Best Kodi Builds for Live TV streaming free in 2020

There are many addons to watch live TV for free; the problem is to gather the best Kodi builds for Live TV streaming, but we made the work and here’s the list for you to enjoy.

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This guide will show you the best Kodi builds for  Live TV streaming 2020. The listed builds can be installed on all devices that support Kodi.

Kodi has been the go-to software for cord-cutters for quite some time now. The app provides one of the easiest ways of streaming content at home, and it can be installed on various devices, including the Amazon Firestick, Fire TV Cube, Android box, NVidia Shield, Windows, Mac OS, etc.

Once you have Kodi, you can then install Live TV Kodi addons to watch free live TV, sports, and other programs from all over the world. Even better, you can install one of the best Live TV Kodi builds and enjoy many Live TV addons as well other content like movies, TV shows, documentaries, sports replays, etc.

To help you replace cable TV with ease, we have tested various builds with more focus on each build’s live TV section. You can also check out our guide for the best builds for Movies and TV shows.

What are Kodi Builds?

In case you are not familiar with Kodi builds, these are pre-configured files that can completely make-over your Kodi program to give it a brand new theme, layout, artwork, and more.

Apart from that, builds also come pre-installed with many Kodi addons that have been selected by the developers. These addons are grouped into sections, and some of the most popular categories are live TV, movies, TV shows, sports, music, and documentaries.

Be Careful: Stream Safely!

  While Kodi lets you enjoy lots of free content, it’s also very easy to land in trouble for the same. This is because most of the third-party addons that come pre-installed in Kodi builds usually stream copyrighted content.

To continue using Kodi safely, we advise all our readers to always use a reliable VPN like IPVanish for streaming. Since the VPN will encrypt your traffic, your ISP will not make sense of the data you are transmitting, as they will only see some garbled mess.

Why IPVanish?

Your traffic won’t be tracked either as IPVanish is one of the few VPNs that keep a zero logs policy. It does this alongside offering super-fast servers all over the world for buffer-free streaming and you do not suffer from geo-restrictions. It also gives a 100% money-back guarantee in case you wish to cancel the service. But, the best is that you can cover up to 10 streaming devices, with one single subscription.

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Best Kodi Builds for Live TV in 2020

We have carefully tested the builds below to ensure that they offer quality service and that they are light enough to support most devices. However, since the Kodi world is almost unpredictable, you can let us know in the comment section in case you come across a build that is not working.

Before you install any build, BestDroidPlayer highly recommends that you reset Kodi to default settings. Otherwise, choose Fresh Install during installation.

Xontech Kodi Build

Xontech is one of the best kodi builds for Live TV

Xontech is a build from Team Falcon that is getting popular by the day. At 336 MB, the build is large in size, but it works smoothly with most devices. It features a fantastic interface that is both appealing and easy to use.

While the build also has other popular categories, it has a huge focus on IPTV. Under “Live TV,” there are many options to let you enjoy streaming thousands of live TV channels as well as watch Catchup TV. You can filter channels using either a category or the addon hosting the link and also configure IPTV easily.
How to Install Xontech Kodi Build

How to Install Xontech Kodi Build

Xanax Kodi BuildXanax is one of the best kodi builds for Live TV

Xanax is one of the hottest Kodi builds right now, and its quickly growing in popularity. The build is a direct successor to the Durex Kodi build which stopped working a few months ago. Xanax Kodi build comes with a refreshed UI, more features, and even more addons for watching anything from Live TV, Movies, TV Shows, Sports (free & paid), to cartoons.

The Live TV section of the build has lots of well-working addons that include IPTV Heaven, Ghost IPTV, Deceit Live, Deceit Live, cCloud TV, and Gridiron Live, among others. The sports section is also loaded with sports addons that let you watch live sports and TV free.

How to Install Xanax Kodi Build

No Limits Kodi BuildNo Limits is one of the best best kodi builds for Live TV

If you have been a fan of Kodi builds, the chances are that you have come across No Limits Kodi build. This has been one of the most popular builds for the better part of 2020. And though it had been hit by a plague of non-working Kodi addons, that is not the case any more thanks to the frequent updates it now receives.

No Limits Kodi build it’s known for its futuristic aesthetic thanks to the Aeon Nox 5: Silvo Skin that it uses. And though it offers content of all sorts, it’s also one of the best Live TV Kodi builds thanks to its many addons in that section. These include Arrakis TV, cCloud TV, Eyasses Live TV, Halow Live TV, MetalliQ, Titan, and various Live TV playlists.

How to Install No Limits Kodi Build

Blue Magic Kodi BuildBlue Magic is one of the best kodi builds

Blue Magic is a lightweight Kodi build from the Luxury repository developer. It comes with an attractive and well-designed interface that is easy to use even for novice Kodi users. The build has categories that include Live TV, Movies, Sports, 4K Movies, Kids, and more.

The Live TV section has a unique feature that allows it to scrape for links from some of the popular streaming apps like TVTap and Swiftreamz. There are also live TV addons like Limitless, Scrubs V2 Live TV, Tempest Live, Lodge TV, World TV, and more. These will let you enjoy streaming programs from any region.

How to Install Blue Magic Kodi Build

Wrap up

Watching Live TV on Kodi is quite easy, and the builds above provide you with limitless options for watching your favorite programs. You can use the installation guides below each to install a build of your choice, or even test all of them and choose a favorite.

However, always avoid landing in any form of trouble for copyright infringement; use a reliable VPN like IPVanish. This will ensure that you stream privately and securely and that your ISP won’t block or even throttle your connection.

Enjoy your streaming!

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