedly sold out and fans are excited for what is in store for them.

WWE Live is a sport and a family entertainment ring match where wrestlers fight each other and display their strength. All live events are broadcast across the world, albeit sometimes for a charge. But the wait and effort are worth it because, at the live event, you get to see your idols up close and see them struggle for victory.

It is a lively event that many people, unfortunately, miss out on due to the restrictions. Restrictions like a charge of money or geographically restricted broadcasting heavily impact the shows’ glory. And fans like you and me hardly ever get the better end of it. There is a solution to this, though. And that is to watch WWE on online streaming platforms who telecast it worldwide using these platforms.

To watch these shows from your home, you can download add-ons and stream WWE live from there. There is one major problem, though. Streaming on these add-ons generally gives you access to copyrighted content which is dangerous and can land you behind bars. A VPN is a preventive measure that you need to take at any cost.

What is a VPN, and Why do You Need One?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. True to its name, the function of a VPN is to create a private network for you.
This is how VPNs Work
When you open your device, a mobile or a laptop with a VPN, it connects you with a VPN server in another part of the country or a different country entirely. This means that anybody who is monitoring your path will not be able to see where you’re located or what you are doing.

The purpose of creating a private network is to protect your online identity. With a Good VPN like IPVanish in place your online activities are completely private and secure. This is key if you ever use public WiFi networks as these networks are very easy to hack. Malicious individuals can quickly gain access to your private information leaving you at risk. A VPN prevents this folly.

Moreover, a VPN dilutes geo-restrictions. Geo-restrictions are the barriers placed on objects so that the object cannot be accessed from a different region. The WWE match is not telecasted in a few countries. And if you happen to live in the same country where watching WWE has monetary or geo-restrictions, then IPVanish has a solution for you. With a VPN like IPVanish , you can choose your server in that country where WWE Live has no such restrictions.

Furthermore, the VPN keeps your identity anonymous. If you are on public Wi-Fi, chances of your data being accessed by snoopers are high. Even when not on a public network, you are at high risk because your IP address and your location are always exposed. This means that your browsing is open for the wrongdoers to utilize and get you in trouble for accessing a restricted site. But, when you have a VPN, you don’t have to worry about this at all. Since your IP address is different from the actual one, your data and browsing cannot be easily traced.

Other benefits of using a VPN

Services like IPVanish has many more benefits like:

  • Hiding your browsing history
  • Protect your devices from snooping eyes
  • Allowing you to use services that are unavailable outside a country
  • Protect against identity theft
  • Anonymous browsing

VPN’s like IPVanish have more serious uses and benefits too. Primarily they are great at bypassing censorship in countries and regions where internet access is blocked or restricted. Using a VPN helps you gain access to information that might be unavailable to you otherwise. In addition, ISPs often use “fair use policies” to block or slow down connections for users that they believe are abusing their internet access. With a VPN however, your ISP will not know that you are streaming content and will not block your service helping ensure your connections is uninterrupted.

As you can see there are many advantages and reasons why you should use a VPN in your day-to-day life.

Luckily for you, we have the perfect VPN for you – IPVanish – it’s one of the best on the market and has clients available for almost any device you can imagine. Even better we managed to get an exclusive 57% of IPVanish.

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Watch WWE Live Amsterdam

It’s a breeze once you get a safe and reliable VPN. All you need to do now is to look for the suitable add-ons and not miss to watch the legendary WWE Live in Amsterdam match on the 12th of November. Don’t go searching for it. We have you covered. Here are a few of the best add-ons to enhance your streaming as well as have easy access to the shows. But before we talk to you about add-ons, there are other ways to watch WWE Live in Amsterdam. They are:

  • Mobdro is a streaming application that can be used to Watch WWE Amesterdam LiveMobdro:

    The official Mobdro Mobile Application which can be used to access live shows from all over the world. To watch WWE Live, you need to look up for the channel called WWE Network. You can find out how to install Mobdro here. Remember, Mobdro contains many copyrighted shows and streams. Streaming and watch WWE Live Amsterdam, without a Good VPN IPVanish, is not very advisable.

  • The official WWE Network streaming source is the right source to watch WWE Live AmsterdamWWE Network:

    Other than that, you can watch WWE Live Amsterdam on the official on WWE Network channel. That, however, requires payment and is geo-restricted. To eliminate these two restrictions, a VPN is a must.  WWE Network is available directly from the WWE website, but you need to ensure that your IPVanish is active before navigating to this site or you will be automatically redirected. Remember, it’s less than $10/mo which is significantly less than PPV and cable charges and you are also not tied into a contract so for fans it’s definitely worth considering.

  • Kodi is a streaming application and with the use of the right addons you'll be able to watch WWE Live in AmsterdamKODI

    As for the add-ons, you will first need to download an application called Kodi. Kodi can be downloaded from their official website and it is very easy to set up on devices like the Firestick and FireTV following these instructions. Kodi is an easy and interactive streaming platform with a myriad of add-ons. These add-ons make every possible show to ever exist available to watch at our fingertips, so does to the WWE Live Amsterdam wrestling event.


In conclusion, there are two things you should remember. Firstly, no entertainment is enjoyable if it means that your privacy and life are at stake. Don’t fall out on purchasing a VPN. Beware of free VPNs and make the right decision towards choosing the latest running protocol VPN. Secondly, if there is a will, there is away. You wanted to see the match and here we are with a list of places where you can watch the same.

Hurry and set up your VPN and your choice of streaming service, now!

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