Best Mobdro Alternatives for Free Live TV streaming

Mobdro is an excellent and very popular live tv streaming app, but most users are looking for some other alternatives too; in this article, we are going to share some Mobdro alternatives for free live TV streaming…

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Streaming isn’t only all about movies and TV shows but also live events such as sports, news and everything that’s available on Live TV. For a newbie cord cutter interested in free live TV streaming, life can be hard if you don’t know the right apps or where to find them. Most people usually start with Mobdro due to the fact that it’s popular, easier to install and it’s free although there’s a premium version. But the primary reason why cord cutters prefer Mobdro is that it can stream a plethora of live TV channels including sports.

If you have tried Mobdro and you are looking for other Mobdro Alternatives, you’ve just landed in the right place. Below are our top picks of apps just like Mobdro. These apps are suited for live Tv streaming and the best part; they are free just like Mobdro.

Best Mobdro Alternatives

Here are listed the Mobdro Alternatives we consider to be the best ones, but…

Before you proceed: Use a VPN

Streaming content over the internet is a lot riskier nowadays. For instance, you may stream copyrighted content illegally which is a criminal offense. Your privacy and security may be at risk too, and ISPs can throttle your bandwidth hence causing buffering errors. Most importantly, live streams may be blocked due to geo restrictions. To avoid the above, you will need to use a good VPN. The VPN will help you bypass geo restrictions, prevent ISP throttling and data capping, and also provide overall privacy and security.

Live NetTV

Live NetTV Mobdro AlternativesAs its name suggests, this service provides free Live TV streaming. It has over 800 Live TV channels offered in the following 9 categories; Sports, Entertainment, News, Movies, Documentary, Cooking, Music, Kids and Religious. The service provides content from various countries such as the UK, Pakistani, India, Arabic, Turkish and other international countries. If your favorite channel is missing, Live NetTV provides an option in which you can request for it. You can even report a channel if it’s not working. Live NetTV service also has a Live Events scheduling where you get information about upcoming Live TV events.

To get Live NetTV service, you need to download the Live NetTV app which is available on Android Platforms. You can also install it on other devices via emulators. The app is simple and straightforward to use, and the channels are also offered in high quality.


uktvnow - best alternatives to MobdroUKTVNow is among the best live TV streaming apps which have grown very popular since its inception and you can download it here. It offers more than 150 channels for cord cutters to choose what to watch. The channels can be browsed via categories or countries from which the content is provided such as the UK, US, Canada, India and so on. The categories include; entertainment, sports, news, drama, movies and more.

The app is user-friendly with a great user interface. The app is provided in the APK format since it was built for Android platforms. But that’s nothing to worry about as you can install it in other platforms such as windows, via a software emulating the Android platform.

TV Catchup

TV Catchup mobdro alternativesBesides being a cable service, TV Catchup is also an internet TV that provides free live TV streaming for most UK channels such as BBC, Channel 4 and 5, ITV, CGTV among others. Categories include Entertainment, General, Kids, Music, News, Shopping, and Sport. Sorting in TV Catchup is done via channels, and this makes it somehow hard to get what you want. But TV catchup has resolved this issue using their TV guide – when you are using a browser. The TV Guide has a list of all offered channels and what will be shown according to the programming time. With the TV guide, you can even know what programmes will be aired at a particular time of the week.

Since it’s a legal internet streaming, TV Catchup is available to all devices that support browsers and can access the internet; download it here. The service is also available in dedicated apps for Android, iOS, and Amazon devices right here. Its also available on Kodi as an addon and the content is of high quality.

BBC iPlayer

BBC iPlayer mobdro alternativesIf you are a BBC fan and you are also a cord cutter, you can catch up with your favorite shows on BBC iPlayer  for free via live streaming. BBC iPlayer is a streaming service which offers all content from BBC channels. Sorting is done in various ways via Channels, Categories and also using the Tv guide. Categories include; Arts, CBBC, CBeebies, Comedy, Documentaries, Drama & Soaps, Entertainment, Films, Food, History, Lifestyle, Music, News, Science & Nature, Sport among others.

You can watch content on BBC iPlayer for free using two methods; a Kodi addon and using the BBC iPlayer App. in Kodi, its hassle-free as long as you know how to install the addon, nothing else is required. When using the app, you must register for an account using an email – its free, provide a date of birth, gender, and a valid UK postcode. Lastly, you need to agree you have a TV license even if you don’t have one in order to proceed.

Apart from the Kodi addon, BBC iPlayer apps are available for Android devices, iOS devices, Amazon devices, i.e. Fire TV, Gaming consoles, i.e. PS4 and devices which can stream via a browser.


Kodi mobdro alternativesKodi is an all-purpose entertainment and media software available for all popular computing platforms and is also one of the best Mobdro Alternatives. The software itself does not offer much, but when coupled with add-ons, it’s like a swiss army knife. Most Kodi addons enable cord cutters to stream movies, TV shows, documentaries and almost anything watchable on the internet including live TV streaming. And it’s all free as long as you have the right add-ons. Installing Kodi addons maybe a hectic process but there are guides to help with the process.

Popular free live TV Kodi add-ons include: cCloud TV, UK Turks playlist, Achilles TV, Selfless Lite, USTVNow, and so much more.

Remember, BestDroidPlayer does not in any way recommend streaming of illegal content or the use of VPNs to illegally stream copyrighted material from the above apps. We do not promote the use of illegal content, and this article is only for informational purposes.

For this, go ahead and try the Mobdro Alternatives but before you proceed, we strongly advice you to use a good VPN wich you can choose by visiting our best VPNs post review or purchase the one elected by us as the best one – IPVanish – and benefit of a 57% discount!

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