Watch WWE SmackDown Las Vegas on Kodi and Android in October

Another WWE is right there in October and here’s the way to Watch WWE SmackDown Las Vegas on your Kodi or Android device in October

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I know that you definitely are a WWE Fan. After all, that is what brings you to this page and we want to welcome you with some of the different ways that you can watch WWE SmackDown on Kodi and Android. We realize that you are eagerly waiting to watch WWE SmackDown Friday Night on October 11 and T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas is ready to host the event.

Don’t worry about geo-restrictions because we have safe, fast and secure ways to watch WWE SmackDown Las Vegas on Kodi and Android. There are some reliable apps for FireStick and also addons for Kodi you could install to watch WWE events.

WWE SmackDown Las Vegas in October

Things are getting interesting with the passage of each week. Friday Night SmackDown on Oct 11 is going to present Samoa Joe, Roman Reigns, Rowan, Bryan, New Day, Randy Orton, and more. And don’t forget Bayley (Women’s Champion) is also ready to demonstrate her talent.

Event Details – WWE SmackDown Las Vegas

  • Event Name: SmackDown (Friday Night)
  • Day: Friday
  • Data: October 11, 2019
  • Time: 4:45 PM (local time)
  • Arena: T-Mobile (Las Vegas)

Most Anticipated Matches – SmackDown Las Vegas

  • Samoa Joe vs. Roman Reigns
  • The New Day/Brock Lesnar vs. Daniel Bryan/Rowan/Randy Orton

Featured Stars

Before we carry on to the working and reliable methods to watch WWE SmackDown Las Vegas on Kodi and Android in this month of October, it is important to know why it is important to ensure network privacy and protection via VPN Service.

Reliable VPN – Must Install!

We are here to guide you to the best practices to secure your network connection while bypassing geo-restrictions to watch WWE SmackDown on Kodi and Android. There various VPN services advertising their offers to compete against each other. We have tested multiple VPNs till now and have concluded that IPVanish is the best VPN service available in 2019.

The purpose here is to access WWE Network and Links to WWE PPV. Yes, you could install different apps and addons but remember that they bring links to WWE broadcasting sources. If you live in the region that restricts WWE broadcast, these addons and apps will not work the way to want. But there is no need to worry. IPVanish can easily bypass geo-restrictions by assigning the IP address to the most suitable location.

IPVanish protects your network and devices from potential hackers and watchdogs. This is done via the most reliable and hard-to-crack encryption algorithm. The end-to-end encryption keeps your data and personal information safe from ISPs who constantly look to extract your information so that they could sell it to advertising agencies.

Why We Recommend IPVanish

  • Privacy

    Thanks to their own encryption algorithm, hackers find no way to crack decode data traveling through the network.

  • Compatibility

    IPVanish is compatible with Android and iOS Devices. It works with Smartphones, Smart TVs, Firestick, and media organizers such as Plex and Kodi.

  • Free Trial

    It is always recommended to use the trial version first to evaluate the performance of a digital product or software. IPVanish lets you have a free trial to test the service.

  • Fast Streaming

    The IPVanish service ensures that no-one including your own ISP is monitoring you. When you do not have to worry about fair use policies or anything like that, you know that your streaming is going to be more fun and enjoyable.

  • Price

    Another really good feature of IPVanish is its price. You see as a reader of this site, you are entitled to a 57% huge discount.

Save 57% of IPVanish now!

How to Watch SmackDown Las Vegas on Android in October

There are some reliable apps you could install on your FireStick.

Sportz TV

Sportz TV is an application for AndroidFor WWE events, we recommend the Sportz TV App. This Application serves you with high-quality links to thousands of sports channels. Yes, literally thousands, in fact, this app offers over 6,500 sports channels from all over the world.

Don’t forget that you need a VPN to unlock links to all these channels. This is a paid application and the monthly charges start at $14.95 (for the two-screen package).

You can follow these really simple instructions to get Sportz TV on to your device.

WWE Network

The official WWE Network streaming sourceWhat else could be more reliable than the official WWE Network App to watch WWE events? You can gain access to this directly from the WWE site here, but make sure that you have a Good VPN Like IPVanish set to the USA first or it won’t work!

Install the App and create your account. Once more, this App also faces geo-restrictions so you need a VPN to access the content you want to watch. There are live events (all PPV events), on-demand videos, and more. WWE Network is also a paid app but it does offer a free month trial so you use it for SmackDown and then cancel it without having to worry about payment.

How to Watch WWE SmackDown Las Vegas on Kodi in October?

Kodi is arguably the best streaming platform which is basically a media player but it has the ability to run online media content with the help of add-ons.

Johki’s Wrestling

This is the best Kodi addon to watch WWE SmackDown. It brings links to high-quality streaming sources featuring NXT, RAW, SmackDown, and Superstars.

Apart from WWE, this add-on also brings links to UFC Fight Nights. You can follow these straightforward instructions to install Johki .

Sports 365 Live

Sport 365 Live is a Kodi addon to watch live sportsAnother really good sporting addon on Kodi that I almost always recommend is Sports 365 Live. Unlike Johki which is focused primarily on the WWE, Sports 365 is built around all sorts of different sports and sporting events. You can catch WWE SmackDown Las Vegas and lots of other WWE events as well as Tennis, Hockey, Soccer and almost any other sporting activity you can imagine. Follow these really simple instructions to get Sports 365 Live onto your system.


All the above-mentioned apps and addons will not work if you don’t have the solution to deal with geo-restrictions. Without a VPN, the quality streaming links will be blocked. So remember if you want to watch the latest and greatest sports including WWE SmackDown Las Vegas make sure that you not only install the addons and apps we’ve suggested but get yourself a quality VPN like IPVanish.

We hope to have helped you to know how to Watch WWE SmackDown Las Vegas this October.

Have a great WWE streaming!

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